Game Of Love Monday 9th December 2019 On Starlife

Game of Love Monday 9th December 2019 on starlife
Game of Love Monday 9th December 2019 on starlife


This is Game of Love Monday 9th December 2019 on starlife.

Game of Love Monday 9 Dec. 2019 on star life

Aditi says I could have a problem with Mannat. Shivaansh asks what did she do now. Aditi says Mannat made this story, why, she knows I m managing the security.

Game of Love Monday 9th December 2019 on starlife

Shivaansh asks what will she get doing this. Aditi says your attention, I know identifying criminals well, this girl isn’t like she appears, she is your obsessed fan, she wants excuses to stay around you, be careful, if obsession crosses limits, it can get dangerous, I don’t need to explain this to you. She goes. Shivaansh stops Mannat. She says I m saying the truth, the safe wasn’t there.

Shivaansh scolds Mannat in anger. She gets scared. He says I won’t tolerate if there is any problem in Shivani’s marriage because of you, don’t think I m the same as I appear in my romantic films, you won’t be able to handle my anger. Hegoes. Shivaansh calls DJ and talks to him. He says I want the best music, party should be memorable.

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Khanna asks him to come along. Shivaansh meets Mahesh and goes to hug. Mahesh says I didn’t come as your friend, but your doctor, you missed appointments, Khanna told me that you got attacks twice, come with me for tests. Shivaansh says its Shivani’s Sangeet, I don’t have time, I can’t go anywhere until marriage functions end. Mahesh says that’s the sad part, you don’t have enough time. Khanna cries. Shivaansh says when you know I don’t have time, don’t waste it, let me enjoy with family. Mahesh says I knew you won’t come with me to hospital, so I have got a hospital here for you. Shivaansh asks what.

Varun asks did the safe open. Chachi says no, its not easy, I had tried to open it but couldn’t, the safe isn’t opening, we need a CT scan and fingerprint to open it.

Varun says no, eye scan, but whose. She says you have to find out about it. He says Shivaansh isn’t letting me do anything, I have to find out whose fingerprints and eye scan he has used for this. He hears Nani talking to Mannat. Nani asks Mannat to get Shivani’s jewellery from cupboard. She says Shivaansh has put high tech security, safe can’t get unlocked without Radhika, so I have kept petty things in my cupboard. Mannat goes. Varun says how did I forget this, Radhika is close to Shivaansh, it means she is the password of safe, I have to read the will and then change the safe, I have to take Radhika to the safe, that means I have to kidnap Radhika.

Mahesh asks Shivaansh not to get stubborn, the tracker will just monitor heart rate and pulse rate. Shivaansh says I have to dance today. Mahesh says no, that’s an order. Shivaansh sends Khanna out. Khanna stops Mannat and gives the guest lists to her. Radhika says the function is about to begin, my hair stylist didn’t come, don’t know why is she not answering. Varun thinks this is part of my plan, since I have to kidnap you. Radhika asks do you know any hair stylist. Mannat says I will ask my Chachi, her friend has a parlor. Radhika says fine. Mannat goes to ask Shivaansh first. Mahesh checks Shivaansh. Mannat tries to enter room to ask. Shivaansh shouts on her and asks her to get out. She says sorry and shuts door.

Nani welcomes Angad and family. Bua asks where are others, won’t Radhika, Varun and Shivaansh welcome us. Nani says they were here, where is Shivaansh. Khanna says he is on imp call, he is coming. Nani asks Mannat to go and call Radhika fast. Varun sees her and calls Chachi. Chachi says I know what to do. Radhika says I can’t go there in Sangeet like this, please call any hair stylist. Mannat says I can’t call anyone without asking Shivaansh. Radhika says I m permitting you, call anyone fast. Mannat calls Chachi and asks her to send hair dresser. Chachi says I will send Sheena. Mannat says Chachi is sending someone soon. Sheena comes.

Guard stops her. Sheena says I m a hair stylist, I m called for Radhika, Mannat has asked me to come. Bua says Radhika isn’t here, is she happy in Shivani’s happiness. Nani says she is getting ready. Bua says she is already married, ask her to come. Nani says get Radhika fast. Guard calls Mannat to ask again. Mannat says I called Sheena, send her in. He says her name isn’t there in security allowance. Dhruv comes to call Radhika. She says my hair stylist isn’t here. He asks her to hurry up.

Mannat asks guard to send her in, its her responsibility. He agrees and sends Sheena in. Sheena says yes, I m through, don’t worry, work will be done. Mannat asks Radhika to sit. She asks Sheena to make Radhika ready fast. Mannat gets Chachi’s call.

Chachi says Munni got ill again, I won’t take care of her, come and look after her. Mannat says I can’t come, function is going on here. Chachi asks will you come or shall I throw her out. Nani asks Avi to call Shivaansh fast. Mannat says I can’t come right now. Sheena gets chloroform. Radhika turns and sees this. She tries to stop Sheena. She pushes Sheena down. Sheena falls down and faints. Radhika runs out. Varun checks Sheena and asks her to get up. He says she fainted, I got her here to kidnap Radhika, now I have to find Radhika and do this myself. He runs and catches Radhika. Radhika shouts bhaiya…. Shivaansh turns…. Varun faints her.

