Game Of Love Monday 7 September 2020 Update

Game Of Love Monday 7 September 2020 Update
Game Of Love Monday 7th September 2020 Update

Game Of Love Monday 7th September 2020 Update: On Game Of Love Monday 7 September 2020 Update, Anika says Shivaye told me about your coming, I got dressed up to get the feel of Eid, you have worn simple clothes… jeans. Fiza says yes, I wear jeans at home. Anika says I have seen on tv, you people always stay decked up even at home. Fiza signs no. Farhan jokes. Anika says I was eager to meet you. Shivaye says Anika talks a lot. Anika says you are talking bad about me. Shivaye says no, I m warning him that my wife will ask so many questions that he will be tired answering.

Anika asks Fiza do women talk much, see she isn’t saying anything. Farhan says I don’t like women who speak a lot, Fiza knows this well. Shivaye asks what are you saying. Farhan says everything has limits, women should stay in limits, Fiza agrees to this, right. Fiza says yes. Shivaye says let’s drop this matter, they travelled a long way, Anika shows the guest room to Fiza. Anika says yes. She goes with Fiza.

Shivaye asks Rudra to get Farhan’s luggage by asking Khanna. Rudra says I will keep it myself. Farhan goes with him. Om asks are you thinking the same. Shivaye says Farhan was sounding strange, he was never so conservative. Om says every couple has issues, they will sort it out. Shivaye says Farhan works in Dubai, and his wife lives with his mum in Lucknow, maybe they didn’t get time to know each other, they will have a good understanding by staying here. Om agrees. Anika asks Fiza to come, we will get Farhan and Shivaye’s secrets out today, you don’t talk anything, I m talking a lot, tomorrow it’s your first Eid in this house, Shivaye has already told me to have great arrangements, we don’t know much about Eid, you tell me what to do, its special Eid for us. Fiza says it’s special for me too, don’t know on next Eid, we….

Anika asks is there any problem, you can share it with me. Fiza says I don’t know you well, but I feel I can share my feelings. Anika says then tell me. Farhan comes and asks aren’t you done talking yet. Fiza says I wasn’t saying anything. Farhan says sorry Anika if Fiza has bored you with her talks. Anika says no, she never utters a word. He says yes, she never says much, but her actions speak a lot. Anika looks at Fiza. Anika says both of you freshen up and come downstairs. She goes. Fiza offers help. Farhan says I can handle my work. Shivaye asks Gauri to make sure everything is good, its Iftaari in the evening. She asks him not to worry. Shivaye asks Farhan about his job. Farhan says it’s going good. Shivaye calls out Anika and says your phone is ringing. Farhan says you answer it.

Shivaye says its Anika’s phone, I m not among those husbands who check wife’s phone, even Anika doesn’t do this, we respect each other’s privacy. Farhan says what privacy between a husband and wife, I receive Fiza’s calls, you should know who your wife is talking to. Shivaye says I don’t agree, a wife should have a right to privacy and personal life, I won’t like if Anika answers my calls, so I won’t do anything that she doesn’t like. Bhavya says exactly, trust is many imps between a couple. Rudra says if partners check each other’s phones, it means there is no trust. Anika comes and says it was Pinky’s call, I will just come. Om says we agree with Shivaye, we don’t check each other’s phones. Farhan says it’s your opinion, why do you need the password then, if you have bad intentions or have something to hide, what’s the harm in showing the phone, Fiza do you have any problem if I check your phone. Fiza says no. Shivaye asks does she check your phone. Farhan says no, she doesn’t need.

Rudra says if you check her phone, even she should check her phone. Shivaye says its wrong, both should check, I don’t agree with you. Farhan says fine, I don’t agree with you, the kind of freedom women in your house get, I don’t think they should get much. They get shocked. Shivaye asks what’s wrong with you. Farhan says we change with time and thinking too changes. Shivaye says thinking isn’t changing but is forced on someone. Anika asks what’s happening, everyone has own perceptions, do you think it will change by arguing, talk something good, you met after a long time. Rudra says I will show you my marriage album, come. Farhan goes with him. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya talk to Fiza about clothes for Eid. Anika says I don’t know good Urdu, you keep teaching me, I will talk good and then get praised. Bhavya goes.

