Game Of Love Thursday 30 July 2020 Update

Game Of Love Thursday 30 July 2020 Update
Game Of Love Thursday 30 July 2020 Update

Game Of Love Thursday 30 July 2020 Update on Starlife.

On Game Of Love Thursday 30th July 2020 Update, Game Of Love Thursday 30 July 2020 Update right. She says there are other ways to make anyone conscious, why did you do that, why do I feel you are smiling. He smiles and leaves. Some time before, Shivaye wakes up and finds water jug empty. He recalls Anika. Anika comes there. He says you here. She asks why did you throw water on me Billu ji.

He asks can just you throw water on me Panika. She says don’t spoil my name, I will not call you Billu. He says better, and remember I return everything with interest. She asks will you take revenge and roam after me with water tanker. He says yes I will and laughs aloud. She wakes up from this bad dream. Sahil asks what happened. Anika says SSO threw water on me to take revenge. Sahil says you both threw water on each other, its even. She says no, he could have done anything else to make me conscious, he threw water to take revenge, he would be smiling and sleeping today. Shivaye says Anika is mad and lies down to sleep. Anika gets angry.

Gayatri says you have to do big thing for me. Roop asks what. Gayatri says find out Oberoi locker secret code. Roop says I don’t know, what will you do. Gayatri says you could not stay there for one week, just do as I say. Roop asks what will you do knowing code. Gayatri says I will plan such that you enter home and your brothers leave from the house, it will change everything. Roop says then I will get code anyway. Gayatri says Oberoi family is going to die soon.

Shivaye and Rudra go to talk to Om. Om says we will talk later, I have to complete this statue. Rudra says this statue won’t go anywhere, I guarantee that. Om says okay tell me. Shivaye and Rudra ask many details about Bela. They ask her about her photo, address family background, friends, etc. Om says statue, what is it, over.. Shivaye says we need all basic info about Bela so that we find about her. Om says I don’t have her pic and address. Shivaye says you are an artist, just sketch her. Om makes her sketch.

Anika talks to Sahil. She thinks to take money from Bua and return to Dadi. Bua says Anika did not go till now. Anika asks about money. Bua says what money, I m Jogan. Anika asks for 30 lakhs which she took from Shivaye, they returned house and we have to return money. Bua says I deposited that money in bank, I thought if I get ill tomorrow, I don’t need to beg you. Anika says I know this, tell me when are you giving money. Bua says bank people said it will take time to transfer money. Anika says ask them and tell me. She goes. Sahil thinks Bua is lying, I have to find out where she has hidden money.

Game Of Love Thursday 30 July 2020 Update: Rudra and Shivaye see Bela’s sketch. Rudra says Bela ji looks so pretty, I just feel like calling her ji. Om says I don’t know her address, I think she stays near Chor bazaar, some tea stall is there. Rudra thinks and feeds data in his mind. Om asks what are you doing. Rudra says I m saving all this in my mind. Om asks how will you remember all this, if you don’t remember your name. Shivaye says don’t worry. Rudra jokes and leaves. Om asks what are you going to do. Shivaye says just wait and watch.

Dadi asks Anika to talk to designer, I told Priyanka too. Anika checks the designs. Rudra says this is the same tea stall, how shall I find Bela, I will become agent Rudra Singh Oberoi. He puts on the glasses, specs and looks by binoculars. He sees Bela’s sketch. Rudra asks people about Bela. He asks did you see her, she is my sister, no, my friend’s sister, she is lost. He sees Ishana and says Bela….

Game Of Love Thursday 30 July 2020 Update: Sahil gets a burning candle and scares Bua about burning her hair. Bua sees her hands tied. Sahil says you will become bald after I burn your hair. She asks what do you want. He asks about money. She says I kept in bank. He asks won’t you say. She says I will say. Shivaye asks Rudra to keep an eye on Bela till Om and I come. Anika collides with table and gets hurt. Shivaye asks can’t you see and walk, you got hurt. She says its because of you as this is your house. He says you have Rudra’s logic, you don’t see and walk. She says you just show my mistakes.

He says I will get medicines for you. She says I m not like that to have medicines for everything, how is your cold. He says I m fine after gas incident, don’t give typical Anika type answer, tell me how are you. She says I m fine. He says it means my water throwing idea was good. She says you did that intentionally, there are many ways to make anyone conscious. He goes away. She says why do I think you are smiling. He smiles. She says I knew you have thrown water intentionally to take revenge. He leaves.

Game Of Love Thursday 30 July 2020 Update: Bua says I lost 10 lakhs in gambling and recalls. She says I did mistake, sorry. Sahil asks what about remaining money. Bua says I took diamonds of that. She thinks dancing and man saying this is fake. Sahil asks what about more money. Bua says I like Aaliya’s face so I spent 5 lakhs in plastic surgery, my face got spoiled, I did big mistake, forgive me. He asks remaining 5 lakhs. She says I have spent it to make my face fine, where would I go, forgive me, whom are you calling. He says your Saas. She asks who. He says my Anika Didi. He calls Anika and tells everything. She asks what, Bua had plastic surgery done. He asks shall I burn Bua’s hair. She says no, don’t do anything, I will come. She says how shall I tell Dadi, I had to return money to her. She goes to Dadi and says I need to talk to you.

Om stops Shivaye and asks him to say his and Rudra’s planning, why are you smiling. Shivaye says I have thrown water on Panika. Om asks what, did you realize Anika would have lost her life. Shivaye asks how can her life go when I m there, I mean we all are here, she is Oberoi’s employee. Om asks why did you not do anything else than throwing water. Shivaye says she pushed me in water and this was my turn. Rudra calls Shivaye and talks in code language. He tells about Bela. He sees Ishana’s dad calling her. He says a fat man called her Ishana and she has gone to him.

Game Of Love Thursday 30 July 2020 Update: Rudra says they are talking in Gujarati, I would have told you if I did not breakup with my Gujarati girlfriend, I don’t know gujarati. He goes close and gets shocked. He recalls and tells Om that’s the same man who has sold us stolen car. He clicks the pic and sends them. Om says he is right, we went to jail because of this man. He sees pic again and says I met him in oceans club, he is Bela’s landlord. Shivaye says it means Bela is a con girl. Om says she lied to me. Shivaye asks him not to worry.

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