Game Of Love Sunday 2 August 2020 Update

Game Of Love Sunday 2 August 2020 Update
Game Of Love Sunday 2nd August 2020 Update

Game Of Love 2 August 2020 Update: On Game Of Love Sunday 2nd August 2020 Update, Shivaye thinks of Pinky’s words and Anika. He says I have to choose between my identity and Anika. Some time before, Anika asks some people about Mahi. She says none is ready to say, why. She asks kids about Mahi. The boy says yes, he stays in that house. She thanks him and goes to that house. She looks around and says there is no one here. Mahi keeps knife at her neck and asks who are you. She pushes him. He says Anika, how did you come here, Khanna told me you came here.

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He throws knife. She says strange, your acting is still going on, your black eyes show truth. He asks why did you come here. She says to know who are you, you tried to take my husband’s place, I want to know on whose saying you did this, I could have called police and got you arrested, but I feel you are not so bad, maybe you were helpless to do it, I want to know on whose saying you did this and why, who are you. He says I will say, truth is.. She says I m waiting. He runs. She runs after him asking him to stop.

Pinky says your birthday is coming, so we wanted this puja to happen. Shivaye says I m saying about your drama, not puja. She asks what’s big thing, I just asked your wife’s surname. Pinky says you are making this a big thing. Shakti asks him to say Anika’s surname. Pinky asks are you ashamed to say. Shivaye says no, I don’t….. She asks what, you don’t know, its fine, call Anika and find out, her parents’ name should be known for Kulpatri. Anika runs after Mahi. He falls down. She takes a bat and goes to him.

She says look, its enough of Chor police, I was talking as Shivaye’s wife, I think you don’t understand this language, you just understand this 2rs cheap chawl language, don’t anger me, just answer me truly, I won’t let you move and I won’t move till you answer, are you saying or shall I call police. Shivaye calls Anika. Pinky asks what happened, is she not answering. He says she maybe busy. She says maybe she knows Guru ji is coming, so she left as she has no answers. Shivaye angrily throws his phone and leaves. She thinks I did not wish to hurt you, but this is necessary for our family good, I have to use your weakness, Anika is not suitable for you, you said Anika is your strength, but you have a weakness, name, blood and family, I will use your weakness to make your strength away.

Anika asks Mahi to answer. Mahi says I request you, leave me, forget this for your happy family. She asks can you forget, do you think we will forget, I want answer, why did you come as Shivaye, why did you save his life. He recalls the fight. She says I know you saved Shivaye’s life from those goons, you called Rudra, its clear that you are bad, not too bad. He says she is telling my line to me. She asks why did you save Shivaye. A guy asks Mahi how are you. Mahi asks him to go. She says so your name is Mahi, I won’t let you move till you answer. He thinks I left Shivaye’s role and 100 crores house, but her questions are not leaving me. He says Shivaye… She turns saying Shivaye…. She sees Mahi gone and says I got to know his name and address, I will find more about him.

Pinky asks Guru ji to prepare for puja. Shakti says you gave seen how angrily Shivaye left, just talk to Shivaye and Anika first. She says we have to do this puja before his birthday, don’t take Shivaye seriously, he had work and got annoyed. She asks Guru ji to give items list. Guru ji says fine and goes. Pinky thinks the spark will get ignited in puja tomorrow and burn Shivaye and Anika’s relation.

Shivaye says why did I react like this. He sees Sahil and sas man to man talk. They sit. Shivaye says I was thinking Sahil, that you and Anika know everything about me, but I don’t know about you both, I don’t know if there is anyone in your family, your parents, tell me their name. Sahil asks mine or Anika’s parents. Shivaye says its same, tell me your parents’ name. Sahil tells names. Shivaye asks what did your dad do. Sahil says he used to sell things. Shivaye says he was a businessman. Sahil says you can say that. Shivaye asks of what thing. Sahil says soaps. Shivaye says so he was manufacturer, did he supply to malls and shops. Sahil says he used to sell it himself. Shivaye says it means he had an own distribution channel, that’s very good. Sahil says no, he used to make soaps and visit homes to sell it door to door. Shivaye gets shocked and leaves.

The episode continued on Game Of Love Sunday 2 August 2020 Update as Anika comes to Sahil and asks what are you doing here. Sahil says I was having man to man talk to SSO. She says he is not here. Sahil says he just left, he was asking about parents. She asks whose. He says mine, don’t know why, I answered, and he went. She says fine and goes.

Mahi sits drinking. He says Ranveer said right, I should have gone underground, none was happy when I was born, people get happy when a child is born, everyone distributes prasad and light diyas, when I was born, lights off. He cries. He asks Lord why did he give him such fate, face is of Shivaye but fate is like a street dog, Shivaye does business of crores, I have no status, none loves me, not even my mum, what shall I say to Lord, I want to ask Lord, why did you send me here to hear filthy words, what did I do to you, everyone is equal in world, its taught in textbooks, but I m not equal, I m small, I m like a drainage bug. He cries sadly.

Shivaye thinks of Pinky, Sahil and Anika’s love. He says why am I thinking, what happened to me, who were Anika’s parents and what they did, how does it matter, Anika is Anika, no, how can I forget name, blood and family, how can I forget principles and thinking, I will lose myself by changing it, if I don’t change, I will lose Anika, what to do, I have to choose between my identity and Anika.

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