Gangaa Sunday 17th May 2020 Update


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Ganga tells Sagar that she will study hard and get more marks than him. I will tell you everything daily what I will learn in the school. Teacher will surely praise me daily. I will tell you everything. Sagar accepts the challenge. He coughs again. She offers water but he declines.

Gangaa Sunday 17 May 2020 Update

She leaves. He calls her mad. She cares for me yet fights with me.

It is morning. Maharaj ji has made lunch box for all the three kids. Prabha is irked. This maid will get food like our kids. She decides to do something. She empties Ganga’s lunch box in a paper. What will she eat now! She takes the food away.

Niru calls out for the kids as it is time to leave for school. Amma ji ir irked that both Ganga and Niru are only after school.

Ganga looks at herself in the mirror as she gets ready for school. She hears Niru calling out for her and picks up her bag. The boys come down. Ganga takes blessings from God and her Bappa.

She wears her shoes and goes out. Prabha tells Niru to take the boys or they will get late for school because of Ganga. Prabha is irked. She is late. Ganga comes there just then. Everyone is happy to see her dressed for school except Prabha and Yash. Even Amma ji is touched. Ganga tells Niru that she knows a short cut. My school starts late. I will walk.

Sagar’s school is in the opposite direction. Ganga touches Amma ji’s feet. She tells her to be careful. I wont like it if there is any complaint against you. Come to home directly from school and vice versa. Ganga touches Niru’s and Madhvi’s feet too. They wish her luck. Prabha too blesses her half heartedly. Prabha goes aside to attend a call.

Gangaa Sunday 17th May 2020 Update

Madhvi gives lunch boxes to the kids. Yash takes the red one (the empty one) when Madhvi was about to give it to Ganga. Ganga too says bye to everyone. Niru tells Ganga to take care. Sagar leans out of the car to wave at her. She too happily waves back at him.

Ganga reaches school (Sharda Kanya Gyan Mandir). See Bappa, this is my school. It is my first day today. The peon comes there just then. You came a lot early? She nods. He understands that it is her first day in school today. He asks her to come in and sit.

Ganga sits inside on a bench. The other students start coming in too. They all are wearing blue dupattas. Peon rings the bell and everyone gathers outside for the Morning Prayer. Ganga too joins them. There is no teacher here. The teachers come there just then. The kids start the Morning Prayer. Ganga looks at the classroom. The same girl notices Ganga. She tells her friends that this is the same girl who had met her at the samosa stall.

She thought I was a widow too. Why are you wearing a white dupatta today? We only wear white dupattas on Thursdays. The other girl taunts Ganga about her widow stature. What have you come here for? Ganga replies that she has come here to study and not buy samosas. The girl gets offended. She pushes Ganga a little. Ganga replies that she was only giving them an answer. Peon suggests the girls to help the new girl but the girl tell him to man the gate. This is your duty right? Peon is taken aback but leaves.

Ganga scolds them for talking to an elder so rudely. The girl vows to show Ganga how to stay in this school. Teacher sends them inside the class. She notices Ganga’s white dupatta but doesn’t say much. Who follows rules here anyways! Ganga sits next to one of the girls in the class.

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The same teacher comes to class. She has brought peas. Separate them. It is my daughter’s birthday today. I need it for the party in the evening. All the girls join her. Ganga is surprised. We can do this at home too. Is this a new topic of studies? Teacher says it is an old topic. All the girls have to pass with distinction in this so they become good wives in future.

Ganga reasons that they come here to study. The kids start laughing. Ganga shows her books to the teacher. The same girl talks to another girl that she has no idea what we study here. Ganga asks the teacher to teach her as this is why they come here.

The girls have different reason to come here. They are not interested in studies. They come here only to enjoy. Teacher insists upon Ganga to learn it as it will help her when she gets married. The same girl points out that Ganga is a widow. Teacher is glad that she wont have to bear the tortures of MIL. Don’t waste time in talking. You (Ganga) too do the work. She goes out. Ganga wonders what she will study here and how when the teacher is in no mood to teach at all! Who will teach me here? What will I say to Sagar?

The same girl makes sure everyone is doing the work assigned by the teacher. Ganga refuses to listen to her as she is not a teacher but the girl clears it to her that she is the monitor of the class.

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Ganga asks the teacher’s name from the girl sitting next to her. Gunwanti Mam teaches maths but she never teaches anything at all. I don’t mind it. The girl taunts Ganga. Is a widow feeling bad that she dint get to study today? Ganga retorts that her name is Ganga. Ganga is hopeful that she will study in the next class if not now. The girl laughs hearing it which confuses Ganga.

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