Game Of Love Tuesday 20 October 2020 Update

Game Of Love Tuesday 20 October 2020 Update
Game Of Love Tuesday 20 October 2020 Update

Game Of Love Tuesday 20th October 2020 Update: On Game Of Love Tuesday 20 October 2020 Update, Bhavya bids bye to Rudra and turns to go. Anika and Gauri see Suman crying. Sometime before, Shivaye and Anika romance. He kisses her hand and holds her face. Anika removes the dupatta and asks him to see his hair, it got spoiled. He runs to see. She laughs and packs things. He gifts her a travel kit, she can use it when needed. She asks when did you become caring, I m getting late, I have to do the packing. He asks is it necessary to go. Anika says I m going soon to come back soon. Shivaye says you are dying to marry me. She says I have already died in love, I m just going to become of someone whom I belong.

She keeps the travel kit. He asks shall I help. She says no, thanks, I m strong. He helps and says I m Shivaye. She says Anika and goes…. They smile seeing each other. She leaves. Rudra comes to the marriage venue and says great Lord, when I saw a dream of marrying Katrina, you didn’t make it true, when I dreamt Shivaye gets 6 feet tall and I become eldest among three brothers, you didn’t make my dreams true, when I saw a dream of Bhavya’s marriage, you are making it true. Commissioner asks what are you doing here.

Rudra says all this spoiled because of you, where is Bhavya, this marriage can’t happen. Commissioner asks what are you doing. Rudra goes to bride and says I m sorry, I know you are four years older than me. The groom asks what, is she four years older than me, who is this guy, what is he saying. Rudra says keep quiet, let me talk to her, I know you are older, people will call you aunty and they will call me Bhaiya, maybe you dye your hair, I don’t care, give me one chance Bhavya. The bride lifts ghunghat. Rudra gets shocked seeing someone else.

Anika and Gauri are on the way. Anika says we will have bread roll. Gauri refuses. Anika says I m very hungry, share one with me. Gauri says I m learning English. Anika drops the roll and asks what. Gauri says I m secretly learning English on Shivaye’s saying. Anika says its great but he didn’t tell me. Gauri says I asked him not to tell anyone, I can’t hide anything from you, you are like my sister, so I m telling you. Anika smiles and asks did you tell Om. Gauri says no, I want to surprise Om, I want to become suitable. Anika says don’t think you are not suitable, its not necessary that two persons are same, Shivaye has studied from abroad, I don’t know much English, you know my language, he had michmichi with my language, then he started saying my language, I have never underestimated myself, you will also not understate yourself, love should be equal, no need to get differences in between, your distance will end, have food now.

The bride says I m Anjali, not Bhavya. Rudra gets glad. Groom asks who are you. Rudra says what’s in name, please continue. He asks commissioner why could he not stop him from becoming an idiot. Commissioner says I was stopping you, you didn’t listen. Rudra asks where is Bhavya. Commissioner says she is at railway station, she is going on new assignment. Rudra says sorry guys, he did this confusion, she is not older than me, you check, maybe she is older than you. He goes.

Shivaye and Om are on the way. Om says you got me from exhibition, where are you going. Shivaye says I have to choose a ring for Anika, I want it to be exquisite and most beautiful. Om says you need my suggestion, you don’t trust your choice. Shivaye says no, its imp moment for me, I want you to be with me. Om says I think are you same Shivaye. Shivaye says I agree I changed, love changes everyone, see you also changed, I think I got my old Om back, poet, Sufi, what’s going on between you and Gauri. Om says its fine, why are we talking about this, where are we going. Shivaye says tell me when you feel ready to talk about this.

Rudra looks for Bhavya at the railway station. He hears her and turns. She goes. He looks for her. Bhavya holds him. He looks at her and hugs. Anika and Gauri come to Bansi’s place. Bansi asks his wife to take them. Anika asks does women sit separately in village. Gauri says no, maybe its their customs, come.

Game Of Love Tuesday 20 October 2020 Update: Bansi’s wife says they are our guests, they came from city. The lady asks them to cover their heads by chunri. Anika says its strange. Gauri says its a village, we can’t refuse, Dadi told us to take care of family respect. Bansi’s wife introduces Suman. Anika says Dadi has sent the gifts for you. Bansi’s wife says you sit, I will get breakfast. Anika asks Suman about her would-be husband, is it love marriage or something else. The lady says what are you teaching her, love happens after marriage, guy and girl don’t talk before marriage. Suman

Anika says its strange. Gauri says yes. Anika says its fine till Suman is happy. Suman goes and locks the door. Bhavya asks what are you doing here. Rudra says thank God it was not your marriage, that this train didn’t get missed, I should have spoken that day itself, I was so stupid, I m sorry to behave like a kid. She says okay. He asks what okay. She says I accepted your sorry, you can go. He says I didn’t come to go. She asks will you stay here. He asks her to come Mumbai. She says I have to go for my new assignment. He asks where. She says goodbye Rudra. She boards the train. They recall their moments. Do pal Ruka….plays…. He runs to her and boards the train. She asks what are you doing. He says journey just started, how can destinations be different. She says no, our difference. He says age is just a number, give me a chance, I will prove I m not immature. He slips. She holds him and takes him in.

