Gangaa Saturday 5 December 2020 Update Zee World

Gangaa Saturday 5 December 2020 Update
Gangaa Saturday 5 December 2020 Update

Gangaa Saturday 5th December 2020 Update: On Gangaa Saturday 5 December 2020 Update, Prabha is furious that whatever plan she makes, it thoroughly fails, and that she had wanted them to separate so that a drama is created, that humiliates Gangaa in front of everyone, whereas she merely ended up bringing them close together, and Gangaa wins every single time. Just then, rudra comes from behind and is surprised to see prabha agitated. she merely makes an excuse hurriedly, and turns around to face him. he asks what’s the matter and if she can have some juice. she says that she can’t take it being a widow. he eyes her tensely as she leaves. he eyes the broken glass pieces and is boggled.

In the room, sagar and Gangaa enjoy their newfound romantic intimacy, both unabashed and their guards down due to being inebriated under the influence of alcohol. he says that he always wants Gangaa like this with him, in his arms, away from all the troubles of the world. she too hugs him tightly. It starts raining outside. she comments that she needs to go and see if she forgot something. he says that he doesnt wish to remember anything, just him and her, and if anyone else, its mere love, their love. she says at his expression of love. he pins her against the wall, and caresses her shoulders, and her face, while she shivers with his touch, as he cups her face, to bring in close to his, as it starts raining heavily outside. she tries to leave, but her dupatta gets stuck, and she gets nervous and excited at the same time. she turns around to find him holding it.

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they both eye each romantically as they come closer. he pulls her in close to himself, and she lands right in his arms as he grabs her. they are aware of their increasing physical proximity. he turns her around, and then caressing her hair, he pulls them away, dancing with her. he pulls her hair strands away as she eyes him smilingly. he lowers in to seal their love with a kiss on her lips. then he pulls her in his arms and takes her towards the room, while she shyly looks down. he then pulls her down on the bed, as she sits in nervousness, while he seductively eyes her, as she looks away in shyness. he caresses her face, while she sensitises at the touch, as he comments that she looks beautiful. she gets up, but he holds her back with her saree, and then wrenches it, and pulls her close to himself, while she breathes heavily.

he holds her hand while she clenches her fists tightly at his touch. he keeps trying to be intimate with her, while even in her drunken state, she refrains back, due to her marital status yet. he says that they are married long back, and aren’t doing anything wrong. he shushes her before she starts to speak up again. finally, he decides to put an end to this. she is boggled. He staggers towards the fruits kept on the table, and hurts his own hand with the knife, and then smears her forehead with his blood, as the vermillion, that makes her his. she is emotionally overwhelmed. he says that it was necessary to make her believe, that she is forever his now, her sagar’s. she eyes him appalled, and hands his wound, and is unable to believe that they are husband and wife now. she clutches at him and he hugs her back, as tears stream down their cheeks. he then leads her to the bed and makes her sit down.

then he sways away and switches off the lights. he then progresses towards her on the bed, and sits beside her, while she was full of nervous anticipation of what’s to come. he caresses her hair away, and nuzzles against the nape of her neck, sensitising every nerve in her body, as a shiver runs down her spine. he lays her down on the bed, and gets atop her, as they both bask in the glory of their newfound love. the night is reminiscent of their consummation of love.


The next morning, Gangaa finds herslf sleeping over sagar, blissfully asleep, when she wakes up. she smiles in shyless, as she eyes him, and then kisses him on the forehead, while he is fast asleep. she tries to get up, but her dupatta gets stuck in the band of his watch. she stealthily manages to take it out, and then pulls away the drapes, while eyeing him, a smile constantly plastered on her face. she comes out, in a stance, unable to believe her new marital status, reminisceing her experience of the night, as she stands in front of the mirror. she eyes the vermillion, and then dons some on her own forehead, thinking that today onwards she is a complete woman.

The episode continued on Gangaa Saturday 5 December 2020 Update as supriya comes and tries to wake sagar up, but he is in deep sleep. she is amused. finally when he wakes up, he eyes the finger and asks when did he get hurt like this. he has a bad hangover, and doesnt remember what happened. she teases him that he has forgotten everything in love. she asks what were they doing late night yesterday. he asks her to stop teasing and asks for a solution for the headache. she asks him to freshen up.

Downstairs, all sit for the puja, as sagar and Gangaa sit together. prabha is tensed. all others happily comply. Gangaa is over sweet, and emotional towards sagar, due to their new-found status, while he having forgotten everything, reacts normally. Later, on the roof, as Gangaa is drying clothes, she eyes the saree, in which she consummated her love with him, and is lost in thoughts of the romantic night, when he comes, completely oblivious and nudges her out of her stance. she blushes and continues to giggle.

Later, Ammaji asks the priest to find a lucky muhurat for them to get married, as Gangaa and sagar excitedly sit. he says that 32 out of 36 compatibility tests they pass already. they are happy. all are very happy as he talks about a date, 30 days from now, which is perfect. Gangaa and sagar are thoroughly amused. ammaji sets the date as that itself. the screen freezes on Gangaa and sagar’s happy face.

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Precap: Pulkit starts arranging for the wedding. He arranges for the furniture, chairs and fans etc. Prabha says that they should get table fans too, instead of only ceiling ones. he asks her not to worry, as its all taken care of. after he leaves, prabha thinks that he has no clue that the fan brought on rent shall cause such havoc in the family.


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