Game Of Love Friday 9th October 2020 Update Starlife

Game Of Love Friday 9th October 2020
Game Of Love Friday 9th October 2020

Game Of Love Friday 9th October 2020 Update: On Game Of Love Friday 9 October 2020 Update , Media asks Gauri how is she related to Om. Gauri asks them to ask in hindi, she doesn’t english english. Gauri answers wrong. Om comes and says no questions for now. He takes Gauri and tells what media was asking. Gauri says I didn’t understand. He says you should have not answered. Some time before, Rudra comes to Shivaye and says I have to talk, promise me you won’t tell anyone. Shivaye says fine, promise. Rudra says I feel awkward, this problem is bit strange, its about my …. I have to prove Bhavya. Shivaye asks what to prove. Rudra says that I m not a kid, I m a man, but I m not able to do anything. Shivaye says I can’t help you in this. Rudra says you can help me, you have set example in front of the world. Shivaye asks what.

Rudra says I m proud of you, Anika is so proud, she stays happy, I want Bhavya to stay happy and feel proud. Shivaye says you got mad. Rudra says I didn’t get mad, if you don’t help me, I will go mad. Shivaye says I can’t help you, you need a doctor, I will take an appointment for you. Rudra says how can doctor help me, will he give me money. Shivaye says why, he will take money for treatment. Rudra says I want to earn money. Shivaye says its your problem, you want treatment. Rudra says I want to earn money.

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Shivaye asks do you have to earn money. Rudra says Bhavya challenged me to earn 25000 in seven days, its last day, suggest me something. Shivaye says oh, this, you want my business advice, okay, it means you have no problem, that way. Rudra asks what. Shivaye says you said you are not able to perform, I thought that…. Rudra says what are you saying, chee, you are doubting on my manhood. Shivaye says I thought it could be a problem, its not, sorry, you went on me, you have no problem. Rudra says everything is fine, I just have to earn money.

Gauri comes to art exhibition and sees Om. Om smiles and forwards a hand. Gauri walks to him. Saathiya….plays…. Gauri hold his hand. Media clicks their pics. Om says you all asked me who is my inspiration, I will make you meet my inspiration, I m proud to introduce my inspiration, my wife Gauri. Media asks him about his wife. Gauri’s imagination ends. She looks for Om.

Shivaye says earning money means dealing. Rudra asks what dealing. Shivaye says not that, what’s wrong with you, like in business, buyer gives money, and seller takes money, its not imp what seller sells, its imp how he sells it, its simple, get something what’s your, your asset, anything close to you, make a need, buyer will buy what he needs, so create a need then buyer will pay any price, did you understand. Rudra says yes, take your file. Shivaye asks is everything fine. Rudra says yes, all okay. He goes. Shivaye gets happy that his brother is okay.

Gauri says I think I should have not come here, maybe I came to someone else’s art exhibition. She looks for Om. She sees Om and calls him. She says thank God I came at right place, who is this girl. She says I came like desi bird here, what will everyone think. Om thanks the girl for coming. Se says I m so glad you are back in the world of art, I can see your paintings are very different, old paintings were dark and mysterious with hidden feelings, these paintings are colorful, very close to life, I would love to meet your inspiration. Gauri says this woman is talking about Om’s inspiration, he said its me. Om says its nothing like that. Om goes. The girl sees Gauri and makes a face at her simple dressing.

Rudra gets his things and says we did all setting. Chubby asks will your idea work. Rudra says yes, its my idea. Chubby says we should get good money. Rudra says its imp how we sell than what we sell. Bhavya calls Chubby. Rudra asks him not to answer. Chubby answers. Bhavya asks is Rudra with you. He says yes. She asks where are you guys. Chubby confuses. He says I can’t hear you, I will talk later and ends call. Rudra says you have told everything. Bhavya says what are they doing on beach, its last day of challenge, I should go and check, what stupidity is doing to earn money. She calls someone and asks him to track Rudra.

Chubby asks him to think again. Rudra and Chubby ask the people to come ahead and get this golden chance to buy Rudra’s personal fitness equipment. The man says you need this the most. Rudra asks Chubby to be quiet. He says I have hired him, as you know guys have to stay fit, girls are impressed by muscles, so this fat guy have no GF, if you want any hot GF, buy these equipment, I will give complimentary gift. He auctions and sells the things. Rudra says I would have not sold these things, but Chubby needs money.

The man says I m so happy you started exhibition, this time I made sure not to miss this. Om thanks him for coming. Om sees Gauri and gets shocked. He says you here. She says its beautiful paintings, did you make all these. He says yes. He introduces Gauri.

Game Of Love Friday 9th October 2020 Update: Rudra sells the punching bag. The man asks Rudra is he selling his wrist gear too. Rudra recalls childhood moment. Shivaye says its okay. Rudra says no, everyone calls me elephant, none talks to me as I m fat. Shivaye says so what, you are cute also. Rudra says I want to become handsome and smart like you. Shivaye gifts him a fitness tracker and says you have to work hard. FB ends. Chubby says Shivaye gifted this to you, you are attached to this. Rudra sells it too. Everything gets sold off. Rudra counts money.

Gauri waits for Om. Reporter sees painting and says this is that girl. She asks Gauri how are you related to Om. Gauri asks them to ask in hindi, she doesn’t understand english. The laugh and ask more questions. Gauri misunderstands rebirth of Om as an artist and tells about Om’s birthday, train berth. She gets nervous and couldn’t even spell art exhibition. They ask her what’s her relation with Om, what’s her name. Rudra says I have earned 25000rs, I will give it to Bhavya. He counts money. Bhavya looks on. The man comes and says I want rent for this car, 800rs. Rudra asks what.

Om goes to Gauri and says no questions for now. He takes Gauri aside. She says its good you got me, they were asking strange questions. He says you would have not answered, they were saying about my inner artists’ rebirth. She says sorry. He says they all are laughing on you, why did you come here, what was the need. She cries and goes. Saathiya….plays….

Rudra gives money and says how will I earn 800rs, its because of you, you wasted money in lottery. Chubby sees Bhavya and goes. Bhavya comes to Rudra. She says I came to see how you are completing challenge. He says now start I m a kid and can’t earn. She says I came to give you salary. He says but you said mission failed because of me. She says but you worked hard, I will cut some money, I m serious, have this 800rs salary. He gets glad. He says its 25000rs, my challenge got complete, have this. She says impressive, I hope you would know you have to work hard to earn money. He says yes, thanks to you, where are you going.

The girl says I heard that girl/Gauri is your wife, is that true, what are you doing. Om says she is not fake like you all, she doesn’t judge people by clothes, she is different, that’s what makes her unique. Bhavya says you have really did well. He smiles. Hulchul hui…. Bhavya and Rudra spend time. He recalls their old moments. He holds her face. She pushes him. They play in the pool. Rudra says now you won’t say I m a kid. She says no, but truth won’t change, that I m four years older than you. Gauri cries recalling Om’s words. Shivaye comes and asks are you crying. She says I did big mistake, Om got ashamed because of me, I shouldn’t have gone there. He says I have sent you, how is it your mistake. She says tv reporters were asking me questions but I didn’t understand. He says I have seen it, it was not your mistake, you told them to ask in hindi, they were just asking in english, maybe its not their mistake, its society’s mistake, if one doesn’t know english, person is not sensible. She says I m not upset that they made fun of me, I regret Om got ashamed, now I understood why he doesn’t give me wife’s status, I m not suitable for him. He says you are suitable for him, I m saying this, there can’t be anyone better than you, I have forced you to go there, I will make everything fine, don’t cry. She hugs him.

Bhavya gets a call and leaves for work. Rudra looks on. Dadi does hair champi to Shivaye and asks did you talk to Anika, how is Sahil. He says he is fine, she will come in two days, I m in touch with her on phone. She says I know, in our times, we used to write letters. He says its times of video calling, who writes letters. She says real romance is in letters, meaning gets high if written in letters, think if you write your feelings in letter, Anika will keep it all her life, like I kept your Dada ji’s letter, its memories and romance, even songs had letter, Wo mera prem patra padke…. He says I don’t believe this. She says what’s this love in which love letters are not written. She laughs. He says I have work and goes. Pinky talks to someone on call. Dadi holds her. Pinky asks what happened.

Dadi asks whom were you talking to. Pinky names a relative. Dadi says if you do anything now, I will not tolerate it. She goes. Rudra smiles and thinks what if she is four years older than me, age is just a number, how does it matter, maybe it matters, I can’t handle it, that she is elder. Jhanvi helps Tej. He asks her not to worry, man doesn’t get hurt. He takes medicines and goes singing. Shwetlana looks on and thinks Tej won’t do any mistake now.

This is the end of Game Of Love Friday 9th October 2020 Update on starlife.

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