Shivaye says this ring doesn’t have sparkle as Anika has in her eyes, she is too loud, not like Anika, she is subtle. Om asks is Anika subtle, you have seen 68 rings, you didn’t like any ring, you will get married but the ring won’t come. Shivaye says ring should be getting. They ask the man why does he not have a good ring. Om says I will call mom. He calls and says she is not answering.

Anika asks Gauri can she hear someone crying, who is crying in a happy moment. They go and see Suman crying. Suman takes some poison to drink. Anika and Gauri rush.

Bhavya asks Rudra to walk carefully. He asks does so many people sit in one coach, I want window seat, shall I pull this chain and stop train. Bhavya says no. He asks will train really stop, why does this not happen in plane. The boy says because plane flies. Rudra says point, I had a dream to travel in train and sing Chaiyya chaiyya, how to go over it. The boy says by getting under the train. Bhavya says you are behaving as if you got on any moon. He says its not less than a moon. She says we have much difference. He says don’t start again, is AC off here. She says its non AC compartment, make a place and sit, its 8 hours journey, will you stand.

He sits and says I got tensed hearing 8 hours. The man says it was 15 hours last time. Rudra says we would have gone in Shivaye’s chopper. Bhavya says this is TT. Rudra says I don’t have a ticket. She says govt staff and shows ID. Rudra says I m with her. The man asks him to show pass. Rudra says I can come close and show. Bhavya says he is with me. TT says he will have a penalty. Rudra tells his name Rudra and age 24. TT asks is he your younger brother. Rudra asks from which angle do we look, siblings. She says he is not my younger brother. Rudra says we are friends. TT says pay penalty. Rudra asks her to pay, he just has cheques. She pays. TT goes. Rudra says he spoiled all my mood.

Gauri stops Suman from committing suicide. Anika scolds her. Suman says I don’t want to marry. Anika says talk to us, we will help you. Gauri asks are you not happy with this marriage. Suman says this is just a deal, my family took loan from village head, he decided I will marry his elder son, who is much older than me, and already married. Anika says who gave rights to village head to decide for someone’s life. Gauri says person can’t give life if problem is big. Suman says baraat will come anytime. Gauri and Anika see the bar at coming. They see the groom. Anika asks is this old man the groom, he is so drunk and can’t walk. Suman cries and says please save me, I don’t want to marry this man. Anika asks her not to worry. Gauri says don’t think of taking your life. Anika says we will talk to Bansi. Suman says dad can’t do anything. Anika says village head is not Lord, none can be bigger than country’s law, you are an adult, and none can get you married against your will. Gauri asks her to have belief in Lord, maybe that’s why Lord has sent us here.

Game Of Love Tuesday 20 October 2020 Update: Rudra says I can’t go to washroom, some kid is there. She asks him to go to an Indian toilet. He says there are no issues, the train is moving a lot, I will board a better train. She says every train is same. He says I will manage. The kid says I understand you. Rudra says this kid was sitting in western toilet. The train stops. The man says how did train stop. Bhavya asks TT is there any problem. TT says train got derailed, we diverted all trains to last station, you can walk there. Rudra says I will go washroom and come. Bhavya says washroom can’t be used in any stopped up train, help the lady, did you just make muscles to impress girls. Rudra helps the lady.

Anika and Gauri take Suman. The lady stops them from going to men’s room. Anika moves her. They go to Bansi and everyone. She says you should have shame to get an innocent girl married to this old man. Bansi asks them not to get in this. Gauri say we are helpless to say. Anika asks Bansi why is he making marriage a deal, this girl also has a wish and happiness, this man is older. Bansi says you don’t know my situation. Anika says I will tell Shivaye and end all your loans, don’t sacrifice her.

The man asks who are you, you are breaking this marriage. Anika and Gauri say we will break this marriage, Suman is not happy with this marriage, forgive us. Anika says I will call Shivaye. Village head comes and says matter is not about money, its about our respect, this marriage will happen, I don’t argue with women, you are guests, just see the marriage and go, else it won’t be good. Bansi apologizes and says they came from city and doesn’t know anything. Village head says keep your daughter away from them. Bansi requests Anika and Gauri to go to their rooms. Anika and Gauri sit with the ladies and look on helplessly. Gauri asks what are you thinking. Anika says what to do, there is one way to stop this marriage, we have to make Suman run away. Gauri asks how. Anika says don’t know. Gauri says fine, we will do.

Shwetlana comes to room. Pinky gives her the real painting. She asks what’s the special thing in this painting. Shwetlana says you are an Oberoi, I have learnt, never ever trust an Oberoi. Pinky says I changed painting for you and you are doubting on me. Shwetlana asks her to leave. Pinky goes. Shwetlana sees the painting and says I got this painting, what shall I do of those keys, which are with Oberois.

This is the end of Game Of Love Tuesday 20 October 2020 Update.

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