Game Of Love Wednesday 16 September 2020 Update

Game Of Love Wednesday 16 September 2020 Update

Game Of Love Wednesday 16th September 2020 Update: On Game Of Love Wednesday 16 September 2020 Update, Mihir says I can foretell the future of any person, it’s better if you forget that girl because she got married. The guy asks how do you know, my GF got married, but I still love her. Anika says I can understand, love is such a thing, you feel at the top of the world if you get your love, else it’s like your life got ruined. Mihir says love is nothing, it’s just an overrated word. Anika says you are joking right. Mihir says no, love doesn’t exist. Anika says its not like that, we know you are a big writer and mentalist, but how can you say this.

Mihir says it’s by chance if two people meet, it’s fine, else they will find some other life partner. She says no, the ones destined to meet always meet, love is strong enough to change fate, I believe that relations are made in heaven, those who are destined to meet always meet, no matter what.

He says I will consider this as your ignorance. She says no, it’s my experience, this has happened with me, I m a living example, love has the power to change fate, I and my husband are just the opposite, we never imagined that we could unite, but we united after crossing all the hurdles, just because of love. Shivaye looks on and says she is right, she is my wife Anika, our worlds were different, love united us and got us together, it gave us the strength to fight with name, lineage, status, our past and our ways of thinking, we have fought and won, as we are soul mates. Anika says many people have tried to separate us, they tried to create misunderstandings between us, we are together as we have love between us, the relation between husband and wife is meant forever. Mihir says if this was true, people would have never taken divorce, people would not marry more than once. Shivaye says love changes fate, divorce happens when love ends, love is bigger than destiny, we believe this, sorry we don’t agree with this.

Mihir asks are you challenging my research. Shivaye says no, we are not imposing our view, lovers just stay together always. Mihir says fine, tell me, when and where did you two meet for the first time. Anika says at a temple. They recall their first meet. The lady says co cute, I wish our love story started this way. Mihir says your first meet was sweet and dramatic, love doesn’t exist, you just got lucky. Anika says no, we were destined to meet. Mihir says what if Shivaye didn’t come to temple that day or didn’t see you, he would have married someone else. Anika asks how is this possible, I m the one made for him, he had to look at me, we had to meet. Mihir says if that chance was missed, you would have not met, its all a matter of timing. Shivaye says sorry, I don’t agree with you, after meeting Anika and experiencing love, I can’t agree, Anika is the one meant for me, my soul mate. Anika says fate united us, love kept us bonded together forever.

Game Of Love Wednesday 16 September 2020 Update: Shivaye says Ishqbaaz are the ones who defy the universe. Anika says who defy fate. Mihir says you both are wrong, none can defy the universe and fate, you would have not met together if you didn’t the chance. Anika says we were supposed to meet and unite. Shivaye says we will always meet, no matter what destiny wishes, sorry, I had come here for your book launch, but our views don’t match, I don’t feel I m the right person to launch this book, so just excuse us. Mihir says as you wish.

Shivaye and Anika hold hands and leave. Everyone claps. Mihir says Anika and Shivaye… you have challenged my theory and experience, you are proud of your love, you feel you can defy the fate. It starts at thundering. Anika hugs Shivaye and says I think its a thunderstorm approaching. Shivaye says we shall leave. Mihir says you feel you can defy destiny….. Anika asks how did the weather get so bad. Mihir says no one can defy fate, not even you. Shivaye and Anika run in the rains. They get shocked seeing….. Mihir says I will make you reach that day, that place and that moment where you both met for the first time, but will you be able to meet. Life pauses for Shivaye and Anika. Mihir says let’s see…… Shivaye holds Anika’s hand. He turns away. They walk other ways.

Anika comes home. Sahil asks Anika where was she till now. Anika says it was raining heavily, I didn’t get any auto. Sahil asks her to wipe her hair quickly, else she will catch a cold. She asks did you had food. He says no. She says I told you many times to have food if I get late, sit, I will get food for both of us. He says but changes your clothes. Rudra asks did you call Shivaye.


Om says yes, he didn’t answer. Shivaye comes home. Rudra says Shivaye has come, Dadi. Om asks where were you. Shivaye says the meeting for late and car broke down on the way, I didn’t get any rickshaw. Dadi cleans his clothes. Shivaye says I hate this rain. Dadi asks him to change clothes. Shivaye asks didn’t you have dinner. She says they have forced me to have food, but they kept waiting for you. Shivaye stares at Omru. She says until you three get married, stay this way, then your wives will look after you. She goes. Om says change quickly and come. Rudra says we are very hungry. Shivaye says you guys start, I will just come. Omru say business is everything for Shivaye. Anika wipes her hair and stands in the window.

Shivaye looks out of the window. Tu safar mera…….plays……….. She gets scared when it thunders. She thinks the weather is getting worse as if something huge has happened. He thinks these rains…. I hate the rains, nothing looks fine. Its morning, Dadi asks Khanna about puja items and pandit. Khanna says its all ready, pandit will be coming. Om asks Dadi why is she worried, they will handle everything. Dadi says I asked you to make Swastik. Om says I can’t make it, you will ask me to make paintings and do shayari, but I m a businessman, not an artist. Dadi says Shivaye’s Roka is after a few days, we have to make a good start, this puja is special, I don’t want anything wrong.

She says if your Dada ji was alive, he would have got much happy. Rudra says I don’t know emotional people. She asks is everyone supposed to be stone-hearted like you, go and get ready, I want everything ready in 2 mins. Anika hurries up. Sahil helps her. He asks why are you in hurry. She says I have to start my work early, I have an interview with a celebrity wedding planner, Shyamali Malhotra. Sahil says your friend Pooja, when I marry her, hire the same wedding planner. He turns shy. She makes a pinky promise. She says I have many dreams Sahil, if I get that job, maybe my dreams fulfil. Sahil says if you want dreams to come true, you shouldn’t hide it.

He gets a frame and shows it. She hugs the frame and says I have preserved it. He says I know Shyamali will give you a job instantly, everything will get fine. She says you talk strange things, talk well, let me get ready. The power goes.

Omru check arrangements. Rudra jokes. Dadi says you are still here. Rudra says I was going to do ramp walk here, I m a supermodel. Om laughs. Dadi says I can do that too. Om asks will you do ramp walk. She says yes. Om says you can have a challenge with Rudy, all the best. Rudra and Dadi have a ramp walk and show off their style.

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