Gangaa Monday 23 November 2020 Update Zee World

Gangaa Monday 23 November 2020 Update
Gangaa Monday 23 November 2020 Update

Gangaa Monday 23rd November 2020 Update: On Gangaa Monday 23 November 2020 Update, Ganga wakes up to find Sagar near her and utters whether she is dreaming or he actually is so close, while he caresses her face and hairs. she gets up. ammaji sees this, as she wakes up with a heavy headache, and eyes her wounds, and asks how this happened. he remembers what ammaji told him, and how Ganga doesnt know about it. she complains of a headache, saying that she was okay by the evening, but can’t remember anything after that. he asks her to remember clearly about what happened later.

ammaji wonders what she knows and remembers, and what if Sagar gets to know. ganga starts giving vague descriptions, and he asks her to think more clearly. she starts recounting the deathly and demonic location, while he is boggled. Ganga asks why is she seeing this. he wards it off as a bad dream. he talks about how baba came for money, and he went out with pulkit to search for him, but couldn’t find him. he says that she must have heard it in sleep, and hence dreamt about it. ammaji thinks that she has to meet baba. sagar inside gets to giving her meds. she begins to get up, but he makes her sit down and put balm, while she hurriedly talks about how she has to reach college soon. but he forcibly makes her sit and then applies balm on her forehead. she eyes him overwhelmingly.

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He then begins caressing, and she teases him if his work is over. he smiles and complies. he insists that he shall go with her to the college, and asking her to get ready, he too leaves to freshen up.

ammaji lands at baba’s residence and softly calls out to him, as the door is locked. inside, baba and his accomplice are totally drunk and inebriated. baba wakes up, and wonders why the old hag came here. they then wonder if ganga told anything. he thinks that had she known then she would never have been so gentle. they wonder what to do now. he asks his accomplice to keep her busy outside, so that he can rectify the situation inside. his feriend goes out and tells her, that baba is meditating, and she says that she shall wait. the man says that he shall call for her, when meditation is over. she complies. they take this time to rectify the situation inside. once they get back in their form, he opens the door and lets ammaji in to meet baba. she with great reverence goes inside, and greets him. she apologises for what happened yesterday, as she doesnt know why she ran yesterday. she asks for a solution. he starts ranting as to how the yagna was incomplete for the first time, and a big penance shall have to be done for this grave mistake, and that there shall be a mahapuja in the night itself, the cost of which shall be double. he also says that the presence of that girl is paramount, and asks if she shall do it. she hurriedly complies. he sends her off. after she leaves, the friend asks whats going on. the baba says that he needs the girl and ammaji’s money too. they start planning their conspiracy.


The episode continued on Gangaa Monday 23 November 2020 Update as Ganga and sagar drive together on the bicycle, relishing every moment with each other. as he is lost in her looks, they have an accident, and both are smeared in dirt and stain their clothes and body. they eye each other. Sagar asks if she is okay. she somehow gets up with his help, both thoroughly amused. it brings in sudden physical proximity between them, as they bask in the glory of their newfound love, while his touch emboldens, and she quivers with new sensations at the slightest touch. while they get back up, she starts walking with a limp. he notices it, and immediately rushes to her help, and despite her protests, he carries her in the arms, while onlookers look and are amused. she is shy and embarrassed, while he undauntingly carries her on the road, in the arms.

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While the floor is being mopped, ammaji barely escapes slipping, and then sits down. animated family banter continues, as all housemates are busy in their work. pulkit finds this chance to romance his wife, as she is about to slip. they enter into a romantic eye lock. sagar’s mother is amused to catch them in a romantic position, and ammaji notices too, while they are embarrassed and flustered. she coughs to break their moment. then sagar and Ganga return and all are shocked to see their mud-stained contours, and ask what happened. all stand tensely. Ganga lets go of her hand from sagar’s by reflex. he explains everything. his mother asks if he is alright. Ganga says that she isn’t hurt much. ammaji asks her not to fuss around. she then asks sagar to go and change fast and reprimands them for their carelessness. he puts the blame on ganga, and a verbal argument ensues, much to the amusement of the rest of the family members. one keeps blaming the other.

Ganga accuses him of seeing dreams in broad daylight. he talks up saying that unlike her, she doesnt have atleast the habit of sleepwalking. ammaji gets tensed, while he is flustered that he broke up the secret. ganga is boggled and shocked too to hear this about herself. ammaji tries to distract them, but ganga holds on to it and asks sagar about what he said. he apologises to ammaji for not being able to keep this a secret. ganga is boggled. they all question what’s the matter. he informs how Ganga went out in sleep last night, and ammaji herself got her back, and then told him how and what happened. all are shocked, while Ganga is stunned. the screen freezes on Ganga’s shocked face.

This is the end of Gangaa Monday 23 November 2020 Update on zee world.

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