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Game Of Love Thursday 8th October 2020 Update
Game Of Love Thursday 8th October 2020 Update

Game Of Love Thursday 8th October 2020 Update: On Game Of Love Thursday 8 October 2020 Update, Everyone keeps an eye on Shwetlana. Rudra says she is seeing Shiv Parvati idol. Shwetlana sees Rudra and blows off the diya. Gauri says I saw her in room, she is sleeping. Bhavya says this is that part of that key which I kept it in her cupboard. Some time before, Pinky asks Dadi what could she do, she didn’t had money. Dadi asks what was the need to call that problem home, you should have asked me. Pinky asks till when will we hide this. Dadi says I know why you are doing this, you can’t see your son’s happiness, if you do anything this time, none will be worse than me. Anika comes. Dadi sees her and scolds Pinky. Dadi and Pinky leave. Anika gets a call.

Bhavya says Dadi will get entire family downstairs, Shwetlana won’t know Rudra and I are keeping a watch on her. Gauri says tell me if you need help. Om says you can challenge even wrestlers, Gauri thinks by heart, not mind right. Saathiya ……….plays….. She says you said right, I think my heart, not mind, I think the other person thinks like me, but its not, other person thinks by mind. Bhavya asks is everything fine. Gauri says yes, I was talking about Shwetlana. Bhavya says I will go. She goes.

Om asks Gauri did anything happen. Gauri says no. He says there is something, you look upset. She says nothing, else you say what is it, you are so educated and sensible. He says if I understood or knew, I would have not asked, because I feel nothing happened that could make you upset, so tell me. She says then leave it, if you don’t care. She goes. He says I can’t understand you Gauri.

Bhavya comes to Rudra and asks what’s this, military uniform. He says you are forgetting, camouflage, there is a big mission at night. She asks will you wear this in photoshoot, everyone will look good. He laughs. She asks why are you laughing. He says I fooled you, I was joking, I don’t wear this. He calls her BB. She asks what did you say, biwi. He says I said BB, Bhavya boss.

Shwetlana says Om has threatened that he will make us leave tomorrow morning, I have to do everything tonight. Tej feels proud of Om. She says you have to divert your family so that I can get a chance to do my work. He asks what are you going to do. She says that’s none of your business, do as I say, else you and Jhanvi will be in jail. He says don’t forget you are dealing with Oberois, you feel they don’t understand your drama. She says just do…….She feels tensed.

Rudra says photoshoot idea was good. Dadi says I didn’t think of any function. Bhavya comes and asks is everyone ready. Dadi says just Rudra come as Sarbala, it means one who is with groom and wears clothes like him. Rudra says he is called best man. Bhavya asks him to come. She gives handsfree to stay connected. He calls her AB, Agent Bhavya. Shakti and Pinky come. Shakti asks what shall we do. Dadi asks Khanna to call everyone.

Tej sees Shwetlana’s reaction and turns to see. He sees Jhanvi. Jhanvi says I came to make a request, can you become Tej, family photo is going on. Shwetlana says this can’t happen. Tej says we came to do acting, let me do, I will become Tej. Jhanvi thanks and gives the clothes. He holds her hand. She goes. Shwetlana asks him to talk about work. He says I have to become what I m, Tej. She says you have to divert them. He goes to change. Dadi asks is everyone ready for family pic. Tej comes with Shwetlana. Dadi says I felt you are my son Tej. Tej asks her to regard him son and hugs Dadi. Dadi asks him to stand with Jhanvi.

He holds Jhanvi. Shwetlana asks him to put hand down. Dadi asks about Om Gauri and Billu Anika. Shivaye comes and says this family photo can’t happen, as Anika is not here. Shakti asks where did she go. Shivaye says she got a call from Sahil’s school, Sahil is ill, so she went there. Dadi says then family pic can happen after she comes. Rudra jokes. Shwetlana asks Tej to keep family busy. Tej says fine I will do anything. Tej says when family is together, we should celebrate. He dances with Dadi. Hum saath ek duje ke…..plays….. Tej dances with everyone. Shwetlana dances and goes. Tej asks Bhavya to follow Shwetlana.

The episode continued on Game Of Love Thursday 8th October 2020 Update as Bhavya asks everyone to be ready, Shwetlana has gone. Lights go. Shivaye, Om, Gauri, Rudra and Bhavya cover all areas. Om asks how will we see her in darkness. Bhavya says its imp, so that she doesn’t see us, stay calm, don’t stop her and just tell her location, we have to follow her from far, I m sure she will go where that key lock is present. Shwetlana comes downstairs. She says none can see me in darkness and I can reach my secret. Rudra says she is coming this way, she has the keys, she is seeing Shiv Parvati idol. Shivaye says that idol came home today. Bhavya says I will just come, stay there.

