Game Of Love Saturday 15 August 2020 Update

Game Of Love Saturday 15 August 2020 Update
Game Of Love Saturday 15 August 2020 Update

Game Of Love Saturday 15 August 2020 Update: Om says I want to tell the world, how much I love Gauri. They smile. Saathiya…plays….Anika says I didn’t know Om is so romantic. Rudra says I didn’t know Om is more famous than me on social media, people like couple pics these days, we will also have a kissing face pic. Bhavya says no, I don’t like PDA.

Anika says don’t say this, PDA has done a lot to waive fees for poor kids. Bhavya asks what’s PDA. Anika says you don’t know, its Pushpa Devi Academy, its a good school. Rudra says we are referring about other PDA. He signs. She asks what is it, I m clueless. A reporter asks Gauri does she believe in PDA. Gauri asks what.

Om says PDA means a public display of affection, it means to display love in front of the world. The reporter asks do you think its right. Om says the problem is when there is no love and people just pretend, but if there is love, then it’s necessary to express it openly if you love someone, its necessary to confess it in front of everyone, explain me one thing if I can display my art, why can’t I show my inspiration, we have no problems, you can post our pics on your respective platforms. He holds Gauri. They smile.

Anika says they have shown their love and became hero heroine, why doesn’t Shivaye do this, he doesn’t put our pic on his profile. She compliments Gauri for the romantic pic. She asks what happened. Gauri says I felt weird. Anika says why Om has shown the world that he loves his wife a lot. Gauri asks who talks about personal life in the public. Bhavya agrees. Anika says tell me something, when a baby inborn in the neighbourhood, they celebrate, like in jagrata, if everything can be shown to the world, why can’t love be displayed, I liked it, Om has proved his love for Gauri, if Shivaye does this…. Gauri says Shivaye loves you a lot. Anika says I know, but does the world know this, he won’t post our romantic pic. Bhavya says its better to keep few things private. Anika says Om did a romantic thing, Shivaye should do this and tell everyone how much he loves me.

Rudra shouts Bhavya and comes there. He asks her to wear her uniform and get ready for their Ishqwali selfie. She asks what’s this. He says I will tell you. They go. Anika says Ishqwali selfie, good idea, Shivaye and I will also post it. Shivaye comes and hugs her. She asks what, I think your meeting went well. He says yes, the Japanese firm wants to sign a deal with us. She says we will click a selfie, do like this, I want an Ishqwali selfie. He says I heard Ishqwala love, but what is that. She says its a new trend, I will explain, just open your arms, spread it, it won’t cost a lot. He opens arms and asks okay. She asks do you think you are SRK, tone it down, come close to me now. She pouts and gets close. He says you mean you want to click a selfie in a romantic pose. She says yes, it displays much love. He says come close, I will teach you what is love.

Game Of Love Saturday 15 August 2020 Update: They post and click a selfie. He says okay, it’s done, there you go, I will go and freshen up. She asks what caption and filter shall I put. He says wait, what are you doing. She says I made our profile, I will upload the pic. He says don’t do it. She says everyone does it. He says but I don’t like my personal and private moments to be shared on social site. She asks why. He says this selfie is for us, not for the world. She says if everyone sees us happy together, what will happen, will your height get less. He says don’t you go there. She asks what will happen in such a case. He asks why do you want to show our pics to the world. She says so that they can know how much we love each other, Om and Gauri have posted their good pic, the world is talking about them. He says I don’t want the people to talk about us. She says you can say that you feel embarrassed to acknowledge me as your wife. She throws the phone and goes.

Bhavya gets dressed in her uniform. Rudra smiles. She says I don’t need any PDA in the pic. He says no, I can get Dadi to stand in between if you say. She says I won’t make that pout in the pic. He says fine, just stand. He clicks selfie and says nice. She says what nice, I m standing away, I m looking like a neighbour. He says you don’t want PDA and don’t want to look like a neighbour, decide what to do, I will write the caption to express love.

Shivaye says enough of anger, we shall have food now. Anika refuses. He asks her not to be annoyed. She asks how does it matter to you, you are concerned about what the Japanese people will think, you looked sophisticated and went there, you don’t think about me. He says just because I refused to post our pics on social media, you think I don’t care about you. She says you can think so. He says I care. She goes. He says she got upset and went, how do I convince her now.

He gets an idea. He calls her out. He shouts Item…. She stops. She sees him street romeo avatar. She asks what’s this. He says it’s my way of expressing love to you in your style. He sings Main to raste se…… He dances with Anika and Gauri. Shivaye and Anika dance at poolside and then their room. Their dance gets recorded on the phone. He asks did you mood get better now. She asks can we take a selfie now. He says you won’t listen, fine. They take a selfie. He says we are done. She asks can I post this. He says I don’t want any PDA. She says normal one. He says fine, but not now, we will go and have some food.

Its morning, Rudra wakes up and says I will check likes on Bhavya’s pic, after all, she is my wife. He checks and says just 100 likes. He reads comments and says who had commented so bad, I won’t spare him. Bhavya comes there and asks did anyone, not like our pic. He says there are many likes, come and have a protein shake. She says he is hiding something from me. Shivaye gets ready and says I have to sign a deal with the Japanese firm. She says you are Shivaye, who will refuse you. He says it’s about the image, it concerns the brand, it will be good. She wishes all the best. He thanks and goes. She says Shivaye asked me to post a pic later, I will upload this one. Rudra comes shouting and says we are in trouble. She asks what happened.

Shivaye comes and greets everyone. He says we are excited to collaborate with you Mr Kurosawa, we are ready to sign deal papers. Kurosawa’s manager says that’s not needed, we won’t sign the business deal. Shivaye says the good sense of humour, you scared me. The manager says Kurosawa is saying you have made a fool of yourself. Shivaye asks what do you mean. The manager says look there. They see Shivaye and Anika’s dance video. Shivaye gets shocked. The manager says we have come to do business with your famous brand, where there is no brand image, the deal is off. They leave. He gets angry.

Rudra says how dare he writes this for Bhavya. Om comes and says congrats Bhabhi, you had uploaded Shivaye’s video, it got viral. She says its a selfie. He says no, its a video. She gets shocked seeing it and says I was posting a pic. She recalls. Shivaye comes home. She says I m sorry I was uploading a pic, don’t know how this video. He says I lost a big contract by your one mistake, it’s not about the contract, I value you more than all the wealth, but I was humiliated before everyone because of a video, that moment was between us, what did you do, something that was cute has turned into a joke. She says I just wanted to show everyone how much we love everyone. He says why, what will happen if everyone appreciates us.

She says everyone does so. She says one who doesn’t love, exhibits it more. Omru looks on. Shivaye says if I go out and tell the passers-by how much I love my wife, they will think I have gone mad, why shall I tell this to strangers, it’s our private matter. Gauri and Bhavya come. Shivaye says we used to write our feelings in a diary, we only used to allow the concerned person to read it, we used to get angry if any outsider read it, now we write everything for the sake of strangers, it doesn’t make any sense.

This is the end of Game Of Love Saturday 15 August 2020 Update..

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