Gangaa Thursday 18 June 2020 Update


Gangaa Thursday 18 June 2020 Update on Zeeworld

Niru tells the goon to tell the MLA that nothing is bigger than law. I know he is behind it. I will put m everything but wont back down. I will send that MLA to jail. I got one CD because of which I can put you all behind bars. He disconnects the call. How dare they threaten me! I wont spare anyone. Amma ji asks him about the CD. Niru realises that he shouldn’t have spoken about the CD in anger.

Gangaa Thursday 18 June 2020 Update

MLA gets to know that Niru has got the CD. Do anything but get him off the case. He notices his daughter enjoying chaat with some guy (Pulkit). He stops his car. He gets down and confronts his daughter. He slaps her. Pulkit tries to say something but gets slapped too. MLA makes his goon beat Pulkit. I wont spare you if I see you with my daughter again. He takes his daughter with him. In the car, MLA scolds his daughter for wasting time with a local cheapster! MLA’s daughter later tells him that Pulkit is a very good guy. His father is also a very good person and you know him already – Mr. Niranjan Chaturvedi! MLA is surprised. He is Niru’s son? He asks his driver to reverse the car. Pulkit gets up with difficulty.

Gangaa Thursday 18 June 2020 Update
Gangaa Thursday 18 June 2020 Update

Amma ji is shocked that Niru hid such a big matter from them. Niru dint want to trouble anyone. Yash speaks up. Fufaji had asked me not to speak about it too. Madhvi sends the kids to their rooms but they stand at the stairs to know what’s happening.

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Constables come in. Raman questions them about the guys. They say that they went to a nearby shop for 2 minutes. it happened in that time only. Niru dismisses them. They aren’t at fault. Rama suggests lodging a complaint in the police station. Prabha thinks that MLA will surely have good connections. What if they attack the entire family? Let us go to our home. What if naything happens to us? Raman stops her. Madhvi reminds her that she came to stay with them on her wish. Amma ji supports Prabha. These people are very dangerous. They can go to any extent to save themselves. Niru wont take this case! I cant let anything happen to my family. Niru doesn’t want to be a coward but Amma ji stays put. Niru says I studied law to help innocent people. You are asking me to turn my face away from justice? Madhvi too says the same thing. Niru cares for his family but he cannot compromise with his professional ethics. Amma ji is not interested in hearing anything about honesty and law. You will risk everyone’s life if you take up this case. This is madness!

Ganga runs to her room. She takes out the potli from the trunk in which all her wedding jewellery is kept. She thinks of the unfateful day when she got separated from her Bappa. She packs them back in the potli and rushes out.

Gangaa Thursday 18 June 2020 Update

Amma ji makes it clear to Niru that she has taken a decision. You wont fight this case. Ganga comes there. Everyone turns to look at her as she calls out for Babu. She holds out her jewellery in her hand. I know that Amma ji doesn’t want you to fight this case. You wont get money in this. Take all these but don’t stop fighting for my Bappa. I have only this much. My Bappa had bought them for me. If this is less then I will give you everything that I earn when you grow up. It is ok if you want to listen to Amma ji. I will feel bad if anything happens to you because of me. Call another lawyer and give this fee to him. Request him to get all those punished who killed my Bappa. Amma ji warns Niru not to melt down now. Don’t be mad. Niru takes the jewellery from her. This fee is too much. I would never want another lawyer to take so much fees. I will certainly fight this case! Amma ji scolds Niru for listening to this girl again. You will not listen to your mother. He clears that he wants to follow the right path. Would Dad have done it? Amma ji tells him to do whatever he wants to. I wont say anything. She leaves. Niru tells Madhvi that he wont let any problem befall on any of his family member. I will make Amma ji agree. Ganga looks at her hands.

Gangaa Thursday 18 June 2020 Update

A Constable comes to tell Niru that they have arrested Pulkit. He is in lock up. Everyone is stunned. Niru asks him what he has done. Constable replies that he was teasing a girl. No one can believe it. Constable says Ms. Saloni has complained. Sagar points out that she is Chandan’s sister. His father is a big man. Constable remarks that they are the kids of MLA Srivastava. Niru understands that MLA is behind it. Prabha wonders what will happen next. Please leave this case. Ganga is confused. Niru leaves with the constable. Ganga wonders what would have happened to Pulkit Bhaiya.

Inspector gives a confession letter to Pulkit to sign. I was after Saloni since so long. I got a chance today to molest her. Saloni has clearly given this statement. Pulkit requests him not to do it. My career will be ruined. Inspector stays put. You should have thought of this before. Pulkit signs the papers.


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