Game Of Love Saturday 1 August 2020 Update

Game Of Love Saturday 1 August 2020 Update
Game Of Love Saturday 1 August 2020 Update

Game Of Love  1 August 2020: On Game Of Love Saturday 1st August 2020 written Update,Pinky says you used to say a person is known by his family, now Anika’s name will get linked to your name, your children and their children should know Anika’s family. He says enough. She asks where are you going. He says I m going on work. She asks are you going without saying Anika’s surname, atleast say that. Some time before, Shivaye introduces Anika to the media. He says meet my wife, she is not just my strength, but my biggest support system, Anika Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Anika says just Anika, remember out of character thing. He says fine, meet my wife Anika. He gives her the award. Pinky says you forgot your mum for wife, she saved your life, you did not think of mum who gave you birth, its my hardwork, you gave credits to this cheap girl. Everyone clap. Pinky says you made me away from Shivaye, now see I will make you away from Anika. She cries seeing them.


Pinky asks maid to call Shivaye for dinner. Maid says but Shivaye asked to get food to his room. Pinky asks why. Shakti says I told them to have food in room, you know they are hurt. She says but we don’t have food in room. He asks what’s big deal to see convenience. She says my Shivaye first sees traditions. Shakti sits to have food. She thinks Shivaye is breaking customs for Anika.

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Anika is unable to have food. Shivaye feeds food to her. She says I can have it. He says your wound is still fresh, till it gets fine, you will have food by my hands, what happened, is it spicy. She says its sweet. He tastes food to see. She cries and says no one cared for me so much, when I got ill in childhood, I used to sleep without having food, there was no one to scold me and make me have food. He says that’s why I told you, support maybe needed or not, but everyone needs a partner, I will always feed you this way. She says you want me to get ill.

He says you always think wrong, promise me you won’t do such stunts again. She says you also promise me. He says why, I m Shivaye and can do anything, I will surely do it because you are my… She asks responsibility, right, then even you are my responsibility, our relation is strange, it started with breaking things and today we are broken, I will feed you. He says I can have it. She asks him to have it. He eats food and says its good. They have food. Pinky sees them.

Its morning, Shakti talks to someone and says find out where is Kamini, my family members should not know I asked you to find Kamini. Anika wakes up and sees Shivaye. She keeps her hand to block sunlight falling on his face. She thinks there should be some use to wake up early. She takes bath and comes. She sprinkles the water from her wet hair on his face. He wakes up and shouts Panika, what are you doing. She asks him not to spoil her name. He says you always throw water on me. She asks why are you angry, I have just put some water. She jokes. She says you always wake up irritated, I thought you will wake up with good mood. He asks did you think you will throw water on me and my mood will get fine. She says I just felt so, its nonsense shown in films, when heroine throws water on hero like this, he sings a song.

He asks her not to watch hindi films, just watch Hollywood films. She says I don’t watch such films, heroines are shameless, they have house and car, and no money to buy clothes. He says its useless to talk to you. She says even its useless to talk to you. He asks why did you get up early. She says you have problem with everything, you got bitter having black coffee. He says you felt sweet last night. She says that’s the thing, its tough to understand you. He says I will explain. She goes away and gets ready. He asks are you going somewhere. She says yes, don’t ask me for what work, I won’t say. He says then even I won’t say it. She says I know where you are going. Rudra told me you are going in real estate meeting. He says Rudra does not digest anything, tell me where are you going. She says to make my mood better. She goes. Pinky sees her and says where did she go. Maid says Guru ji has come.

The drama continue on Game Of Love Saturday 1 August 2020 as Pinky and Shakti smile seeing Guru ji. Shakti says you did good to come here. Guru ji asks why did you call me. Pinky says its Shivaye’s 33rd birthday, we were thinking to keep puja, it should have happened after his birthday, many problems came on him, we thought problem is coming as we did not keep puja, do puja next week. Shakti says there is a request, we want Anika’s name to get included in Kulgotra patri, as you know our family had this tradition to include bahu’s name in Kulgotra. Guru ji says sure, I have been keeping that accounts, what’s her name. Pinky says Anika. Guru ji says give me her parents name, family name, kundli. Shakti says we don’t know, we will ask her and tell you. Pinky thinks Shakti is innocent, Anika will say if she knows, Shivaye forgot name, blood and family because of Anika, this is the way to remind him, see Anika how I make him out of your clutches. She goes to call Shivaye.

Shivaye asks Anika to give file. He realizes and says she is not here, I have to find it myself. He does not get file and says I always ask her not to move my things, I will call her and ask, but no, she fought and went, I m not going to call her, but I won’t get file then, keep ego on side and call her, when she tells about file, I will end call. He calls her.

Anika is in chawl. She does not answer. He says so much attitude. Pinky comes and asks Shivaye to come, Guru ji has come and wants to talk about Gotrapatri. He says I have to go for imp meeting. She says it will take few mins, come. Anika says Shivaye gets angry when I talk of him, I have to find out who is he, he has some other motive than money, there is something which he knows and we did not know. She asks some people about Mahi. She asks them to help. The man asks what’s his name. She says don’t know. The man asks how does he look, describe him. She gets Shivaye’s call and says he looks like him. He asks her to answer call and meet. She says he just looks like him. The man asks is he twin. She says no, just face is same, did you see someone looking like him. The man says everyone knows him, he fights with people every day, he is not at one place. She says but there will be some place. The man laughs and asks his house?

Pinky asks Guru ji to ask Shivaye about Anika, she is not at home. Guru ji says got Kulgotra puja and patri, I want complete info about your wife. Shivaye says just Anika can tell you, I m getting late mom, ask her when she comes. Pinky says don’t know when will she come, Guru ji won’t wait, tell her parents’ name and Gotra. He says Anika will come and tell. She says but we don’t know when will she come. He says puja is not today, why are you getting so impatient. Shakti says why are you getting upset, Pinky is right, it takes time to make patri. Shivaye says I don’t know, when she comes, ask her. Pinky says call her and ask. He says I called, she is busy. She says if you don’t know her parents’ name, tell her surname, Guru ji will find out, don’t you know her surname, don’t say you don’t know her surname, we know name, blood and family matter a lot to you, you married Anika, you would know her family, she does not belong to rich family, but the people would be good and respectable.

Towards the end of the episode on Game Of Love Saturday 1 August 2020, Pinky says you used to say a person is known by his family, now Anika’s name will get linked to your name, your children and their children should know Anika’s family, what’s her background. He says enough, don’t you understand, I told you to ask Anika, but same question again and again. She asks why are you angry, I just asked your wife’s surname, fine don’t say, I will ask Anika’s brother. She sees Sahil and calls him out, asking do you know your parents’ name, tell their name and Gotra/ clan. He asks what are you doing, don’t drag him, Sahil go. Sahil goes. She asks where are you going. He says I m going on work. She asks are you going without saying Anika’s surname, atleast say that. He looks on.

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