Gangaa Tuesday 19th May 2020 Update


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Madhvi calls Sagar to pack his bags. Ganga tells Madhvi that she is leaving for school. Principal is coming for Inspection. Madhvi goes to bring lunch for Ganga while Ganga sets Sagar’s bag. Sagar asks her about the Inspection. You call yourself smart. You couldn’t give answer to the riddle yester night. Do you even know what happens in the inspection? She doesn’t want his help. He indirectly points at her nails. They check nails, cleanliness, dress and everything.

Gangaa Tuesday 19 May 2020 Update

Ganga enters in her class. Bulbul sits next to Reena. This is my place. Gunwanti enters. The kids greet her. She asks them all to take a seat. Keep your books nicely. Head principal is coming so be careful. We will be studying maths but she will check uniform first. The kids make a line.

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Ganga is excited that she will get to study today. The students greet the Head Principal.

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She makes Gunwanti check each and every kid’s uniform. Bulbul stealthily shifts to the other line. Ganga points out at the same. Her uniform hasn’t been checked yet. Gunwanti has no option but to call Bulbul before her. She scolds Bulbul for eating chewing gum. She also has her nails painted. Gunwanti makes her stand in a corner. Bulbul looks angrily at Ganga. Now I will show you what happens when you mess with Bulbul. You will regret it.

Teacher asks questions on GK. Ganga thinks of answering but Bulbul does it first. Ganga adds that white colour means a widow (they ask about what the colours of the flag denote). The kids laugh at Ganga. The Head Principal walks up to Ganga. What is your name? Ganga replies. She asks her about her answer. Ganga shares that she is a widow. Amma ji says widows can only wear white. God gets angry otherwise.

The Head Principal denies. These rules have been made by the society and our ancestors. It isn’t written anywhere in the Constitution. White colour represents peace. This is why it has been included in our national flag. Our country wants to spread this message to the entire world. Since when are you studying here? Ganga says I came just now. The Head Principal asks her what she has learnt from the teachers. Ganga answers honestly. Teacher makes us peel peas. The Head Principal eyes them sternly.

Gunwanti tries to decline it. I was telling the kids the benefits of the seed. Ganga calls it a lie. This isn’t what happened. The other teachers support Gunwanti. We do stuff through which the kids can understand it easily. Bulbul supports Gunwanti. All the kids support her. The Head Principal has anyways got many complaints about the food that’s sent for the kids.

Gangaa Tuesday 19th May 2020 Update

You have to take care of it too. These kids are our future. We have to give them right quality of nutritious food. The kids get excited. The Head Principal goes to check the other classes. Teachers look pointedly at Ganga. Bulbul and Ganga keep staring at each other.

Ganga comes running inside the house. She tells them excitedly about what happened in the school. We studied too. I don’t have to take lunch from tomorrow. Everyone will get good food there. Amma ji I have helped you in cutting down your expenses. Amma ji mocks her cutely. Madhvi is going to market. Ganga too wants to go with her. I will help Bahu ji or she will have to bring everything all by herself. Amma ji agrees. Change your dress first. Ganga rushes to change. I will join you very soon. I know you are going in the neighbourhood only. Amma ji is surprised at Ganga’s enthu.

Gangaa Sunday 17th May 2020 Update

Ganga comes to the market and is looking around for Madhvi when she notices one of the guys who had kidnapped her. He is the same man. I will tell Bahu ji about it. She finally finds Madhvi. She takes her to the corner to show her that man. He is the one who had kidnapped me. There was another guy with him. Madhvi thinks of calling Niru.

Pulkit tells his girlfriend that his father is meeting her father today for work. Hope they become friends. She nods. We don’t have to worry about our future then. He understands the point but tries to ask her the reason intentionally.

Gangaa Tuesday 19th May 2020 Update

Niru politely declines to take the case as MLA’s BIL has actually done the murder. MLA reminds him that he has signed the contract. The crime hasn’t been proved yet. You will work to prove him innocent. Niru cannot do such a thing after knowing the truth. MLA points out that he wont be able to even fight the case from the other party’s side if he declines to fight on his behalf.

Madhvi is not able to reach NIru as he is busy in his meeting. She clicks his photo. The man calls Omkar (I guess) to tell him that he is here only. They are supposed to meet. The man turns to go. Ganga wants Madhvi to follow him but she tells Ganga that police will do it. They are dangerous. Ganga wonders what if that guy leaves this city. We must find out about his whereabouts atleast. Madhvi denies so Ganga herself runs after the man.

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