Game Of Love Tuesday 4 August 2020 Update

Game Of Love Tuesday 4 August 2020 Update
Game Of Love Tuesday 4th August 2020 Update

Game Of Love 4 August 2020 Update: On Game Of Love Tuesday 4th August 2020 Update, Shivaye asks Anika to listen to him. She leaves. He knocks the door and says I have come to take Anika. Anika throws water on his face. Some time before, Shivaye says you don’t look good when you cry Anika. Anika hugs him. She says I felt …. He says that I went, you know Anika I can’t see you crying. She says tell me one thing, do you still accept me as wife. He says you are my wife, this is truth, no need to think anything else. He hugs her. She cries.

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Game Of Love Sunday 2 August 2020 Update

Shivaye makes food. Om and Rudra come to him. Om asks what happened. Shivaye says nothing, Rudra says something major happened, this pizza said it, you added much cheese in it. He sings Dil cheez kya hai…. okay it was a bad joke, but question was right. Shivaye asks him to keep cheese aside. Rudra says you are saying this, its confirmed, something is wrong, I think you don’t love me, omg, I think he is duplicate Shivaye. Om says you say anything. Rudra says Shivaye makes fat free pizza for me, now he is saying keep this aside, tomorrow he will say Rudra you also sit aside then… Shivaye and Om ask him to shut up.

Rudra says I wanted to hear this, everything is normal, continue. Shivaye asks Om to help him, Om says you can tell me what’s going on in your mind, say truth, are you thinking about Anika. Shivaye says its not Anika’s mistake. Om says I agree with you. Shivaye says you know the problem, I know you don’t agree with my viewpoint, name, blood and lineage really makes a difference to me, I know to know my wife’s background, I don’t have an answer, its very important. Anika comes and asks is this important, or is this just important, I knew this before, whenever this matter comes out, I will lose, I did not know I will lose so badly, I know this matters to you, I did not know this matters a lot that it can affect our relation. He says you are misunderstanding.

She says I was misunderstanding when you asked me not to worry, you will make everything fine, when you said Anika you are my wife and this is truth, but truth is you can’t change your thinking ever, when this is the truth, what am I doing in this house, in your life. Shivaye says wait, you can’t leave from kitchen, let me explain. She goes. He says if you take a step out of this house… She leaves from home. Rudra says she went. Shivaye says I was talking to her. Rudra says I heard, but maybe she unheard it. Shivaye says I had to explain her.

Rudra says you can’t explain this to her. He goes. Pinky comes and says no need to explain, its good, I did not know Anika would be so sensible, its good she understood, you both don’t have future, give her divorce, I will get line of girls of good name, blood and family. He says enough, what are you saying. Anika is my wife. She says she was never suitable to be your wife, we would have known her family. He says I won’t hear a word against my wife. She asks what will you do if your children ask you, did you get her from ashram, you know what type of people are raised in ashram, you will realize this later that I was not saying right, Shivaye’s children will have that blood which even Shivaye won’t know. She goes.

Sahil asks Shivaye is balance over. Shivaye says its postpaid. Sahil says then call her. Shivaye asks why shall I call. Sahil says Anika is angry with you. Shivaye says I m also angry, I tried to stop her and talk, did she stop, I won’t call her. Sahil says fine. Shivaye says I m calling for your sake, else you will say I m showing SSO attitude. He calls and says hello Anika. He says she disconnected the call, can you believe this. Sahil says relax dude, it happens, if you are Shivaye, she is… Shivaye says she is Jhansi ki rani. Sahil says yes, I can understand what you are going through. Shivaye says what shall I do now. Sahil says I think she is much angry, get her back. Shivaye says I should know where she went. Sahil says then ask who will know it. Shivaye asks him to say. Sahil asks do you show attitude while asking help. Shivaye says sorry, tell me. Sahil says she went to Chanda’s house.

Shivaye reaches the place. He goes to Chanda’s house and knocks door. Chanda opens the door and says yes.. He says Shivaye Singh Oberoi, I came to take Anika. Anika says tell him Anika is not at home. He says I know she is here. She says tell him I don’t want to meet anyone. He says tell her I want to meet her. She says tell him my mood is bad. He says tell her I came to make her mood fine. Anika asks why are you not saying anything. Chanda says I will say when you let me say. Anika shuts the door. He says she has shut door on my face, I will show her. Chanda says he came to take you. Anika says better you go with him. He walks to his car and presses horn. Everyone ask him to stop it.

He goes to Chanda’s house again. Anika throws water on his face. He recalls Anika throwing water on his face before. She shuts the door. The man says she did right, she should have thrown a bucket of water. The people say he is Shivaye, famous businessman, he got insulted well. Shivaye says its our welcome rituals, its our style. The people laugh. Shivaye says I think I have to come in my SSO mode.

Chanda says so much anger is no good, he came to take you have water. Anika drops the water glass on hearing knock. She goes to see. Shivaye throws water on her face. He drops the glass. Old moments of Shivaye throws on her face are seen.

The drama continue on Game Of Love Tuesday 4 August 2020 Update as Chanda says wow, Anika said you both are different, I feel you both are made for each other. Shivaye says we have habit to throw water on each other, I think this will always go on. He lifts Anika. She asks what are you doing Shivaye, leave me, I don’t want to go. The man asks Shivaye how can you misbehave. Shivaye says its our personal matter. The people say you can’t take her this way, by what right are you taking her. Shivaye says she is my wife. Anika asks them to stop him, Chanda say something. The lady says we will stop him, tell us is he your husband. Anika says yes. The lady says how can we stop him. Anika says it does not mean he takes me this way. Shivaye says if you came before, this would be not needed, come on. He takes her in car.

Shivaye puts Anika on bed and says stop it, enough of drama, you did not stop when I asked you to stop, you did not listen to me, disconnected call and shut door on my face, you have thrown face on me. She says yes, I was angry. He says you can get angry at home, I told you not to go out. She says I heard what you said in kitchen. He says this is your problem, you heard half thing and derived meaning. She says it was enough. He says you got wrong meaning. She says I m not fool, I know name, blood, and family matters to you, I m not so imp, I lost, our relation lost. She cries.

He hugs her. She says you know, since I got senses, I just fought with problems, people, the one who has no parents, life troubles them a lot, think I never had parents name, tell me do you ask surname to Lord, Shiv and Krishna, none, everyone bends in front of them, why is person’s surname to imp, why family name is imp, wherever I went, everyone used to insult me, I was sent away from interviews, they called me orphan, sin child, but I never lost, I kept fighting, Shivaye I can fight with entire world, with myself, with Lord, but not you.

This is the end of Game Of Love Tuesday 4 August 2020 Update.

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