Gangaa Update Saturday 18th January 2020 On Zee World

Gangaa Update Monday 13th January 2020 On Zee World
Gangaa Update Monday 13th January 2020 On Zee World

This is Gangaa Update Saturday 18th January 2020 On Zee World.

Gangaa Update Saturday 18 January 2020 On Zee World

Ganga wakes up at mid night wondering why she is so hungry. She remembers she didn’t have breakfast last night, her hands were also itchy. She goes out to get a little fresh, and watches Shiv cleaning the cow house. He then tied the legs of cow, and speaks to him that his father is no more here to come to her. He gets upset that his father would not return, for any of us now. He sits to milk to cow, and speaks to the cow that even animals understands the language of humans which even humans may not understand. They both feels the absence of his Bauji. Shiv comes inside. Ganga watches Shiv from upstairs in the kitchen, then thinks may be Shiv is hungry. Shiv notices the lights in kitchen and goes to see who is awake, Ganga was looking into the pots in search of food. He tells Ganga kitchen opens after

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8 o clock Pooja, then notices the irritated skin of Ganga. He hands Ganga his glass, but she didn’t look towards him. He pours tea for Ganga from his cup and leaves. Ganga watches him go, and calls him stone hearted complaining he didn’t inquire about what she wanted. She then looks towards the cup, and sips the tea. Shiv watches her drink.
Ganga passes through the corridor where Shiv had been working.
Jhumki hears Pratab complaining Savitri that Shiv can’t get the turban of the village, he wonders how can Savitri bear this injustice done with her real son. Savitri advices him to learn and do something by himself. Kushal comes from behind Jhumki and asks what she is doing here. Jhumki explains she was checking the dust at the door.
Outside, Shiv was grinding some herbs using mortar and pestle.
Jhumki comes to Shiv and asks if he would eat something. Shiv hands her an ointment to give it to Ganga. After Shiv leaves, Jhumki was determined not to give the ointment to Ganga at any cost. Outside, Shiv remembers about telling Ganga to put the ointment for only 20 minutes. He enters to find the bowl spilt on the corner of floor and picks it up carefully off the floor.
In the room, Ganga had taken a back and was combing when Shiv enters. He knocks at the door. Ganga covers her head at once, and asks if there is something important. Shiv gives him the bowl of ointment and leave. Ganga comes to put it over her body, and smiles over Shiv’s care for her.
In the hall, Savitri advices Pratab to get up early. Jhumki brings the tea for both, complaining about all the jobs she has to do. Aashi comes to the hall, and chases Radhika for ruining her makeup. She accuses Radhika of stealing her lipstick. Radhika taunts if not ruining a lipstick will get her married. Aashi was angry, but Jhumki also taunts Aashi for not being able to marry. Dai Maa brings Ganga for Savitri’s blessing as today will be her first kitchen. Savitri says taking their elder’s blessings is also important, she must place a plate of food on the roof. Dai Maa takes Ganga along with her, and tells her to prepare kheer poori.
Jhumki comes to Radhika and teases, her new mother will now get blessings from the heirs as well. Radhika wasn’t ready to let Ganga reach the roof. Jhumki stops Ganga and asks her to take Shiv’s lunch box, as he forgot it home today. She says everyone outside knows about his whereabouts and can take her there. Ganga says she would take it, after placing the food on roof. Jhumki cheers.
Radhika cuts the log of wooden stairs outside, Jhumki comes to look for Radhika on the roof. Radhika thinks this way Ganga won’t be able to get the blessings of their heirs and hides behind the well as Ganga arrives. She watches Ganga step up the stair and slip over the floor. Ganga was upset there is something wrong with her, and was relived the food didn’t fell off. Radhika was upset as Ganga somehow manages to go up and place the food there. Ganga remembers about taking the lunch box to Shiv, but finds the cutter

there on floor.

PRECAP: Radhika mixes spices in food that Ganga made.

This is the end ofGangaa Update Saturday 18th January 2020 On Zee World.

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