Shwetlana says finally I reached the secret. Keys fall down. She picks it and gets shocked seeing the broken key. She thinks how can this break, its pure brass. She recalls Bhavya. She thinks this key is fake and gets angry. Shivaye asks what’s happening. Rudra says she is just seeing idol. Shwetlana sees his reflection and thinks they have kept an eye on me, they can’t defeat me. She puts off the diya. Rudra says she has blown off the diya, I can’t see anything. Shivaye asks shall I go and switch on lights. They all come out. Shivaye asks where is she. Gauri says I have seen her sleeping in room. Om asks Rudra did he really see her. Rudra says she was here, she was seeing idol and blew off diya. Bhavya says this is that part of that key which I kept it in her cupboard.

Shwetlana thinks how did the duplicate keys come in box, how did they know my plan. Tej comes and asks did your work finish. She says no, someone changed the keys. Bhavya says it means she got to know key was fake, so she didn’t do anything. Shivaye says that makes sense, if she has come here, she came to find something. Om says so lets find it. They check the place.

Bhavya sees the mirrors. Shwetlana says they are not so smart to know my plan, I m sure you are helping them. Tej says you always keep an eye on me, I can’t do anything, you have fixed mic in this locket, I can’t cheat you, shall I rest now. She hits his leg. He screams and asks what’s wrong with you. Gauri says our plan failed. Om says I threatened her that I will give her to police. Shivaye says she won’t get scared, she won’t go till she does her work. Rudra agrees. Shwetlana says I won’t go till my mission completes. Tej asks how can you be sure that whatever you want is in this house. Shwetlana says the more you help them, I have to stay in this house. He says Om won’t let you stay here. She says you will have to make sure that Om doesn’t make us leave, if police comes, you know who will go jail.

Shivaye says so art exhibition, I wanted to come, but I have to be in board meeting, I will see your exhibition on live broadcast, where is Gauri. Om says I was thinking to ask her, she will get bored there. Shivaye says Gauri is your wife, you must introduce her to your world. Shwetlana gets Tej there. Om asks did you two not go. Jhanvi says I told them to stay, see Peter’s leg is hurt, he can’t travel. Om says he got hurt suddenly. Tej says thanks to your slippery steps. Jhanvi says please let them stay here. Om says fine, you can stay till you get fine. Shwetlana takes him to room. Om says you said right, they will make any excuse to stay. Shivaye says its good, we will get time. Om says wish me luck and hugs him. He goes.

Shivaye goes to Gauri. He asks her to get ready to go to Om’s art exhibition. She says why shall I go, he would have taken me along, he doesn’t regard me his wife, he is ashamed. He says I will pull his ears later, just get ready, I will tell him. She says its about my self esteem. He says fine, but matter shouldn’t reach ego, there shouldn’t be any place for ego. She says I know, Om doesn’t fine me suitable for him. He says you are perfect for each other, there will be some reason that you both are together, its special day, I want his wife to be with him, he is shy and couldn’t tell you to come, I think you should be there, you know how much he cares for you, you tied me rakhi right, you listen to your elder brother, we gave you bahu’s place, you have to make Om’s wife’s place yourself, you go as Om’s wife’s right. She says you told me to show attitude. He says yes this is next step, don’t get confused, get ready and go, everyone should just see you. She agrees.

Rudra comes to Bhavya. He says plan failed, but I have worked hard, I should get its salary, I did a good job. Bhavya asks really, you know how did Shwetlana know about plan, its because of you, she has seen your reflection in mirror so she has run away. He says so humans do mistake, its fine, cut some money from my salary. She asks what salary, it should be big thing that you are still on this mission. He calls her miser and goes, thinking its last day to complete challenge, I hope Bhavya doesn’t remember, I will earn money by tomorrow. She calls him and says you have to earn 25000rs and give me tonight, its last day of challenge. He says I remember and goes. She wishes him all the best.

Dadi says its Tej, mum knows son’s shadow as well, how will I not identify my son, don’t know why is he doing this acting. Shakti says I m sure there is some reason. Dadi says his knee is hurt, I m worried. He says you know our Shivaye, Om and Rudra are solving this, they will do it. She says you also find out what’s this matter.

Shivaye talks to Anika on call. He asks Anika is she fine, how is Sahil. He asks her not to worry and get Sahil home. He says just call if you need help and ends call. Pinky stops Dadi and says I want to do a function for Shivaye, he is my son. Dadi says you didn’t like Anika. Pinky says I don’t like Anika even now, I want my son back. Dadi says Billu won’t listen to you. Pinky says I know, but he will listen to you, tell him to let his mum do a function, I have some rights being his mum, I beg you, will you get me my rights. Dadi says fine, I will talk to Billu, but it will be his decision. Pinky looks on.

This is the end of Game Of Love Thursday 8th October 2020 Update.

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