Game Of Love Wednesday 7th October 2020 Update Starlife

Game Of Love Wednesday 7th October 2020 Update
Game Of Love Wednesday 7th October 2020 Update

Game Of Love Wednesday 7th October 2020 Update: On Game Of Love Wednesday 7 October 2020 Update Starlife, Shivaye and Rudra say he has come and see Om entering the house. Om and Gauri get shocked seeing Shwetlana. Some time before, Shivaye says its unusual key, I don’t think it will fit any locker. She says its custom made key, its rare. He says it means that locker is in this house. Anika comes. He turns. Anika asks did you find anything. Bhavya says I got these keys, show the keys to Anika. Shivaye throws keys and asks Rudra to show it. Rudra asks did you guys fight again, what happened.

Shivaye says no, I was solving keys mystery, thanks. Anika says you said thanks again, is it your thank you day. Rudra asks what happened. Shivaye says nothing, I have problem in neck, I got a sprain, Bhavya I was asking what do we do ahead. She says we have to find about the locker, Tej is trying to help us, he is with us. Shivaye says Shwetlana will know key is missing. Rudra asks why did I not think this. Bhavya says professionals are professionals, I got a duplicate key for Shwetlana, original will be with us. Rudra calls her smart.

Tej says I didn’t make any plan. Shwetlana asks him to say it. He asks her to make dosa for him. He says there are CCTV cameras here, stay in your character, do as I say, I m hungry, you will end my hunger. She acts and says I will get hot dosa for you. He goes. Bhavya says this is your first assignment, you have to place this duplicate key in Shwetlana’s cupboard. Rudra says I m born detective. She says I will whistle if anyone comes. He asks will you tease me, just joking. He goes to keep keys. Tej sees Shwetlana gone. He thinks did she…. Rudra sees makeup kit and praises his looks.

Bhavya sees Shwetlana coming and whistles. Rudra says started whistling seeing handsome guy, I will reply. He also whistles. Bhavya says did he go mad, maybe he is not understanding hint. He says she got mad to whistle in anger. He understands and says she said she will give hint, it means Shwetlana is coming. He keeps keys in box and hides. Shwetlana asks what are you doing near my room. Bhavya says waiting to get dosa recipe from you. Shwetlana says strange, everyone wants dosa here. Bhavya says I will make mental note, tell me recipe. Shwetlana says I have work, move. She opens cupboard and looks for box. Bhavya asks what are you doing, hurry up, I want to have dosa. Rudra keeps box. Shwetlana checks the keys in box and keeps it. She says I will feed you dosa and also teach you. Bhavya says I will attend call and come. Shwetlana goes. Bhavya opens cupboard and hugs Rudra. She asks are you fine, I was worried. He says relax, everything happened well. She says I will go and leaves.

Dadi and Anika do preparations. Dadi says I will welcome Kuldevta well, I got two good bahus, Billu and you got united again, he can’t get a better girl than you. Anika cries. She says I never had a family, but now my complains got away. Dadi hugs her. Bhavya comes and helps. Dadi goes. Anika asks about keys. Bhavya says we kept it back, the keys are old. Anika says lock will be bigger. Bhavya says yes, its something imp for Shwetlana. Anika says so she is here, did you check in storeroom. Bhavya says no. Anika says there is old furniture, put ghee in diya, I will go and check. She goes.

Om gets tea for Gauri and asks her to have it. He says don’t worry for Balram, I don’t think they will follow us. She says I don’t want to. The man says maybe your wife doesn’t like this, shall I send aloo tikki. The lady asks when did they get married. Om says married, we are just….Gauri looks at him. The man says sorry, I felt you both are married. Om says we shall leave now and pays bill. He goes to the car. Gauri cries.

Game Of Love Wednesday 7th October 2020 Update: Shivaye tells Bhavya that he has given key pic to Khanna, he will find out. She says Anika went to storeroom to check. Shivaye says there is darkness in storeroom, she is scared of darkness. He goes. Anika looks for switch. Shivaye says you are scared of darkness right. Lights come. She says thanks for switching on lights. He says its okay. She says you forgot its thank you day. He asks her to be careful. She says thanks. He says stop it. She asks why. He says its not needed. She says you also said thanks when it was not needed, you were after me, you did yellow flowers drama and then Lovakshari, then when I said it, you have sticked thanks to me. He says you started. She says when did you let me start. Cupboard falls on her. He holds it back. He looks at Anika. She asks him to say. He says I…. She asks him to say ahead. He says I have to go and get Ganpati idol, lights are on. He goes. She says why am I dreaming, the man who took a year to say thanks and sorry, he will say I love you in next birth. She drops some books. She sees Shivaye’s name and gets an envelop inside the file. Dadi comes and takes it.

