Game Of Love Friday 7 August 2020 Update

Game Of Love Friday 7 August 2020 Update
Game Of Love Friday 7 August 2020 Update

Game Of Love 7th August 2020 Update: On Game Of Love Friday 7 August 2020 Update, Shivaye says police is coming to arrest you all. Tej says I can’t believe Roop could fall so low. Jhanvi says Roop has told everything to Pinky herself, she did this. Pinky says yes, we are innocent. Shivaye says I know, but we are helpless. Shakti asks does this mean we will have to go to jail despite being innocent.

Shivaye says no, I m sure our lawyers will arrange anticipatory bail before police comes. Khanna says Kukreja has come. Shivaye asks where are bail papers. Kukreja says its tough to arrange bail for four people. Shivaye scolds him and asks him to get results, before police comes here, I want…. Police comes. They get shocked. Shivaye sees his family. Roop runs on the road and cries. She shouts Veer. She asks people about the accident. A man says a truck has hit him. She asks did he

die, where is he. He says where unclaimed bodies are taken… She cries and says why did you leave me alone Veer, I m so misfortunate, I couldn’t hug you, when you were little, you had to stay away from me because of Oberois, and today you left me forever, I won’t leave them, you lost life because of Shivaye, Pinky’s son will also die. Shivaye says commissioner give me just 2 mins. He calls a minister.

Tej says you have the fake evidence. Shakti says try to understand, we are not murderers. Rudra says go and arrest Roop. Om says we will get evidence against Roop. Commissioner says sorry, arrest them. Shivaye stops them and asks commissioner to check mail. He sends Rudra to get a printout. He says I spoke to home minister, