Game Of Love Monday 14 September 2020 Update

Game Of Love Monday 14 September 2020 Update
Game Of Love Monday 14th September 2020 Update

Game Of Love Monday 14th September 2020 Update: On Game Of Love Monday 14 September 2020 Update, Gauri and Bhavya check the arrangements. Gauri says the chef from Lucknow is making amazing dishes. Bhavya says Farhan and Fiza will be happy to taste Lucknow delicacies in Mumbai. Rudra says I have made a list of famous qawwali songs, tell me if you have any special choice. Om says I want to eat seviyan. Rudra says don’t keep mentioning it, I m on diet.

Om says I didn’t wait for evening so eagerly before. Fiza asks when will we give gifts to Shivaye. Farhan says you mean Eidi, we shall give when everyone gives. Anika asks what’s Eidi. Farhan says it means Eid gift, elders give it to younger ones. Rudra says perfect, it means everyone will give me gifts, I won’t need to gift anyone. Bhavya says husbands also give gifts to wives. Anika says I will ask my gift from Shivaye.

Gauri and Bhavya also ask for gifts. Rudra says this is cheating, even wives should give gifts to husbands, especially when they are earning. Om jokes. Fiza asks Farhan what is he giving her. He asks her to have patience. Anika asks Gauri what will she ask Om. Gauri says nothing, whatever he gives me with happiness, it will be my Eidi. Anika asks Bhavya what will she ask Rudra. Bhavya asks Rudra what’s his budget, she will decide based on budget. Shivaye comes. Anika says tell me what gift will you give me as Eidi, will it be a surprise.

He asks Gauri about arrangements. She says the chef from Lucknow has made everything. He says great, I have an imp meeting. Farhan asks meeting on the day of Eid? Fiza says Eid looks great when the family celebrates together. Shivaye says yes, I will try to come back soon. Anika says Fiza is right, you keep meetings all the time, it won’t be a big deal if you miss one. He says its an urgent meeting. She says you can have it on phone or video call. He shouts okay stop it. She asks what happened. He says I have work and goes. Gauri asks what happened to him, why did he look so angry. Bhavya asks did you guys have any fight.

Anika says no, don’t know why he was angry. Rudra asks did you comment on his height. She says no, I haven’t done that since a long time. Om says his mood was fine till night. She says yes, we were happy, I don’t know why he got angry. She calls Shivaye and wishes he answers. He comes. She asks where were you, I called you so many times, but you didn’t answer my call, are you angry. He says why do you feel so, you mean I don’t know to talk well, you have one more problem now. She says who told you that I have issues with you, the more I m getting to know you, the more deeply I m falling in love with you, you are one of a kind.

He asks really. She asks do you have any doubt. He says I didn’t have before, but now I have it, I got this paper from your old diary. She asks where did you get this, its an old thing, I had just come in your life and I wrote this list. He says say it, come on, this is what you think about me. He reads…. Shivaye is grumpy, arrogant, stubborn, money minded, ill mannered, he gives important to family and blood, he is proud of his family background, is a terrible singer, he gets annoyed when anyone talks about his height, he doesn’t let anyone touch his hair and he often breaks his phone.

She says listen to me, you are just reading negative points, there is positive points too. He says yes, just two, one that I love my family and that I have blue eyes. She says yes, this point is equal to thousand negative points, very few people have such blue eyes, I made the list when I didn’t fall in love with you. He says you kept this safe, the problem is, even now, you think the same about me. She asks are you done, can I speak now. He says you can write one more bad thing, I speak a lot. She says I forgot to throw it away. He says I thought this Eid will be special, you gave me this gift, thanks, I will never forget this.

He goes. She says he got serious about it, I have to convince him. Rudra shouts, you made a list of Shivaye’s bad qualities. She says I made it long time back. He says why did you keep it, its equally necessary to destroy it on right time. She asks what shall I do now. He says its not a big thing. She says I know, I have stated the facts, he is arrogant, stubborn, short tempered. Shivaye says wow, you know it very well and you… Rudra turns… Anika says why are you making it a big deal. He asks are you accepting your mistake or are you telling me that I m overreacting, another bad quality of mine. Rudra says Eid celebrations will begin now. Shivaye says I have work, I need to go. Anika says what’s wrong with you, why are you venting anger on them, how will we celebrate Eid without you. He says you should have thought of this before writing the list. He goes. Rudra says Shivaye has become Eid’s moon, he is angry, he won’t come. She says he has to come, I want…. Rudra asks do you want help. He smiles. Everyone gets decked up and comes.

They hug and wish each other. Farhan asks where is Shivaye. Om says he won’t come, he told me he won’t celebrate Eid. Anika says who told that, he will surely come. Rudra plays the song Jo vada kya wo….. Anika dances. Shivaye is in the room. She gets sad. Gauri and Bhavya hold her. Gauri says give some time to Shivaye, once his anger calms down, he will come. Shivaye comes and asks why is everyone so silent. Anika says I knew you would come. Shivaye says I have come for my friend, who came here to celebrate Eid with me. He wishes Farhan and hugs. He reminds what they used to do in childhood. Farhan asks how can I forget that. Om asks what. Shivaye asks shall we tell or show it. Farhan says we will do it and show. They dance on Yaari hai imaan….Omru also dance with them. Theey hug.

The Episode continued on Game Of Love Monday 14 September 2020 Update as Fiza says now its Eidi time. Om goes to Gauri and gives her a trophy. He says you were always my inspiration, the way you handled that incident and came out of that trauma, you are my hero too, happy Eid. She hugs him. Saathiya….plays…..He kisses her. Rudra gifts a saree to Bhavya and says you look pretty in whatever you wear, but I want to see you wearing a saree, so I got this saree for you, I hope you like my gift, happy Eid. She closes eyes. He kisses her on her cheek. She hugs him. Music plays…… Farhan shows a beautiful pendant to Fiza. Fiza smiles. He says the last night’s moon rise has returned our happiness for which I had lost hope, this moon will be the witness of our difficult journey which led us to this beautiful destination, I promise your every Eid will be filled with joy, happy eid. She hugs and thanks him, wishing him. Omru ask Shivaye about the gift. Shivaye says I didn’t get anything, I should have made a list too.

They ask him to forget everything. Shivaye says yes, we should celebrate the festival, but I have nothing to gift Eidi. He gives her an envelope. Om asks what’s wrong with you Shivaye, will you give gift money in Eidi. Shivaye says what’s wrong, she thinks I m money minded. He asks Anika to open the envelope. She cries. Anika gets a card and reads it.

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