Gangaa Wednesday 20th May 2020 Update


Gangaa Wednesday 20th May 2020 Update on zee world.

Madhvi runs after Ganga in an attempt to stop her from going after that man. She loses track of Ganga after a while. Bulbul and her friends notice Ganga coming there. Bulbul decides to teach a lesson to Ganga. She stands in Ganga’s way. Ganga tries to go but she doesn’t let her. You insulted me before the principal. Now I will see who saves you. Ganga requests her to let her go.

Gangaa Wednesday 20 May 2020 Update

I have some important work. You can fight with me later. Bulbul eyes the muddy road nearby. You got scared? She tries to drag Ganga there along with her friends’ help but Bulbul and her friends fall in the mud as they slip. Their clothes are all dirty. Bulbul is all the more angry with Ganga now. All the people in the market stop by and look at them. Ganga says sorry to them. I had no other option as you weren’t listening to me.

Madhvi finds Ganga and stops her. one has to use brains at times. They are very dangerous. You cannot get into all this. I have the photo. The guy wont be able to go anywhere. Let’s go. I have to buy so many things. We will go to police station in the evening when Babu will come. Ganga goes with her.

Mehri is irked that she has to do all the work all the time. She serves water to Sudha and Pishi Ma. Amma ji gives a few more instructions to Mehri. Amma ji asks Sudha what’s wrong with her. You don’t come to meet me and you dint even talk to me properly in the ashram the other day. You call me Amma ji but hide things from me. Pishi Ma encourages Sudha to go ahead. Sudha is in tears which worries Amma ji.

Madhvi remembers too buy oil. Ganga notices both the goons. She points out to Madhvi. They are talking to someone. Madhvi tries to take Ganga from there. Ganga notices another guy who is talking to both the kidnappers. She pulls Madhvi to the corner so they can see the guy. Madhvi and Ganga are shocked to see Omkar there. Ganga asks Madhvi if he kows these goons. Madhvi thinks that she had no idea he will stoop to this level. She makes a video of all three of them. The goons are asking for more money. They threaten him of going to police. Madhvi takes Ganga with her.

Gangaa Wednesday 20th May 2020 Update

Sudha tells everything to Amma ji. Amma ji is shocked.

Madhvi returns home and rushes to tell everything to Niru. She shows him the video.

Amma ji is short of words. She comforts a crying Sudha. Babli had heard everything. She is standing outside the door.

Omkar calls out for Sagar as he has brought jalebi for him. Sagar is about to take them but Niru stops him. Omkar asks him the reason for it. He is well now. Everyone gathers there and looks at him pointedly. Omkar has brought a rudraksh mala for her. I respect you and the way you follow the rules of a widow life.

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I respect all the other widows too. She tells him to stop. I know how much you respect widows. Sudha walks out of the room along with Pishi Ma. He notices the look on everyone’s faces. He turns to Niru. What happened? Why is everyone staring at me like that? Amma ji and Madhvi walk closer to him followed by Pulkit. Omkar is boggled.

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Pulkit questions him about the admission incident. The form and application that you took were never submitted. You informed the reporters. You wanted to spoil papa’s career and name. Madhvi points out at the sleeping tablet incident. You looked at Sudha ji with bad intentions. You tried to scare Ganga. Niru says Ganga never lies. This is why you sent her to that brothel! Omkar calls it a lie.

Gangaa Wednesday 20th May 2020 Update

I only had informed you about Ganga’s whereabouts. Niru says it was a sham. You were only trying to protect yourself. Your game is over now. Your true colours are out in the open. Omkar gets tensed. Niru shows him the video where he is talking to the kidnappers. This shocks everyone else all the more. Do you have any other explanation? I used to respect you as you are my late sister’s husband.

I gave you another chance when Sudha ji’s matter came out. I had no proof back then so I kept quiet. I dint want to malign her and my family’s name. I am feeling bad for Amma ji. I know how much she would have been hurt today. Amma ji remarks that she always thought good of him. I thought wrong about my son, my DIL and this girl. I am feeling pity for myself. I thought I could judge people well.

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I thought a liar and cheater to be a good man. My daughter must be feeling pained. I am thinking how she would have lived with you all the years. You give no importance to relations or people. Omkar shouts at her to be quiet. You all said a lot. He tells Sagar rudely to hold the stuff and starts laughing maniacally. Yes, I did everything. I wanted to make place for myself in this house. I wanted to rule this house! Babli is in tears.

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