Game of Love Wednesday 14 April 2021 Update Starlife

Game of Love Wednesday 14 April 2021 Update Starlife
Game of Love Wednesday 14 April 2021 Update Starlife

Game of Love Wednesday 14 April 2021 Update Starlife: On Game of Love Wednesday 14th April 2021, Anika sadly sees the sealed room. She sees Shivaye and goes to him. He says you shouldn’t be here. She cries and asks what do you mean. He says there is murder blame on me, my family has to face the problem, but you can go with Gauri, I don’t want the world to call you a murderer’s wife, go to some new city, start life afresh. She says what if I say I don’t want to do this. He says try to understand, why do you want to put life in trouble.

She says because you are my husband. He says I didn’t give you a wife’s status, why do you want to do wife’s duty, I don’t want you to bear this. She says we are one, we are husband and wife, you didn’t regard me wife, but I believe you as my husband, I have vowed to support you in every difficulty, I will keep my promise. He says even if I get jailed. She says you won’t get jailed, I know you are innocent. He says I don’t have such faith in myself. She says you don’t see yourself by my eyes, you are stubborn, angry, but you aren’t a murderer, you appear stone-hearted, but you have love-filled in heart, you get angry as you love family a lot. He says it’s about you, just go. She says I won’t go, I won’t withdraw support. He asks what can I say now. She says no need to say anything, will you permit me for one thing. He asks what. She hugs him. O Jaana….plays….. They cry.

Om says police will find out who killed Nancy, we have to prove Shivaye’s innocence by finding evidence before forensic reports come. Shivaye says my innocence can be proved when we find a real murderer. Om says murderer would be some outsider, maybe he has come as guests, Shivaye did you doubt on anyone, who tried to frame you. Shivaye says I don’t remember what happened yesterday. Anika says even we don’t remember. Shivaye asks how, I was too drunk, but you…

Anika says I don’t even drink. Shivaye says it means someone spiked our drinks. They see Rudra. Rudra asks why are you staring at me, I swear I didn’t add anything, I left the bar counter when I went for dance, but I kept an eye. Shivaye says we don’t have CCTV footage, else we would have got some clue. Anika says house cameras aren’t working, but maybe there is some camera outside. Shivaye goes to his room and says I m sure there are many CCTV cameras outside, some cameras will be directed towards the Oberoi mansion, we may get some clue. Bhavya gets forensic reports and says we have to leave for Oberoi mansion right now.

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The manager says I can’t give you footage without Sir’s permission, you can talk to the building’s chairman Harman, he is busy with the international summit presentation, he won’t answer call. Shivaye says let’s see, just try, call him. The man calls and says sorry, he isn’t answering, you have to wait. Shivaye goes. Bhavya is on the way. She says I m going to the Oberoi mansion, it’s a high-profile case, we will have political pressure. Commissioner says don’t worry, do your duty, I will handle media and everything. She thanks him. Shivaye hides. Fire alarm rings. Everyone runs out. Shivaye thinks I can just go and get Oberoi mansion CCTV footage. The man says wait, it was a false alarm, I will check CCTV and find out who rung the alarm. Shivaye copies the footage folder. The man comes back and doesn’t see Shivaye.

Game of Love Wednesday 14 April 2021 Update Starlife: Shivaye comes home and plays the recording. Rudra says nothing is clear. Anika asks Shivaye to rewind a bit. They see someone. Anika says it’s you, you had worn this suit. Shivaye says yes. They see Nancy. Om says you both are arguing. Shivaye recalls and says yes, I remember, Nancy came in front of me, I warned her that I will tell Mohit, I started leaving and then…. They ask what then. He says I don’t remember. They see the man in the video stabbing Nancy. Shivaye says it’s me. Anika says it’s not necessary that it’s you, nothing is clear. He says I have worn this suit, it’s my room. Om says you can’t kill anyone. Shivaye says this footage has it clear, evidence is against me. Rudra says your face isn’t seen in it. Om says we shall wait for forensic reports. Rudra says your fingerprints won’t match. They hear a police siren.

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Khanna says Bhavya has come, she is calling you. Om asks Shivaye to stay there. Omru goes down. Bhavya says forensic reports have come, we got a match of fingerprints on the murder weapon. Tej asks whose fingerprints? She says Shivaye. Everyone gets shocked.

Mohit says I told you Shivaye killed my wife, go and arrest him. Bhavya says calm down, we are doing our work, call Shivaye, I have an arrest warrant. She asks Rudra to be quiet if he doesn’t know about the lawyer. She asks them to call Shivaye and cooperate with the law. Om asks Tej to call the commissioner, he knows Shivaye. Bhavya says you are wasting your time, I m following the commissioner’s orders, you can call him if you want. Tej says no, there is no way, call Shivaye, ask him to surrender. Bhavya says discuss later, call him. Om calls lawyer to arrange bail. Tej says no need, courts are closed today. Mohit asks Bhavya to go and arrest Shivaye. Bhavya asks staff to come. Omru comes in her way. Shivaye goes. Anika cries.



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