Gangaa Tuesday 23 June 2020 Update


Gangaa Tuesday 23 June 2020 Update on Zeeworld

Sagar comes home. He asks his Dadi to bring Ganga back home. She is doing puja. He insists. I was getting angry on her for no reason. I understood that the photo of only the winner will be published in the paper. She had no mistake in it. I fought with her for no reason. Please bring her back. I wont be able to enjoy if she isn’t here. Amma ji says we will bring her back after your birthday. Shardh days are on. I cannot call her back now. She has left on your insistence but she will come back as per my wish. There will be no further discussion on this topic.

Gangaa Tuesday 23 June 2020 Update

Mehri asks Amma ji if she will bring Ganga back home after shardh. Amma ji is in no mood to bring her back now. I will make sure Sagar gets over it in a few days. I will divert his mind but I will never let the problem called Ganga come back here! Ganga sadly thinks of all the happier times that she had spent with Sagar and how he cared for her in the past. It was so fun to play with him. He too used to push me. I don’t know why he changed later. She thinks of Chandan’s words calling her Sagar’s friend and a maid. Sagar’s word haunt / hurt her still. I miss you a lot but I am sure that would not be the case with you.

Gangaa Tuesday 23 June 2020 Update
Gangaa Tuesday 23 June 2020 Update

Sagar tells his mother that he is missing Ganga. Dadi isn’t listening to me. Madhvi tries to quieten him but he refuses to do anything or even celebrate his birthday if Ganga isn’t back. Amma ji shakes her head. Madhvi too requests her to call Ganga back. Amma ji talks about the rules of Shardh. Sagar can keep shouting but she wont come back before Shardh. Sagar firmly states that he wont celebrate his birthday. He walks away. Maharaj ji is sure Sagar will stick to his words. Amma ji says she will take care of it. He thinks of her as his friend so he wants her to be back. I will invite all his old and new friends to a very big party. He will forget her and will not complain anymore. We will keep it a surprise. Ask Pulkit to invite all friends of Sagar.

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A Goon goes to bring water for Saloni. Pulkit comes to meet her. She asks him to go away as the other goon is still there. He overhears that Solanki has gained conscious. He threatens Pulkit to run away if he wants to be alive. The other goon catches hold of Pulkit. He pulls his hand away from Saloni. Pulkit runs away. Saloni breaks down.

MLA is shocked to know about Solanki. Goon tells him that NIru has gone to hospital to meet Solanki. MLA orders him to be careful. Saloni should be fine. Nothing should go wrong. He thinks of taking care of Solanki before he can harm him.

Niru proposes Solanki to join hands with him. No one will be able to stop the culprits from getting punished. I have sent Raghav ji to court to get date tomorrow only. You will get Police protection too. Solanki agrees to give witness against MLA.

Maharaj ji and Amma ji write down the list. Pulkit has invited Sagar’s friends too. Maharaj ji asks him about his whereabouts. Pulkit diverts the question. Madhvi has called a magician too. Niru comes home. He gets to know about his family planning a surprise party for Sagar. Niru talks about the case. Celebration should happen. He asks for Sagar. Madhvi shares that he is sad as Ganga cannot come here. Niru offers to take Sagar to ashram tomorrow to make him meet Ganga. Amma ji doesn’t let him go up. He must be sleeping. Madhvi finds something fishy.

Gangaa Tuesday 23 June 2020 Update

In his room, Sagar thinks of Amma ji’s reaction. He feels bad for sending Ganga to ashram. He finds Pulkit pacing in the room. He asks him but Pulkit says I am not sleepy. He lies down again. Pulkit cannot stop thinking of his last meeting with Saloni.

Niru sits down in the middle of the night to work on the case. Madhvi too wakes up. He shares that tomorrow is a big day. I don’t want any loopholes in this case. She lies down to sleep.

Sagar finds his brother lost and sad. He is so worried. He did so much for his best friend. Ganga is my best friend. What did I do for her? He notices Pulkit wiping his tears. Ganga will be upset with me. I wonder if she would recall my birthday.

Ganga thinks that it is Sagar’s birthday tomorrow. The house will be all decorated and celebrations will be on. It will be celebrated just like Bappa used to celebrate my birthday. I wish I was there too. Everyone used to love me so much earlier but now no one loves me. This is why I have been sent here in the ashram.

Gangaa Tuesday 23 June 2020 Update

Pulkit has fallen asleep. Sagar paces in his room. You don’t know how much I am feeling bad without you Ganga. I have told Dadi that I will celebrate my birthday only when you return. When will you come?

Next morning, Amma ji has made kheer for Sagar. She asks Madhvi to send breakfast to Sagar in his room only. Niru is leaving for court. Amma ji reminds him to be home on time in the evening. The landline rings. Amma ji picks it up but the caller does not say anything. Sagar comes downstairs. He can smell that something good is cooking. Amma ji covers the kheer. Right then a delivery guy comes to deliver something. Amma ji tells the guy to leave. I haven’t asked for anything. She signals Madhvi to take Sagar upstairs. Madhvi takes him upstairs. Amma ji takes the parcel. Sagar wonders where Papa is. Only he can help me in bringing Ganga back home. Amma ji pays the delivery guy. It is the blueberry cake.

Solanki dies. Niru looks at his dead body. Doc says he was perfectly fine till last night. Maybe he had a heart attack in the morning? Niru cross checks with doc. Is it a natural death or murder? Doc says police too has a doubt. Maybe someone attacked on the patient. The real reason will be known once we get the post-mortem report. Police team is questioning our staff too. He leaves to complete some formalities. Niru knows who is behind it. I am sorry Solanki that I couldn’t protect you. Now I have to help not just the victims but you too. But how do I do it without any witness or proof? I will have to find a way out!


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