Game Of Love Saturday 10th October 2020 Update Starlife

Game Of Love Saturday 10th October 2020 Update
Game Of Love Saturday 10th October 2020 Update

Game Of Love Saturday 10 October 2020 Update: On Game Of Love Saturday10th October 2020 Update, Shivaye says Anika I will give you so much love that you will forget tears, its injustice to capture feelings in three words, you made me an Ishqbaaz. Some time before, Shivaye calls Anika and says why is her phone not connecting, how will I talk to her, I will write a letter, its a good idea, saying is tough, writing is easy, what do I need, a paper. He checks drawer and calls Khanna. He asks him to get the most beautiful paper on earth. He says letter and smiles….

Om recalls Gauri. The man says you look upset. Om says no, I m okay. The lady asks are you upset because of Gauri. The man says sorry, she made fun of herself, there is much gap between you two, some gaps can’t be filled, you are an Oberoi, an artist, she doesn’t know what’s art, she seems to be a girl from a small town. Om says person doesn’t get small if city is small. He taunts on their small thinking and makes it clear that Gauri is quite comfortable in her own skin. The man says its not about her, its about you, she can be comfortable, but she won’t fit in your world, next time keep her away from all this, so that this doesn’t happen again. The lady says she was much hurt, I believe she should have not come here. They leave. Om says I knew this and didn’t ask Gauri to come, even then she has come.

Shivaye asks Khanna what’s this. Khanna says its beautiful model pics newspaper. Shivaye says shut up, its newspaper, I asked for paper to write letter. Khanna says oh, tell me of which quality. Shivaye says a beautiful one. Khanna says you started talking like Om, you look different, did anything happen. Shivaye says no, just go and get the most beautiful paper of this world.

Pinky says I have some work. Shwetlana acts. Pinky asks her to stop drama. She says I know you are Shwetlana, stop acting, tell me why did you come here, don’t lie, maybe I can help. Khanna shows papers catalogue and says choose any one, I will get it printed. Shivaye asks what’s wrong with you, did paper end in market. Khanna says there are many papers and names Billu Billi too. Shivaye says I want a blank paper that’s beautiful, so that I can write a letter. Khanna says you will get anything you want. Shivaye says leave, get me the paper.

Shivaye sits to write a letter. He changes the pen and starts. Dadi comes. He says my dear Anika and smiles. Dadi says you are writing a letter in videocalling times. He says no. She says you are turning shy. He says I was checking new pen. Dadi says you are strange, you made us play Lovakshari so that Anika shares her feelings, you just have to write, don’t be shy. He asks her to go, he won’t write in front of her. She sings ye mera prem patra…. He says you sing so bad, its family problem. She goes. He says my handwriting is so bad, I can’t understand this, ink is also dropping, Dadi sorry I can’t do this, I will use modern technology, I can send her recorded message.

He sits to record. He says Anika, I know you are annoyed, you said what I wanted to hear and I couldn’t say, I wanted to say but said thanks, I know you felt bad, I never thought a girl will come in life, without whom I can’t live my life, sorry I m taking a break, you said in your khidki tod style, but I m not like you, we are different, I m a businessman and dealt in numbers, I want to tell you our story, from my point of view, don’t forward, its all important, you know when we met for the first time, you have broken my car windscreen and ego.

The old moment are seen. He says I remember I noticed you when you have thrown cow dung at me, I thought who is this girl, you just did it, I can say cow dung without any cringe, we did a lot for each other, when you acted of memory loss, a buffalo and cow dung was brought in this house, I had to do that for you, Dadi said right, our love is equally challenging, we are strange, we throw things, you have thrown Chandni slipper on me, when you came inside a box, remember that day, I felt like seeing you closely, I felt you are so beautiful, then that rain day when I gave you that cheque, I used to hate you and break you, you were breaking and I was shattering, I was wishing you to fight back, I didn’t know why I felt so, then you came home and did check mate in front of my family, then I was running away and you were coming close to me all the while, wait a sec, I will have some water, I m getting many thoughts, you remember our hate chemistry, I was engaged to Tia, name, blood and family was my life’s aim, then Mallika came, I saw you a different way, I felt we had similarities, when Mallika asked what’s love to you, you said you want to become number one in someone’s life, I realized the guy will be number one, he will be lucky to get you, he will be luckiest man of this planet, I feel like the luckiest man in this world. O jaana…..plays…..

