Gangaa Friday 28th February 2020 Update

Gangaa Friday 28th February 2020 Update
Gangaa Friday 28th February 2020 Update

Thi is the written episode of Gangaa Friday 28th February 2020 Update.

Gangaa Friday 28 February 2020 Update On Zee World

On Gangaa  28th February 2020 Update: Ganga wonders why is Radhika lying to them all, she remembers she had been walking towards the forest. She thinks about talking to Shiv that Radhika is hiding something, she gathers the courage to speak to Shiv about this matter as there must be some reason that makes Radhika lie to them all.

At night, there were heavy winds in the room. Radhika lay down in the bed. Ganga enters the room and shuts the window of Radhika’s room. she sits besides Radhika and tie her hand with a green cloth, then ties the other side of cloth with her own hand and sleep there in sitting position. Radhika was awake and aware of the development. In the middle of night, Ganga hears Radhika speak in her dreams, if she would come to meet her? Ganga was worried and caresses Radhika thinking she must be crying during her sleep, missing her Parvati. 

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Ganga hears the lock of a door move and goes to look around. She shuts the door of Radhika’s room. Ganga comes to the hall where the main door was banging due to heavy winds. A lady passes from behind Ganga towards a corner. The phone bell begin to ring, Ganga hears it was Shiv who informed Savitri that he will stay in the village. He then notices it was Ganga on the call, she replies its her. 

Gangaa Friday 28th February 2020 Update

Shiv asks if everything is fine at home? Ganga decides not to share about Radhika with her now. Ganga notices a lady going upstairs in the dark and follows her. She was walking across the corridor calling who is there. she comes to Radhika’s room and notices Radhika wasn’t there. Ganga goes towards the terrace and watches Radhika going down the lane, she wonders where Radhika is going.

Radhika was running towards the forest with lantern in hand. Ganga follows her in the dark. Radhika stops by and speaks to a lady. Ganga wonders who is she speaking to. Radhika told a lady she had forbidden her to come home else they would never be able to meet again. Ganga holds a wooden stick and moves towards them, she was about to hit her when Radhika stops them. Ganga was shocked to see Parvati facing them. Parvati drops the lantern and runs away into the forest. Ganga stood there in shock. Radhika forbids Ganga to share this with anyone.

 She told her not to share about it with anyone, else she would never meet her. Ganga takes her home with a promise that Radhika would never come to meet her alone.

Gangaa Friday 28 February 2020 Update

In the room, Ganga sat with Parvati’s photo remembering how Shiv and Radhika always missed her. She comes to Radhika’s room where Radhika was still asleep. In the morning, RIya comes to Ganga where she sat awake, lost in her own thoughts. Riya asks if everything is fine? Radhika signals Ganga not to share anything. Ganga nods and goes outside with Riya. Radhika wish no one can know about the secret.

in the kitchen, Jhumki was worried what if her secret gets revealed someday. She wish to get saved somehow. Ganga and Riya come to the kitchen. Jhumki tells them she is really tired of working and asks for some help. She leaves to take rest while Ganga and Riya turn to work.

 Riya watches Ganga take spinach leaves and was about to pour a jug of water into the frying oil. She comes to stop Ganga wondering what she is doing. Ganga tells Riya she once told her to find her future and earth into this house now. Today she has lost the earth under her feet today, how can she stay calm here. She comes to her room and speaks to Parvati’s photo about what the truth is, she wonders why is everyone mourning her if she is alive and if she is dead then who is the lady in the forest. She thinks about taking care of Radhika anyway.

On the way, Shiv gets Kushal’s call about Ganga’s letter. he promises to come home soon when he spots Parvati on the way. He wonders how this is possible.


Shiv was in disblelief watching Parvati passing by. He undergoes a small accident and his car hits a nearby tree causing him forehead injury. He calls Kushal and calls him about the accident, he falls faint in the middle of the call.

Ganga comes to the place she had seen Radhika speak to the lady. She wonders how she must find where that woman came from. She spots the ruins and decides to go there.

At home, Shiv returns injured. Riya was concerned. Shiv wonders who that lady can be. Shiv tells the family he has seen a shadow, it appears to be like Parvati but how can she be; he himself did her last rituals.
Ganga walks towards the ruins. She enters the house which contained a few utencils and a single bedding. She thinks this place isn’t as desserted as it appears from outside. A shadow appears in the door but vanishes as she turns around. Someone places a hand over her shoulder. Ganga turns around cautiously.

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At home, Shiv asks about Ganga. Kushal says she was not seen by him for sometime as well. Riya wonders if Ganga also watched the same lady and was confused. Shiv was determined to find out who is the stranger. He asks Kushal to find out about Ganga, and himself leaves for police station to complain about the stranger. He gets into the jeep with Pratab. Pratab was also shocked to see Parvati standing behind them, Shiv turns around to astonishment then moves towards the lady. Ganga appears from behind the lady.

Shiv speaks to the lady that he is aware she isn’t Parvati. He inquires who she is. Ganga tells Shiv this is Aasha, twin of Parvati. Ganga says they must tell Radhika instantly that she is Parvati’s sister. She takes her inside.

 At home, Aasha hugs Radhika who was cheerful watching her. Everyone at home was shocked. Aasha apologizes Radhika saying she isn’t her mother, she is her maternal aunt. She tells everyone in the family they must not trust that Parvati had a twin sister because her family was afraid to reveal about her. She was into bad habits, but Parvati never broke her links with her. She always shared her life details with her, and wrote her letters. She says one day she ceased writing letters to her, she thought her family must have stopped her write to her ill charactered girl.

Later, she got to know from a village girl that Parvati is no more. She only came here to meet Radhika and wanted to spend little time with her only. She is turning twelve, so she thought about spending Radhika’s birthday with her and then leave. Riya asks why she didnt share with Radhika that she isn’t her mother. Aasha says Radhika was unaware she has an aunt as well, she ran towards her instantly and called her as mother.

Radhika asks Shiv to let her stay till her birthday. Aasha notices Shiv was silent then takes a leave from Radhika. Shiv finally allows Aasha to stay here until Radhika’s birthday. Aasha cheers. Jhumki was afraid of her.
The next morning, Aasha brings tea for Shiv as she was awake early morning. Shiv thanks her for the tea. Ganga watches this. Shiv feels similar taste as Parvati’s, and shares this to her upon Aasha’s concern.

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