Gangaa Friday 22nd May 2020 Update

Gangaa Friday 22nd May 2020 Update
Gangaa Friday 22nd May 2020 Update

Gangaa Friday 22nd May 2020 Update on zee world.

The peon is cleaning the premises while Bulbul and her friends throw banana peels there only. He scolds them for creating a mess. Throw garbage in the bin. Bulbul retorts that he should mind his business as he is only a peon. I will throw garbage wherever I feel like. Gangaa reprimands her for talking to elders like that. Don’t you understand? She picks up a broom and begins to help him.

Bulbul remarks that this is the best suited work for this girl. She tells Gangaa to do it properly. Principal reaches school and notices Gangaa cleaning the school premises. She is different than the rest. There is something different about her. She compliments Gangaa for the good work. It helps in keeping diseases at bay. Bulbul and her gang are not happy. The girls greet her. Principal also joins Gangaa and the peon. The other teachers are in for a shock. They too join them. Other girls too begin to help them.

Gangaa Friday 22nd May 2020 Update

Ganga asks Principal about the spot where the flag will be put. Principal nods. You are one smart kid. The girls assemble for morning prayers. Bulbul decides to do something about Gangaa. She has cast a spell on Ma’am.

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MLA’s son shows off his new videogame to Yash. My father has brought it for me. It has all the latest games. The kids talk about the competition and what all preps they have made for it. Sagar calls Yash aside. Yash’s says my mother has brought everything necessary for the project. Everyone will be amazed to see it on 15th August. The kids greet their teacher as she enters. She begins to teach them but Sagar is not able to concentrate as Chandan in playing games (sounds). He tells Chandan to focus on studies but Chandan calls him a jealous kid. I wont stop playing. You can complaint to the miss if you want to. Sagar finally tells the teacher about it. She scolds Chandan and takes his videogame. Chandan looks angrily at Sagar.

Bulbul makes a plan with her friends against Gangaa. That widow should come from the planned route only and must not see anything. We will have to be careful. I will teach her a very good lesson today!

Niru suggests Babli to resume studies. You will feel better when you will go to college and meet new people. You will become an independent woman. You will get lots of career choices. Madhvi too wants the same. We have thought something similar for Gangaa. She is so dedicated and has such a strong will power to do something. NIru nods. I have great hopes from both these girls.

Gangaa Friday 22nd May 2020 Update

Amma ji reminds Madhvi to remind Pulkit that he has to bring her Bhagvad Gita.

Pulkit and his girlfriend keep looking at each other while talking to their group of friends. She leaves a book for him on the porch. He picks it up and leaves the one there that he was holding. The girl returns to pick it up. They both read the love letters that they have received from one another.

Gangaa finishes her lunch and goes to wipe her hands. One of Bulbul’s friends comes to tell her that Reena is calling her near the swings. Gangaa rushes there. She calls out for Reena but doesn’t see her there. Bulbul and her friends are hiding behind trees on two different sides.

They signal to each other. They pull a rope a little above ground level. Gangaa falters as she comes in contact with it and falls face down in mud. Her clothes get muddied. Bulbul and her friends come out and mock Gangaa. Gangaa somehow manages to get up.

The girls taunt her. Gangaa knows that Bulbul is behind this idea. She thinks of Madhvi’s words. Bulbul asks her if she will hit her. Gangaa denies. I will make you my friend! She runs to give a hug to a confused Bulbul. The other girls run away. Bulbul frees herself but Gangaa is not ready to let go of her. we are friends. I wont hit you. Bulbul keeps warning her to stay away but Gangaa is in no mood to let go.

Bulbul complains to Gunwanti that it is Gangaa’s doing.

Gunwanti asks Gangaa about it. The one who throws mud on others gets muddied / dirty too. Gangaa replies that no one did it. Bulbul is my friend. We were playing and fell in the mud. Gunwanti sends them both out of the class. She next asks Reena about what happened in a tv show yesterday. Outside, Gangaa tells Bulbul that she could have told the truth to Madam ji and even complained to Principal Ma’am but it would yield nothing.

You wont change. I too would have become like you! Bahu ji says one should not leave their good qualities only for the fact that the other person is engaging with me in a fight. You can trouble me or irritate me if you want to. I wont stand anything that’s wrong. Bulbul is not in a mood to listen to any of her warnings. I am bigger than you. We will see who is stronger. No point talking big! I am not like you. You will regret becoming my enemy. Gangaa clears that she is talking about friendship. You talk about enmity. You too are like me. we both are girls. You are only bigger in size while I have stronger will power. I never give up!

This is the end of Gangaa Friday 22 May 2020 Update on zee world.

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