Anika asks you here. Dadi says I was finding you, go and prepare for puja. Anika says I will just clean this. Dadi says I will do, go, Gauri is also not here, go and prepare for puja. Anika goes. Dadi worries. She asks Shakti what’s this, I gave this papers to burn. He says I have burnt this, I m sure its duplicate copy. She says Anika got this, if she read this. He says truth will come out some day. She says happiness returned, I don’t want anything to spoil, if anyone gets these papers, the house foundation will get shaken.

Shivaye and Anika walk downstairs. Shivaye asks Anika what happened. She says thanks. Rudra asks Shivaye to come. Shivaye says its tough to say. Rudra says saying is easy, doing is tough. Shivaye says I mean saying that three magical words, I said thanks and she didn’t appreciate it. He asks Rudra and Bhavya not to teach him. Rudra says I m fed up hearing kid word. Shivaye asks them to sort out. Bhavya says Shivaye called you kid. Rudra says he is elder and can say it. Dadi asks them to come.

Pinky comes to Shivaye. He goes to Dadi and says we will start puja. Pinky says but idol didn’t come, Gauri and Om should have come by now. The door opens. Men play dhol. Shivaye and Rudra say Om has come and see Om entering the house, along with Gauri. Om keeps the idol. Everyone prays. Dadi says this was my wish that this idol is placed here, I wish your jodi is always protected. Om holds Gauri when she slips back. They have an eyelock. Rudra signs to Shivaye and smiles. Om hugs Dadi. Gauri hugs Bhavya. Shivaye and Rudra go to Om and sign. Om asks what. Rudra asks did you go to get idol or universe, you missed many functions. Om says there was some reason. Shivaye asks him the matter. Anika asks Gauri about the journey. Gauri recalls Om asking her not to say anything to anyone. Gauri says no, it was all fine.

Dadi says I m sure this family’s happiness is going to come back. Shwetlana looks on and thinks my happiness will return, I will reach the thing for which I returned in this house. Shivaye says Om I have to tell you something. Om and Gauri get shocked seeing Shwetlana. Tej comes and does Peter’s drama. He asks guest? Shivaye says no, he is my younger brother. Tej introduces himself as Peter and Shwetlana as his wife Kaveri. Shivaye says I will explain to you.

Om says I can’t believe this, Shwetlana is staying here, its her plan, she won’t stay here, I will make her leave. Shivaye says we also thought of this, if we are playing along, there is some reason. Om says no reason can be bigger than my hatred. Rudra says hatred can be bigger than mum’s love, she is blackmailing dad, we are acting as mum requested. Om says I can’t act, you both know I don’t trust Tej, maybe its his plan to keep her here, I can’t tolerate her. Shivaye says so what, she can come back again, we will be foolish to throw her out. Rudra says yes, we will know if she does anything. Shivaye says we can make her lose if we are together, just go with our plan.

Tej talks to Gauri. He asks did you not go Goa, you are wasting your life, I wish I could get Goa to you, I will show you Goa dance, hold my hand and shake head. He dances. Shwetlana comes and stops him. He asks her to show Bharatnatyam. Shwetlana teaches some steps. Gauri looks on.

Dadi asks what’s happening. Pinky says everyone will be hurt if I say, when Anika came here, problems also came in to stay. Shivaye shouts and says I told you don’t provoke my ego by saying anything about Anika. Pinky argues. He calls her wrong. He asks why are you troubling us, what’s your problem. She says problem is I m part of this family, but I m not needed in any function. He says you want me to involve you in my marriage functions, knowing you tried to break my marriage, knowing you have much problem with my wife, knowing if you get a chance, you can try to break our relation again, think why did this happen, you will understand, you have sown this seed. Dadi says you made yourself away from everyone. Shakti says everyone respected you much, because you are Shivaye’s mum, everyone is getting away from you. Pinky says I can see Anika did magic on you all, since that problem came in this house… Shivaye shouts enough, it will be better you leave. She asks will you ask your mum… He says not mum…. I will leave from here.

Om asks Tej and Shwetlana to leave from the house and drags them. He scolds Shwetlana. Jhanvi comes and asks Om to leave them. Om refuses. She says they are our guests. Om says its their plan, you are getting trapped. They argue. Jhanvi slaps him. She apologizes. Om says no, you have slapped me because of them. He asks Tej and Shwetlana to leave before morning, else he will give them to police, they just have a night time to decide they want to leave from home or go jail. Shwetlana thinks Om will do this if he said, that means I just have a night’s time. She sees the idol.

Om comes to Shivaye, Rudra and Bhavya. They all laugh. Shivaye says well done. Rudra says you did natural acting like me. Jhanvi comes and hugs Om. She says very sorry. He says its okay. Rudra asks why did mum really slap. Shivaye says so that Shwetlana doesn’t think its acting, she will do her work tonight. Rudra says we have planned everything, we will keep an eye on her and catch her. He jokes. Bhavya says focus on plan. Shivaye says it means tonight will be Shwetlana’s last night in this house.

This is the end of Game Of Love Wednesday 7th October 2020 Update on starlife.

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