He adds further…we all felt so much, we didn’t feel the need to express, any word looks smaller, whatever we felt, we had got shot for each other, who does this, it doesn’t even happen in films, what can be proof of love, sorry to distract, I don’t like being emotional, when you fell in my arms, I felt if I lose you, it will be wrong, I was engaged to Tia and I was thinking about you, I wanted to be with you, don’t know why, then Daksh came in our life, I remember the moment he proposed you, you said yes, my heartbeat stopped, I felt like burning this world, I didn’t know why I felt so, my engagement with Tia stopped me, by twist of fate we got married, even thought it was not by your will, but you did all duties of a wife and bahu, you never asked your right, phenomenal, what can a person do if not love you, I fell in love with you, my breath stops when you come close, you have won everyone’s heart, you broke my name, blood and family illusion, how could I not fall for you, you have forgiven many mistakes of mine and even mom, whom I couldn’t forgive, can I come close and say something, what am I asking, of course I can come. He sits close to camera and says I will give you so much love that you will forget what’s tears, I have no answers, I don’t say everything, you understand what I m saying, I m not able to find that word, but I can’t, I think those three words are smaller than this feeling, this feeling is much bigger, capturing this feeling in three words will be injustice with feelings, I can say you made me an Ishqbaaz. O jaana….plays…. He smiles.

Game Of Love Saturday 10th October 2020 Update: Rudra calls Bhavya. He recalls her words. He throws the phone and goes. Gauri thinks of Om’s words. Om comes to the room and sees her crying. Saathiya……plays…..She leaves. She sits and cries. She says don’t know which direction is my and Om’s relation going, whenever I feel our distance is shortening, our difference makes the distance longer, why did I go there today, I understand our difference can never end, even if I spend my entire life in filling that gap. She cries.

Shwetlana says I m sure you did something. Tej says I didn’t do anything. She says you are not so innocent and I m not so foolish, I was watching you. Jhanvi looks on. Tej says I m staying as stranger in my house, all because of you, I will tell you. Shwetlana says you have no other option and pushes him. Jhanvi worries and comes. Shwetlana starts acting. Tej says I m fine, I m strong. Jhanvi thinks I can’t see Tej suffering, I have to do something.

Pinky comes to room. Shakti asks what were you doing. She says nothing. He says I have seen you talking to Shwetlana, why are you breaking this house, I m scared this house will shatter. She argues. He says if anyone is not talking to you, you are responsible, life gave you two ways, right and wrong, you always chose the wrong one. She says fine, whatever I do will be wrong, none sees my honesty, if I m so bad, leave me alone, let me do what I want. He says you do what you want, its useless to talk to you. He goes. She says I will do what I have to.

Doctor treats Tej. Shwetlana says I can’t see his pain, I will make dosa for him. She goes. Doctor says I will come tomorrow and check, till then keep practicing these exercises. He writes prescription and goes. Shwetlana sings in kitchen. She hears Jhanvi. Tej stops Jhanvi. Shwetlana says why did she stop talking. Tej writes she is hearing everything. Jhanvi asks how. He signs her. She signs him to remove locket and throw. He signs she will not spare me. He writes she has proof against us. She thinks she has fit mic to hear Tej. Shwetlana goes to check. She looks for them. She sees Jhanvi taking Tej in the car. She says this foolish woman is acting oversmart. She follows. Jhanvi takes a dummy and talks to Tej to make Shwetlana hear.

Shwetlana says Jhanvi you can try, but you can’t take Tej out of my clutches. Shwetlana sees their car and checks. She thinks where did they go. She enters some place and hears Jhanvi. She goes to check. She calls out Peter. Jhanvi shuts the door. Shwetlana asks where is Peter. Jhanvi asks her to stop drama and say why is she doing this. Shwetlana says I don’t understand. Jhanvi says I know you are Shwetlana, not Kaveri, I don’t know why you are acting, why are you forcing Tej, I won’t leave and won’t let you go till you answer me.

This is the end of Game Of Love Saturday 10th October 2020 Update on starlife.

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