Game Of Love Monday 28 September 2020 Update

Game Of Love Monday 28 September 2020 Update
Game Of Love Monday 28th September 2020 Update

Game Of Love Monday 28th September 2020 Update: Game Of Love Monday 28 September 2020 Update, Shivaye orders sweets on call. He asks Dadi does she want anything else. Dadi says no, I have got return gifts ready as well, Priyanka’s dress is yet to arrive, she is in the parlour and not answering, I have to ask if Payal will get the dress or do we have to collect it. He says I will get it. Payal calls the servant. She says I m going out. She asks him to give the dress if anyone from Oberoi house comes to collect Priyanka’s dress. She goes.

Anika comes and asks about Payal. She says I have come to get Priyanka’s dress. He says madam is not at home, she asked me to give the dress, wait here, I will get it. He gets a call. He says its urgent call from my village, can you go upstairs and get the dress, that room…. Anika goes upstairs.

Daksh sees her and says Oh my God, this is called an Indian beauty. She gets in the room. He shuts the door, spits the chewing gum and switches off the lights. Anika says what happened to the lights. He holds her from behind. She screams. Her phone falls down. She kicks him and asks him to let her go. Shivaye is on the way. Daksh says I swear on God, you resist a lot, I love this type of girls. Shivaye gets down the car and checks the address. He thinks this is the correct address, and goes in. He calls out Payal and says there is no one, I will send someone to collect the dress. Anika struggles and a vase breaks. Shivaye hears the sound and goes upstairs. Daksh says don’t make me long for you so much. He sees Shivaye coming upstairs. He leaves Anika and goes. Anika falls down. Shivaye switches on the lights. He doesn’t see her lying behind the table. He sees the packet, with Priyanka’s name tag. He says this must be for Priyanka, what was the sound, there is no one here. He goes and stumbles near the door. His cufflink falls off. He goes. Anika rushes out.

Anika comes home. Gauri asks where have you been, I was waiting since long, what happened to you, tell me, you are scaring me now, what happened. Anika says actually, I…. went to pick up Priyanka’s dress and then….. Gauri gets shocked and cries. Anika says with Lord’s grace, someone came there and he switched on the lights, so that man ran away else… Gauri hugs her and says don’t cry, we won’t spare that man, I will show him what I can do, tell me who was he. Anika says I don’t know. Gauri asks didn’t you see his face.

Anika says no, there was much darkness. Gauri says its okay, police will find him, we just have to file a report. Anika says no, it will ruin our image. Gauri says this is the problem with girls, we get scared and get quiet, this encourages such men. Anika says we are at someone’s house, if police come here, we have to leave from here as well, it will be defamation, people will point fingers at me and you too, I care for you and others too, its Priyanka’s Roka tomorrow, I don’t want Oberoi family respect to spoil because of me, let’s forget it. Gauri asks can you forget it. Anika says I can at least give it a try, don’t know who was he, who has lightened that dark moment, whoever it was, I owe him. Gauri says Lord has sent him as your guardian angel. They hug and cry.


Game Of Love Monday 28 September 2020 Update: Shivaye comes home and thinks where is the cufflink. Anika gets up and stops. She removes her slipper and gets the cufflink. She says its someone’s cufflink, how come it got under my slipper. Om comes to Shivaye and asks for his file. Shivaye says I placed it there. He recalls Anika and says that girl had the file. Om asks who. Shivaye says the girl who is living in outhouse. Om says Anika. Shivaye says yes, she had the file. Om asks what was she doing in your room. Shivaye says I didn’t think about it. Om asks what is she doing to do with our business file. Shivaye says I forgot to ask her about it. Om asks what did you ask her then, you didn’t even stop her. Rudra comes joking about Roka. Shivaye says you explain him, I will get the file. He goes. Rudra asks what are you going to explain. Om says I don’t even understand it myself. Gauri asks Anika why are you working so hard, the phone won’t work now. Anika says I have no money for new phone, I can’t do my job without a phone. Gauri asks how did this break. Shivaye comes and looks on. Anika recalls Shivaye. She says it slipped from my hand when I took Priyanka to the hospital.

Gauri says look at its state, it seems that someone slammed it down and vented anger on it. Anika says no, someone stepped on it by mistake. Gauri says that man could have seen it, he had eyes, did you tell him or not, didn’t you tell anything, I would have scolded him a lot. Anika asks would the phone get repaired if I had done that. Gauri says you could have vented out anger, what will you do, your work can’t be done without a phone. Anika says it will get repaired. Gauri says don’t know how you got so much patience, I will go and feed Sahil. She goes. Anika asks the phone to get repaired, how will her work get done. Khanna says Sir, you here…. Anika hears this and turns to see Shivaye at the window. Khanna asks do you need anything. Shivaye says I need a phone, I need my file, are you just going to stand here, go. Anika sees the file and gives it to him. They have an eyelock. Tu jaane na….plays….. He goes.

Thi is the end of Game Of Love Monday 28 September 2020 Update.



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