Gangaa Thursday 25 June 2020 Update


Gangaa Thursday 25 June 2020 Update on Zeeworld

Ganga turns her back to him. You dint stop me from leaving the house. Why are you here now? He asks her if she will get angry on him now. You are so stubborn. I have brought my birthday cake. Will you not ask me to cut it? Sagar cuts his birthday cake with Ganga and the other widows of the ashram. Pishi Ma and all the ladies wish him happy birthday. Ganga and Sagar keep looking at each other. Pishi Ma understands it.

Gangaa Thursday 25 June 2020 Update

She takes all the ladies with her to make preps for the evening puja. Ganga feeds cake to Sagar. She runs to get his gift while he remarks that she wont be remembering his birthdya at all. How will she gift him then? She keeps the gift back in her bag. You think like that? You only sent me here. He thinks of his dilemma. Will you not come home? She replies that she misses everyone. I will come home when Babu is not angry with me anymore. I ruined his work. He does not trust me. I will come when he trusts me again. Sagar reasons that his papa would have forgotten everything. I left my birthday party for you. I don’t know why I came here! She too tells him to go.

Gangaa Thursday 25 June 2020 Update
Gangaa Thursday 25 June 2020 Update

Maharaj ji comes there. He is surprised to find him here. Sudha tells Sagar that he dint do the right thing. Maharaj ji tells about the problem in the case. Solanki is also dead now. He was the sole witness of the case. Maybe he was murdered. He looks tensed as he has no proof or witness. How will he fight this case? Ganga feels sad to hear that Babu is worried. Maharaj ji reprimands Sagar for running away without telling anyone. Sagar remarks that no one here is concerned. He leaves with Maharaj ji. Sudha shares the same with Pishi Ma. Ganga suddenly runs out.

Ganga stops Maharaj ji. Sagar asks her if she is fine with him now. She instead wants to talk to Maharaj ji. Will you do something for me? Maharaj ji nods.

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Raghav ji and Niru discuss how to prove it that MLA was behind Solanki’s death. Ganga and Maharaj ji reach there. She vouches to give statement against the goons. I saw that person. He shot that is why the stampede happened. Niru does not want to put her life in risk. She reminds him of his and her Bappa’s words. Never be afraid to speak truth. Niru tells Raghav to list Ganga’s name as the witness of the case. A man overhears their convo. Ganga is glad to know that Niru is not angry with her anymore. I can come how now. Niru nods. Today is Sagar’s birthday. Come. Ganga thinks that she will be living with everyone in Chaturvedi House once again. The goon sits in the car and follows Niru’s car.

Sagar enters inside and looks at the preparations. Madhvi questions him on his whereabouts. Your friends left. Your Dadi is so sad as she made all these preps with love. Prabha too calls it wrong. Amma ji looks pointedly at Sagar. She asks Mehri to throw everything out as all the guests have left. Throw away the kheer too. Madhvi signals Sagar to talk to Amma ji. Sagar asks his Dadi not to do so. I love the kheer that you make. Will you keep me hungry on my birthday? Madhvi asks Mehri to bring kheer. I will feed my son. Sagar insists to eat only from his Dadi’s hands. Amma ji says you think of me now. You went to Ganga. You could have asked her to make it and feed you. Sagar calls Ganga arrogant. She cannot do anything. I wont talk to her now. She finally gives in. She asks Madhvi to bring puja thaal to do Sagar’s aarti. Sagar thanks her for all the hard work that she has put in for him. Sorry that I upset you. Amma ji does Saagr’s aarti and then makes him eat kheer with her hands. She hugs him. You (Ganga) think that you are too smart. Don’t ever think that I will give in to my grandson’s demands and you will be back here! You wont be able to step your foot inside this house now!

Gangaa Thursday 25 June 2020 Update

Niru brings Ganga back to Chaturvedi House. She stares at the house. The goon stops his car at a distance. Niru and Maharaj ji begin go in. The goon starts his car. Niru notices the approaching car when he turns to look at Ganga. He shouts her name. Everyone inside hear him and rush out. Niru saves Ganga in time. Everyone stands by Ganga’s side as she looks all shaken up. Niru realises that it cannot be a coincidence. The other day the car was approaching me in a similar manner. Sagar is concerned for Ganga. Niru connects the points. Solanki’s murder and now this attack on Ganga! These are the same people! Pulkit suggests going inside and talking. Niru stops them. Ganga will not stay with us. She may be in danger. It will be good if she stays away from us. She will be safe in the ashram. You will have to stay there till this case ends. He takes Ganga with him in the car. Sagar too wants to come but Madhvi stops him. Ganga looks at everyone’s faces. Amma ji looks relieved.


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