Gangaa Thursday 13 February Written Update

Gangaa Update Wednesday 19 February 2020
Gangaa Thursday 13 February  Update
Gangaa Thursday 13 February Update

This is Gangaa Thursday 13 February Written Update.

Gangaa Thursday 13th February Written Update 

On Gangaa Thursday 13th February Written Update:  Shiv gets a call from villager who tells him to go towards highway. Pratab gets aside to inform his man about this. Ganga wish them farewell and helps them get on a truck.

She thanks the truck driver and tells him to drop them at next bus stop. Shiv comes there and asks Ganga where they have gone. They turn around to find Shamsher standing behind. Shiv thinks he shouldn’t leave Ganga alone here. They reach the truck. Shiv opens the gate and tells them to come down. The couple was shocked to see Shamsher head towards them, but Shiv covers them. Shiv says he would take the decision about them, he will send the girl back to village. Shamsher says its about his village’s respect, he can even kill this guy. He tells Shamsher to hit him first, Shamsher fires to hit Shiv’s arm.

He turns around and assures the couple to return to their parents, he would surely turn everything fine. The parents of Sagar and Sarita had arrived. Sarita’s mother comes to hug her, her father attacks Sagar but Shiv protects him. Both were beaten badly by wooden rods.

Pratab peeks from behind the tree and comes to save Shiv. Shiv speaks to Sarita’s parents that Sagar is also someone’s son, their daughter ran with him with her own will. Sarita’s parents leave with her.
In the room, Ganga comes to Shiv to apologize. Shiv asks Ganga if she now understood he didn’t take impulsively any idea, Ganga flows in emotions and doesn’t look towards the reality. Ganga says alright, Shiv is really mature then why he doesn’t leave her.

She was angry.
The next morning, Ganga comes downstairs. Jhumki was dancing on the beat of drum. She says this drum is for Ganga. Shiv and Pratab come there. Shiv was happy to see Jhumki’s child. Ganga watches him from upstairs and thinks she won’t let Shiv accomplish his dreams. She thinks about Sagar.

Gangaa Thursday 13 February Written Update 

Jhumki comes upstairs. Ganga requests Jhumki for her help as she doesn’t want to live with Shiv anymore. Jhumki was ready to help. Ganga shares her idea with her.
In the class, Ganga was lost in thoughts about Sagar and Shiv.

Jhumki comes to the class with a bundle. Ganga was determined.

Shiv calls Radhika as he brought chocolates for her. Radhika cheers and kiss Shiv on his cheek. Shiv smiles watching her happy and says this smile is precious for her. The villagers call Shiv outside and shows him the condition of their kids. Shiv wonders how they were hurt.

Ganga thinks this would happen daily, until Shiv doesn’t leave her go. Shiv couldn’t understand the matter. People claim these kids have been hurt by their teacher, because they hadn’t learnt their lessons.

The children blamed Ganga for being responsible of beating them. Shiv calls everyone inside to put an ointment over them, but the villagers were ready to go to file a police report.

They weren’t ready to send their children to Math anymore. Ganga was hopeful Shiv would throw her out of the house today. Shiv says he would go to police station but first he wants to have chocolates here.

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The children there had watery mouths and demands Shiv for chocolate. They confess nothing happened to them, it was only a drama created by Ganga and asks for a chocolate. Shiv smirks towards Ganga. Pratab curt over the situation. Shiv calls Radhika to distribute chocolates among everyone. The villagers blame Ganga and weren’t ready to send them to school. Shiv says Ganga was teaching them to do acting.

He is thinking to conduct Raam Leela in the Math. The villagers apologize Ganga and Shiv and leave. Shiv turns to Ganga and boastfully smiles saying she won’t be able to beat him no matter how much she tries. Ria hears Ganga saying she would even die as Sagar’s widow.

Savitri wasn’t ready to let Ganga stay in the guest room and tells her to go to Parvati’s room. She tells Ria to help Ganga shift there. Ganga enters the room recalling her moments with Shiv there. Ria comes to Ganga and asks why is she being stubborn. Ganga was enraged, she says she doesn’t like to be called as Shiv’s wife.

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Ria says Shiv respects her dearly, they have been married already. Ganga denies being Shiv’s wife, she is Sagar’s widow and loves him dearly. She can spend her life with his memories only.

She curses herself being in such colors, as she has no relations with these colors. Only white is her fate, no other color. Ria says with time, fate changes; life has brought so much to her then why not accept it. Ganga wasn’t ready to let this happen. She was determined to make Shiv as angry as to leave her.

The next morning, Shiv asks Dai Maa to bring Ganga for breakfast. Ganga bribes a servant instructing him about something. The servant comes to Shiv and tells him about Ganga running on the railway track. Radhika thinks about going to Ganga, while Shiv hurries behind Ganga. Ganga watches Shiv and runs on the railway track. Shiv was successful in saving Ganga in time, the train had just passed. Shiv shouts at Ganga and frees her of any relation if she considers dying worthy otherwise.

Ganga was shocked. Shiv asks if he was forcing her or wanted to trouble her, he did this all for Sagar’s promise. Ganga was shocked to hear Shiv says Sagar never wanted her to be a widow and he had promised her. They watch Radhika running towards them calling Ganga as maa. Shiv forbids her to run else she would fell down.

Both Ganga and Shiv come to her. Ganga hugs Radhika, Radhika confirms if Ganga won’t leave her alone as Parvati did. Shiv drags Radhika away and tells Ganga Radhika is his child, Ganga has no relation with her. Ganga is selfish and must leave their life.

Gangaa Thursday 13 February Written Update ended as Ganga was moved as Shiv takes Radhika away from her.

PRECAP: The Panch asks Shiv why they are breaking their marriage before the ultimatum completes. Ganga comes out in veil as Shiv’s wife and stops the Panch from announcing any decision against Shiv.

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