Gangaa Sunday 28 June 2020 Update


Gangaa Sunday 28 June 2020 Update on Zeeworld

The goon looks shocked as the knife is not at all bloodied even after constantly poking the sack with knife. What if inside? Raghav ji says I told you I am taking old clothes to distribute amongst the poor people. The goons order their men to put check post in the area and check every single vehicle that passes from there.

Gangaa Sunday 28 June 2020 Update

MLA’s goons have made the real policemen unconscious and have taken over the check post. They check every single vehicle. The goons (who had checked Raghav ji’s car) reach there. They recognize the truck in which all the ladies from the ashram are. Where are you going? Sudha replies that they are going to court to see the proceedings. We will pray that you lose. The goons make everyone get down so the truck can be checked. Pishi Ma keeps sitting as Sudha lies that she has back pain. They stop the goons from checking the Saraswati idol. You will be cursed. The goons do not check it. The ladies sit inside the truck once again. The goons let them go. Sudha asks Ganga if she is fine. She replies in affirmative. Sudha hides her face again so the goons don’t see her.

Gangaa Sunday 28 June 2020 Update
Gangaa Sunday 28 June 2020 Update

Niru, Sagar and Pulkit are waiting for Sudha ji and team to reach the court. Sagar prays that his father wins the case. Hope Ganga returns home soon. MLA Srivastava enters. Raghav ji too reaches there. Niru gets busy talking to him. The judge comes so everyone takes their place. MLA’s phone rings. Judge orders everyone to keep their phones off inside the courtroom of they will be thrown out. MLA wonders why the goons are calling him every now and then.

MLA’s lawyer starts the proceedings. He talks in favour of the MLA. Niru counters him. MLA is anxious to find out if his men got hold of Ganga. My phone is off too. MLA’s lawyer asks Niru to present the proof that he has. Niru requests the judge to give him some time. My witness is on the way. Judge gives him 10 minutes. The court is adjourned for the same time period.

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Raghav ji checks on Sudha. They are almost about to reach.

The court resumes. Ganga still hasn’t reached yet. Judge tells Niru that the time is up. Your witness is still not here. MLA’s lawyer calls it a waste of time. Don’t delay in making the judgement. NIru explains that some people have been making efforts to make sure his witness is not able to reach the court. The judge refuses. He starts to give judgement in MLA’s favour when the ashram ladies walk in with Ganga. Niru walks proudly up to Ganga. She is my witness. She never lies. She will say the truth today also. MLA looks on shocked.

Ganga stands in the witness box. Judge pronounces MLA as guilty.

Madhvi is thrilled to know that Niru won the case. Niru gives credit to Ganga for his success. I will be staying back in Allahabad for today to complete the paper work. Sagar and Pulkit will come with Raghav ji. I will go and bring Ganga home tomorrow. Madhvi asks Maharaj ji to get sweets. Amma ji is not at all happy to know that Ganga will be back in her house. Should I celebrate Niru’s victory or be sad at Ganga’s return? I will not give up. I will not allow you to even step inside my house.

Gangaa Sunday 28 June 2020 Update

The people bless Ganga for helping their loved ones get justice. MLA gets arrested. He looks pointedly at Ganga as he leaves with the policemen. Ganga looks at her hands. I hope you are happy now Bappa. You and the other people got justice after all. You were right. One should open their fist to see and understand what all they are capable of doing. I did it Bappa.

Niru tells Ganga that he is proud of her for what she has done. She asks him if he will take her home with him now. He agrees. I have some work in Allahabad. I will come tomorrow to pick you up. Go with Sudha ji. Pack your stuff. He also asks Raghav ji to take Sagar and Pulkit with him.

Sagar is happy for Ganga. I am not a coward. If I was coward then I wouldn’t have helped you. I felt like helping you so I did. I know you could have done everything on your own but.

Ganga tells Sagar and Pulkit that Babu is happy with her now as everything happened positively. I did what I said I will do. The culprits got punished. I too will come to your home tomorrow with Babu. Sagar corrects her. It is our home. Sudha asks her to come with her. Ganga tells her and the ladies to go. I have to go with Sagar for some important work.

Gangaa Sunday 28 June 2020 Update

Ganga and Sagar are at the ghaat. She is holding the pot of her father’s ashes in her hands. Bappa left me but I have kept his ashes till date. Sudha Bua says it is a very important ritual so the dead can be at peace. I don’t want Bappa to forget me. He died. He isn’t with me anymore. Now his ashes will not be with me anymore as well. How will I live then? Sagar feels bad.


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