Gangaa Thursday 12th December 2019 Update On Zee World

Gangaa Thursday 12th December 2019 Update On Zee World
Gangaa Thursday 12th December 2019 Update On Zee World

This is Gangaa Thursday 12th December 2019 Update On Zee World.

Gangaa Thursday 12 December 2019 Update On Zee World

Krishna is ecstatic as she finds sagar waiting for him. Sagar meets krishna and asks if she had a talk with her mother. krishna says that she isnt saying anything, and just wants that she leaves banaras, and goes very far away. after talking, then he distracts her and asks her to go and attend school. they make up plans to meet after. after she goes in, he decides that he wont let her mother take her away from here at any cost.

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While packing, ganga gets nostalgic as she remembers raahat, and then sagar’s rude behaviour and hardens up remembering why she is doing what she is. A hassled kashish asks her to come out immediately. ganga says that she cant see it. kashish asks her to come

out, as the matter is different. they come out. zoya watches them coming out tensedly. the auction starts, and she starts hearing one bid after the other. meanwhile the auction escalates at the ganga’s house, and ammaji comes in placing an exorbitantly high bid, over the other bids. ganga is shocked to see her.

the auction closes at ammaji’s bid, as she owns the house, having arrived with her lawyer. she tells ganga that she took over this house too. she igns the deed and then leaves. ganga and kashish stand tensedly, while ammaji looks around. ganga thanks her, that she gave her support when she needed, and today once again, to start afresh, she helped her, and welcomes her in the house. ganga says that they shall vacate soon and leave. ammaji asks her to be able to see the papers first before signing. ganga is boggled, along with others. ammaji sits down, and declares that she cant leave the house, till the time, the lawyers confirm that everything is okay, as its a matter of the house, and they have to be satisfied. ganga is shocked at this behaviour, as ammaji suggests that they shall confirm everything is genuine and then decide.

ganga gets stoical and asks her to get to it then. he starts pointing out the discrepancies and anomalies, and suggests to ganga to get it rectified, before ammaji takes possession. zoya intervenes asking ammaji to let them go, while they deduct the money from the total amount. she tells her that she cant leave anywhere till she doesnt get the house in proper postion. ganga says that she knows that she is doing this for irritating her. she asks zoya to get to work. ganga says that noweher is it written that ganga and krishna have to stay. ammaji is stumped. kashish and zoya eye her tensedly. ganga says that they shall go tomorrow and once the house, is done, she can take possession.

On the way back home, while having icecream, they happily banter about her day at the school. she asks about a confusion, and asks whether she should address him as father. he is stunned hearing this and is taken aback. when she insists, he asks her to cal whatever she wishes to. she addresses him as father. he gets emotionally overwhelmed and gets on his knees as she hugs him, and he too reciprocates back. he fights back tears, as she wipes them off. she says that she is very scared when she finds ganga crying, and doesnt like it, when he does. he says that he missed her terribly, and her mother too, as he caresses her face. he says that he wanted to share her life but now he would do everything that he couldnt, and hopes that ganga agrees. he kisses her galore, while she smiles. he continues to make her call out to him, as PAPA. as they spend time together, they continue to chat, when krishna nostalgically asks how would she be able to meet him, if ganga takes her away from here. he gets stunned into silence. she suggests that best would be if they stay together, and begs him to do something. as she gets teary eyed, he asks her not to, as however she wants, he would make it happen. he suggests a plan by which they can stay together, and she says that she shall participate in it. he asks her to come along. he takes her to the forensic lab for blodd samples. she says that she isnt scared and she is mumma’s girl. he complies that her mother indeed is very strong. she asks whats the connection of the blood test to be together. he distracts her, and thinks that this is the only way to get them to stay together. he waits for tomorrow morning.

while ganga is packing, krishna badgers her not to go. she is barely able to control her anger, when she is about to hit her. but kahish intervenes and settles matters down. she sends krishna to pack. ganga starts getting irritated. Meanwhile, Ganga gets a post from the court, as a legal notice, from sagar. when she opens it, she finds that its a petition for krishna’s custody. kashish hears this and is tensed too. they both are aghast. she wonders how can sagar do this. The screen freezes on her face.

Gangaa Thursday 12th December 2019 Update On Zee World

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Niru tries to recount to sagar, the way ganga suffered due to him, when she was bringing up krishna alone. sagar is tensed to hear this.

Ganga is frustrated at the court notice, when zoya comes and again tries to instigate her, but ganga is resilient that she wont run away from situations and set a role model for her daughter. resignedly zoya leaves frustrated, warning her that she shouldnt be too revengeful that she herself burns in the fires of revenge. after she leaves. ganga is distressed thinking about it.

As she walks out frustrated, zoya confronts krishna. she

calls krishna and tries to emotionally manipulate her that they should go to avoid their troubles. but krishna says that when they havent made any mistake, they shouldnt run away with the problems. she says that she wishes ganga to stay here only, and cant let the troubles make her run away. as she goes in, zoya is frustrated that like mother, like daughter. she decides to do something about it.

Krishna goes inside to find the chapati burning, while she is totally lost. she hollers at ganga, who gets unnerved and ends up burning her own hands. krishna rushes to get antiseptic, while ganga thinks that there isnt any third option. either she has to burn, or else, get burnt. she is tensed.

Zoya meanwhile finds sonu on the road, and vents out her anger and frustration at him, about ganaga and her adamant daughter krishna, who are hell bent on ruining her entire’s life’s efforts. she says that sagar desperately wants her to be in the house, while ganga doesnt wish to budge. he tells her that their difference of opinion is her biggest strength, as people dont understand anything in ego, which they can use to their advantage. she is boggled. he asks her to use their ego and suspicious doubts. she intently hears and understands whats the matter. she says that now she knows what she has to do.

The next morning, while the entire family watches, ammaji bids off a traditional farewell, to sagar, who is going to fight the case for the custody of the daughter. she says that she wants him to get krishna back asap. he says that he isnt doing it for ganag’s spite, but to get his little daughter.

Meanwhile, zoya tries yet again to instigate ganga, in the lawyer dress, to use her trump card. but ganga refuses to lie while zoya says that she is doing this only for krishna’s sake. but ganga doesnt feel like lying. zoya asks her to use the trump card when everything fails. ganga is tensed. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

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