Gangaa Sunday 24 May 2020 Update


Gangaa Sunday 24 May 2020 Update on zee world

g mind. She recalls the stampede on the Gangaa ghaat. She wakes up screaming, Bappa save me! Amma ji gets down seeing what happened to her and Gangaa hugs her. Amma ji asks her why is she scared. No one is here.

Gangaa Sunday 24th May 2020 Update

You don’t have to be scared. Niru and Madhvi too come running there. Niru gives her water. Amma ji tells them what happened. Niru assures Gangaa that nothing happened. Gangaa tells Babu that that guy will kill her. He has a gun in his hand. She drinks water. Madhvi says it would be a bad dream. You are very brave. NIru and Madhvi leave. Amma ji too lies down to sleep. Gangaa shifts her bedding near her bed.

MLA’s PA (Verma) informs MLA that Shankar is in Banaras. He wants to talk to you. I tried to tell him against it but he isn’t listening to me. MLA says tell him that I am out of town. I wont be back soon. Verma nods.

Verma calls Shankar and lies to him. Shankar knows that it’s a lie. He doesn’t want to meet me. its ok, I too am stubborn. I will meet him at any cost.

Niru is sitting lost in thoughts. Madhvi asks him about it. Niru thinks that Gangaa’s dream is somehow surely related to reality. She recognized that man from the sketch a little. She also said that he had a gun with him. She got scared in dreams and was talking about a guy with a gun in his hand. Madhvi says it might be but she might be stressed after all your questions. Niru is sure there is something. She knows or has seen that man somewhere but doesn’t remember it exactly.

Next morning, Gangaa is getting ready to go to the school. Everyone gets ready to go to school with the kids. Gangaa wishes them best of luck. Niru is impressed. You are learning things very fast. Are you doing something today? She tells them that she will be singing national anthem. Sagar gives them small Indian flags to pin on the dress. Gangaa politely declines to put it as it has colours in it.

Gangaa Sunday 24 May 2020 Update

Niru explains that it is the representing symbol of our country. It is our responsibility to respect national flag, even if the person is from any caste, religion or anything. Gangaa gets glad that Amma ji too will put it. Sagar nods and pins it on her saree. Niru asks Gangaa if the guardians of Gangaa aren’t called in her school. Sagar denies. There is nothing happening there. I am participating. Niru still wants to go for a while but Gangaa assures them that she will go. Sagar teases her by asking her if she will get scared like yester night. They all leave for their destinations.

PREV: Gangaa Saturday 23rd May 2020 Update

Ganga finds Reena sitting on her parents shop. She is not coming today. Her parents want her to help them in the shop. Reena works very hard at shop. At times I don’t even get a chance to study. Gangaa explains them that studies are very important. All the girls should study. I too took admission for the very same reason.

one day I will become a big person like Babu. It will be such a great thing if she becomes something good and earns money. They nod but add that there will be no studies today. Gangaa tells them what Babu had told them. so many people sacrificed their lives so we could live freely. It is equally important to go today as we celebrate this day in their honour. Reena’s parents understand Gangaa’s logic. She sits down to help Reena. They both finish the work together and Reena joins Gangaa for school. The girls leave. Reena’s mother is impressed with Gangaa. She is so young yet so smart.

Gangaa Sunday 24 May 2020 Update

Sagar’s school is completely decorated for the event.

Bulbul has plans after school as she doesn’t want to get bored. Reena and Gangaa too decide to go near Sagar’s school.

The chief guest (MLA and his group) arrives at Sagar’s school. MLA looks pointedly at Niru as he heads towards the stage. Pulkit and his girlfriend steal glances at each other.

Principal joins the kids for the functions. It is time for flag hoisting.

Flag hoisting happens in Sagar’s school too. Everyone salutes the flag and sings national anthem.

Flag hoisting takes place in Gangaa’s school too. The girls too salute at it. it is time for national anthem. Gangaa steps forward. Bulbul is happy thinking that Gangaa will be singing alone. No one will sing with her. Gangaa too thinks of the same. Reena thinks of how Gangaa helped her. She steps forward and sings along with Gangaa. Bulbul and her gang eye them unhappily.

This is the end of Gangaa Sunday 24 May 2020 Update on zee world.


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