He lifts her and goes. Khanna asks what happened. Shivaansh says I felt like…. Avi says Nani is calling you. Mannat asks Chachi to take care of Munni. Varun sends Radhika away in the car. He says don’t trouble her much, she is my wife. The car leaves. Varun says I miss you, I have to go back and react like typical husband. Mannat comes to Radhika’s room and gets shocked seeing Sheena lying unconscious on the floor. She says where is Radhika. Khanna asks Shivaansh not to take stress. Mannat asks did you see Radhika anywhere. Shivaansh asks why is she finding Radhika. Khanna says I will see. Shivaansh asks Nani where is Radhika. Nani says don’t know. He asks Mannat. Mannat says the hairdresser…. Khanna shouts to him. He goes to Radhika’s room and sees Sheena. He asks who is she. Mannat says she is the hair stylist. He asks who called her. She says I did. Guard says I refused and she took the responsibility. Shivaansh says this happened because of you, you left Radhika alone with outsider, why did you? Mannat cries and says I got Chachi’s call. He gets angry.

Game of Love Monday 9th December 2019 on starlife

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Shivaansh gets angry on Mannat. Varun smiles and comes to do a drama. He says don’t know where is Radhika, I m very tensed. Shivaansh says Radhika is missing, don’t worry, we will find her. Varun falls down and cries. Shivaansh and Nani ask him not to worry. Shivaansh says I will find her. He asks Nani to go downstairs, the function shouldn’t stop, else Sudha Bua will get another chance to taunt. Shivaansh says I will get Radhika back. Varun says I will also come, we will find her. Khanna says I will also come with you. Mannat says forgive me I didn’t know…. Shivaansh says just pray that my sister is safe, else I will not leave you.

Varun is on the way and says I m reaching, no one should reach my wife until my work is done. Shivaansh and Khanna are also on the way. Shivaansh talksto Nandini and says don’t know how did this happen, I didn’t get any ransom call, help me, Radhika is my life. Mannat is also on the way, following Shivaansh. She says this happened because of me, I will find Radhika. Varun in bridal disguise comes to Radhika. He takes Radhika close to safe and tries to open the safe by her fingerprint. He holds opens her eyes to unlock the safe. He dumps Radhika and tries to open the safe. Radhika gets conscious. She hears the man saying shall I kill her. She worries.

Varun dances getting Shivaansh’s will. He hugs his aide. He gets shocked seeing Radhika gone. He asks where did Radhika go. Radhika reaches the road and asks someone to give a phone. The man helps. She calls Varun. He doesn’t answer. He asks his aide to find Radhika. She calls Shivaansh. She says Bhaiya, I…. The call disconnects. He asks where are you, tell me. Khanna says call ended. Shivaansh says call again. The man takes the phone from her. Shivaansh says ask commissioner to trace this number, train sound was coming. Radhika runs seeing the goon.

Shivaansh gets Nandini’s call and gets the location. Shivaansh reaches the place. He shouts Radhika. She hides from the goon. Goon catches her. She shouts leave me. She runs away and gets shocked seeing a speeding car. Shivaansh pulls her hand and saves her. He hugs her and asks are you fine. She says he….. He says I m here, who were those people. Radhika says don’t know, that man was wearing something in red color, and a small kid was with him, they will kill me. He hugs her and asks Khanna to take her home. He says I will go and catch the culprit. He asks her where did they take her. She signs to show. Shivaansh runs after the goon. Mahesh sees his heartrate high on the tracker machine and worries. Shivaansh reaches the place and says there is no one here. He coughs by the fire smoke. He finds Mannat there. He asks why did you come here. She asks are you fine. He faints down in her lap. She says nothing will happen to you, you will get fine. She gets his phone and says there is no network. She shouts for help.

She takes Shivaansh in a rickshaw. She cries seeing him. She takes him to hospital and asks him not to worry. Doctor checks him. Khanna comes. Mannat says he is in ICU. He asks her to just leave. Mannat sees him from outside and cries. Tanha sa kuch…..plays…. khanna asks when will Shivaansh get conscious, tell me what’s in the reports. Shivaansh gets up. Khanna asks are you fine. Shivaansh says yes, how is Radhika. Khanna saays she is fine, don’t worry. Shivaansh asks about Shivani’s Sangeet. Khanna says its happening. Shivaansh says Bua will scold me on not finding me at home. He removes the oxygen mask and says there is no time. Mahesh stops him and says exactly, there is no time now. Shivaansh gets shocked.

Mannat lights a candle and prays for Shivaansh. She says he is here because of me, he will scold me a lot, but I won’t say anything, promise. Mahesh says your latest reports aren’t good, your heart is giving up, I can’t tell this to your family, why don’t you understand, you don’t have enough time. Khanna asks what do you mean. Mahesh says if that girl didn’t get him on time, don’t know what would have happened. Shivaansh says I want to spend my time with my family. Mahesh says your carelessness can kill you. Khanna says nothing will happen to him. He cries. Shivaansh says calm down, who will take me home if you faint, you can’t go home with this sad face. He says Mahesh I have go home, once Shivani’s Sangeet happens, I will come and meet you. He goes with Khanna. Mannat asks are you fine. He recalls her and says leave me. She asks why did you faint, I m sorry, I didn’t do this intentionally, I was trying to help Radhika, forgive me. He gets angry and leaves in his car. She cries.

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