Game Of Love Thursday 17 September 2020 Update

Njoku Blessing ChibuikeJanuary 8, 2021

Game Of Love Thursday 17 September 2020 Update: On Game Of Love Thursday 17 September 2020 Update, Shivaye talks on call and says I don’t want any excuse, I want the deal papers in hand. Om jokes on his height. Rudra laughs and says the season is different, but few things are the same. Om compliments Shivaye and says it’s a big day for you, its the first wedding function. Rudra says yes, you can share your married status on FB. Shivaye asks about the client mail. Om asks why are you changing the topic, I m talking about marriage. Shivaye says its a big deal, we shouldn’t miss it. Dadi comes and says you both came to get Shivaye and sat here, what’s going on. She asks Shivaye is there any problem. He says no, it’s happening as you want.

She says you never refuse to me. He says I can never refuse to you. She says I m very happy. He says then everyone is happy. She says my grandsons are my pride, thanks to Lord for giving me, such good grandsons. Rudra gets a call. He says its mom’s call, she forgot us after going to London. Dadi says I want to talk to Jhanvi too.

Anika says no Sahil, power isn’t there. Sahil’s mum comes and gets scolding Anika. She throws Anika’s clothes. Anika picks her clothes and says I didn’t do anything. Sahil’s mum says yes, you don’t do anything. Sahil interrupts and gets a scolding. Anika says don’t say anything to Sahil. Sahil asks his mum to stop it, Anika has equal right on him. Sahil’s mum says I know you make my son against me. Anika says no. Sahil’s mum says you should have worked and earned some money. Sahil shouts enough and coughs. His mum asks Anika to get water. Anika checks tap and says there is no water. The landlord comes and says I didn’t pay the water bill.

Anika gets worried. Pandit ties the Mauli to Shivaye’s hand. He does the Tilak. ShivOmru join hands and do the aarti. Deva Shri Ganesha…..plays….. Khanna comes and tells something to Shivaye. Shivaye signs Om. Dadi asks where are you going, nothing is imp than aarti. Shivaye says its something imp, please. She asks him to go. The lady asks shall I pay the water and electricity bill, you are not paying the rent. Anika says we had expenses for Sahil’s test. The lady says you will lose the house if you don’t pay the rent. Anika says just give me 2-3 days. Sahil’s mum taunts. Sahil says don’t insult my sister, I m the man of the house, just talk to me. The lady says I will throw you out of the house. She sees the watch and says its the interest for non-payment of rent. Sahil says it’s my watch. She says take it back when you pay the rent.


Sahil falls down and cries. His mum says its all because of you Anika. Shivaye asks what do you want to say. Reporter says we are going to expose a terrible truth of your family, that your mum Pinky has killed your dad Shakti, since she knew about his affairs, she shot herself, great Oberois told everyone that they both got murdered by someone, how convenient, you won’t believe this, you will deny, I have done my investigations well, just think what will happen of Oberoi empire and Oberoi family when this truth comes out. Shivaye beats him. Khanna stops him. Reporter says I will never forget this insult. Shivaye says if you defame my family, I will not leave you and your family, everyone shall see who is Shivaye. He throws the reporter down.

The episode continued Game Of Love Thursday 17 September 2020 Update Sahil’s mum insults Anika and her mum. Anika does Sahil’s aid and asks him to pack his school bag. She asks her not to say such things in front of Sahil. His mum says he will learn that your mum has run away with someone, by leaving you and your dad, she is still living as his mistress, you will become the same, you will become a mistress, who will marry you. Anika says I will fill water and goes. She fills water from the handpump. She cries. Shivaye thinks of reporter’s words and cries. He throws the things in the room. Anika falls down. Kyun meri rahein…..plays….They cry. He hits the wall and his hand bleeds. Anika cries and holds her face.

The mud gets on her face. Dadi comes to Shivaye and asks why are you hurting yourself. He says this doesn’t hurt now. She says but it hurts me. He asks is this true that mum killed dad and shot herself, as dad had an affair with anyone. She diverts the topic. He says I was three years old and heard them fighting, I heard a gunshot suddenly, mom had shot it, tell me, people say… She says people have a habit to talk, look Billu, we are rich and famous, some people try to dupe us for money and intentionally defame us, if anyone tells you anything, don’t think of it. He says you didn’t answer me. She says I won’t. He asks don’t I have a right to know what happened to my parents that day, I can handle it, tell me. She says its all past, forget it, you are the shield of this family, you can’t fall weak, you are my Shivaye, who knows to fight and win. He says you are right, my present is this family, I can do everything to protect this.

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