Gauri says I will get the list. Fiza asks Anika to carry on. Anika says you will have fun, come. Farhan asks where are you going. Anika says we girls are going for Eid shopping. He says why does she has to go, I got everything for her from Dubai. She says we don’t know anything about Eid shopping, she will be bored at home, she will help us and take her around Mumbai. He says she has gone out enough, she is fasting, if she decks up then… Anika asks what. Shivaye comes and asks what happened. Farhan says nothing. Farhan says to get everything ready for Iftaar, let them go. Fiza and Farhan go. Anika says something is wrong between them.

Shivaye says I feel the same. She says your friend is strange. He says he wasn’t much, don’t know what happened to her. She says Fiza looks scared. He says I feel bad for her, better go shopping and come back before Iftaar. She goes. Farhan scolds Fiza and asks her not to act innocent. She asks why do you doubt me. He says you would have told Anika to take you out. She says I refused to her, I m the same girl whom you loved you much, why did you change. He says I know the truth. She asks what did I do. He says I don’t want to argue, we have come here for two days to celebrate Eid, stay here like a good wife and pretend that we are a happily married couple, so that I maintain respect in front of my friend, I will be getting free from you after Eid. He goes. Shivaye hears them. She cries. Shivaye goes to her and knocks the door.

She says Farhan just went out. He says I have seen him and heard everything, I understood there is a problem, what’s the problem and why. She says there is nothing, every couple has some petty issues. He says Farhan is like Omru, you are equally imp, tell me, what’s the problem, Eid is festive of happiness, I don’t want you or my friend to pretend to be happy, you both really get happiness in your lives, tell me the problem. She says Farhan doesn’t trust me. He asks why. She says we were very happy when we got married, then he went to Dubai for the job, I lived with his mum, I never realized when we drifted apart when he returned, he began suspecting me, he assumed that I m characterless. He says so he checks your phone.

She says he even hired a detective to spy on me, he keeps track of me, I swear to Lord, I only love Farhan, I can die for him, still I don’t know why he suspects me, my marriage is falling apart and I m not able to do anything. He says okay stop crying now, I will talk to Farhan and clear the misunderstandings, let me tell you, he is good-hearted, the problem is the distance between you two, I will make everything fine. She blesses him. He blesses them. She walks ahead and slips. He holds her in arms. Farhan comes and asks what’s happening here. Anika, Gauri, Bhavya and Omru come. Shivaye says it’s not what you think. Farhan says you don’t say anything Shivaye, I know what’s happening here. Shivaye says you are misunderstanding.

The drama continued on Game Of Love Monday 7 September 2020 Update as Farhan says she is a disgusting and characterless woman, you don’t know her, mom was right, I work hard in Dubai and this woman does such things behind my back. Fiza cries. Farhan says she used to get decked up and go out, she used to stand at the window to watch other men. Fiza says I was just waving at kids. Farhan says shut up, I thought mom could have been wrong, but today I have seen it, she didn’t even spare my friend. Shivaye says its nothing like that. Farhan says I m not blaming you, but you don’t know her, she saw a chance and embraced you. She says don’t accuse me, I was about to fall and… He asks how much will you fall in everyone’s eyes.

Shivaye says enough Farhan, you can’t talk to Fiza like this. Farhan says my opinion about her won’t change. She says I swear to Lord that…. Farhan says shut up, I had asked you not to humiliate me in front of my eyes, I thought of divorcing you after Eid, now I can’t wait for a moment. Fiza asks what are you saying, I just love you. He pushes her and asks her to stop acting. He says I expel you from my life and house right now, I divorce you. They all get shocked.

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