Game Of Love Tuesday 15 September 2020 Update

Game Of Love Tuesday 15th September 2020 Update

Game Of Love Tuesday 15th September 2020 Update: On Game Of Love Tuesday 15 September 2020 Update, The Episode started when Shivaye says I’m money minded according to her list. He asks Anika to open the envelope fast. Anika checks the card and gets surprised reading Qubool Hai. Shivaye asks didn’t you like the Eidi, its for you, Eid mubarak my moon.

He holds her face and kisses her. They hug. Rudra says it means you weren’t angry. Shivaye says no, am I mad to get angry, I m happy and thankful to Anika that she married me despite me having many bad qualities, I want to make her happy and fulfill all her wishes. She says you have always fulfilled my wishes. He says just one is left. She asks which one. He says Nikaah. Omru, Gauri and Bhavya hold the Chunri between them and make the partition. Shivaye and Anika see each other via it and smile. Bol halke halke….plays…… Shivaye puts forth his hand. She holds his hand.

He takes her. Everyone smiles. Shivaye and Anika sit. He says you will always be with me all my life, I would like to marry you a thousand times, I accept you. Tum mujhe Qubool ho. Everyone claps. Anika says I also accept you in your every form. She says Qubool hai…. Everyone showers flowers on them. They smile. Music plays…. They hug. They all dance on Tumse mil ke dil ka hai jo haal……Farhan’s mum comes and asks what’s this drama. Farhan says Ammi, you…. Farhan’s mum scolds him for not answering her calls.

He says I was busy here. She says I m seeing how much busy you are, you didn’t wish me for Eid greetings. Shivaye says listen to me, you have come from a long journey, will you have anything. She says sorry to come without informing, I came here for my son. He says its a good thing to get elders’ blessings. She says you respect elders, else these days people regard elders as burden. She sees Fiza. She asks Farhan did he do what he had to. He says I need to talk to you in private. She asks why, everyone would know you and Fiza aren’t made for each other, you said you will take divorce, just sign the divorce papers and get rid of her. They get shocked. Farhan tears the papers. She asks what did you do. He says sorry, I can’t do this, I was foolish to not trust Fiza, our distance was because of my mistakes, you created misunderstandings between us, I didn’t give any chance to Fiza to speak up, I thought you both will look after each other and went to Dubai, Fiza did a daughter and bahu’s duties, you couldn’t even become a good Saas, you didn’t think that I will also be hurt if you hurt Fiza, Shivaye stopped me from making my life’s biggest mistake, you are my mum and dad too, you know how much I love you, I love Fiza too, none can separate us now, not even you. She says your wife is talking, not you, Fiza made you against me. Fiza says I can’t think so, I always regarded you my mum.

The episode continued on Game Of Love Tuesday 15 September 2020 Update as Shivaye says Fiza is a nice girl, accept her once. Farhan’s mum says don’t talk in our family matter, its good Farhan doesn’t need me now, celebrate happiness, remember one day, Fiza has no place in my heart and house. Fiza says its Eid today, we are together, if you get upset, I will feel Lord is upset with me. Farhan’s mum leaves. Farhan says let her go. Fiza says she is our mum, she has a right to scold us. He says I agree, but she is my mum, she won’t be angry for long, we will go home and talk to her, she will understand. Shivaye says yes, maybe this is not the right time, but I know, love can solve all the problems, its Eid today. Farhan says next Eid we will celebrate together, including mum. They all pray. Rudra asks for Eidvie, Eid wali selfie. They al take selfie and wish happy Eid.


Its morning, Anika gets ready. Shivaye asks aren’t you ready. She says just 2 mins. Anika says its fine. He says we are not going in a party, we are going in a book launch, we have to be there on time. She says they will see you and your wife too. He says come with me, we have to reach there before writer, he is respected writer. She asks what’s special.

He says just come with me. She asks him to say about the writer. They reach the venue. He says its famous’ professor Mihir Awasthi’s book, titled…. Can this happen too, he is a mentalist too. Anika says even I can read your mind. He says because we have a connection, mentalist can read anyone’s mind, he can change anyone’s thinking, I m going to launch his book. She says you mean fortune teller. He says he is not any pandit, he doesn’t see anyone’s kundli or hand, he can read anyone’s mind. She says its limit, just Lord can do this. The man thanks them for coming and asks them to please come. Shivaye says you come and even then you will say this is possible. At the event, the man says I would like to welcome my special chief Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Everyone claps. The man introduces other guests actor Ashok and tv anchor Manish.

He then invites Mihir, who does impossible possible, who can tell them their past, present and future. Mihir is seated among the audience and says I m here. Anika turns to see him. He says everyone is finding me there and I m here, this happens as we people think we are smart, but we aren’t, we talk what we are taught, like we are programmed, its not necessary that every time the same thing happens, don’t worry, he has forgiven you. The girl asks what. He says your dad…. he isn’t upset with you now. She asks how do you know. He says he died in a car accident six months ago right, he has worn a blue shirt. She says yes. He says you have guilt that you didn’t receive his last call, he loves you a lot even today. The girl cries. The lady asks how does he know this. Shivaye looks on. The man says he is awesome.

Mihir says I know this like a doctor knows patient’s illness, call this magic or science, I can tell any person’s future by his past. Anika gets shocked.

This is the end of Game Of Love Tuesday 15 September 2020 Update.



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