Gangaa Monday 18th May 2020 Update


This is the written episode of Gangaa Monday 18th May 2020 Update on Zee world.

Gunwanti returns. She is glad that the work is done. Ganga is hopeful that she will study in the next class. It is time for PT Class. The teacher herself is munching onto Bananas. Peon comes to inform her about Principal’s arrival tomorrow. Now she will be spending all her time in the meeting. She takes the girls out for some work.

Gangaa Monday 18 May 2020 Update

Sagar and Yash are doing PT Exercises. Yash tells Sagar that that school is good for nothing. No one teaches there anything. The teacher holds his ears for talking in his class. He dismisses Yash. Sagar thinks of Yash’s words.

The PT teacher tells the girls to clean the mess in the school compound. The girls pick up brooms and set down to work. Ganga asks her if this is what will happen in the PT class today. The teacher asks her if this is what they will do in PT class. People exercise in this class.

She instead tells her to exercise this ways. The principal is coming tomorrow. The school should look clean! Ganga thinks that no one teaches here anything. The same girl tells her to pick up a broom and start working. Ganga tells her not to bully everyone. I had thought so much about school and what all I will study!

Pulkit and a girl smile looking at each other. The girl excuses herself for a minute and Pulkit too goes to talk to her. They both have their backs facing each other when they greet each other. She asks him why he wasn’t paying attention in the class. He was looking at her. I don’t get to talk to you before my friends. I can atleast see you. She gives him maths book. She has left a letter for him in the book. I too couldn’t focus on studies. I too was looking at you. I used to think of you even in my holidays. I enjoy your company a lot. Yash comes there and Pulkit drops the book. Yash tries to read it but Pulkit snatches it from him. Pulkit sends him away.

Yash wants to eat alone so Sagar goes to sit with his friends. Yash finds his lunchbox empty. Where is my food? A few kids ask him about his so called lunch – newspapers. Yash cannot understand how it happened. Sagar would have started eating by now. Where is my food!

Ganga sits down to eat her lunch while the other girls stand in the queue for food. Bahu ji has packed my lunch so nicely. One of the girls (reena) notices her. Ganga offers her lunch. Eat with me. I have brought lots of food. The same girl (Bulbul) tries to bully Reena. You left us for this new girl? Ganga defends Reena. Bulbul tells Reena to be with her new friend only from now. Reena declines and joins that girl gang. Bulbul eats from Gangas lunch. This is so weird. She throws it. Our lunch is better than this! Ganga picks up the rest of it. Don’t you know that food is not to be thrown like this! Amma ji always tells me against it. My Bahu ji made it with so much love. I will show you what I can do the next time you try to do this again.

Gangaa Monday 18th May 2020 Update

Ganga gets into a scuffle with her as the girl pushes her. They both tug at each other’s braids. Bulbul pushes Ganga on the floor and their fight continues. Peon separates them. I will take you to principal directly if you fight again. Ganga tells Bulbul not to even dare to insult anyone or touch her lunch box! She leaves from there. The other girls talk about Ganga. She is a tough one!

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The boys come home. They go to change. Yash makes a sad face. He complains to his mother for not giving him lunch. I had to stay hungry! Madhvi confirms with Maharaj ji. Yash shows his lunch box. It is filled with newspapers. Prabha asks him why he took it. It was for Ganga! Everyone looks pointedly at her. Madhvi asks her if Ganga’s lunchbox was empty. Prabha tries to decline but everyone has understood it already. Madhvi tells Yash to change. I will arrange food. Madhvi questions Prabha about it. You knew it yet you dint say anything. Ganga would have remained hungry otherwise. Prabha lies that she couldn’t tell it as she got a call back then. Why would I empty Ganga’s lunchbox? Madhvi says I have no idea about it but I do know that you don’t want Ganga not to be equal to our kids. Amma ji dismisses the matter.

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Ratan greets Amma ji. He has come to take Prabha and Yash home with him. Prabha is relieved that she will be saved from Madhvi’s questions now. I was missing home so much! Ratan thanks Amma ji for taking care of his family all this while. Prabha goes to pack her stuff. Amma ji laughs thinking about Prabha’s situation.

Prabha hastily leaves for her house with her family. Ganga notices them leaving.

Ganga enters inside. Amma ji and Madhvi are confused to see her dirty clothes and unkempt hairs.

This is the end of Gangaa Monday 18th May 2020 Update on Zee world.


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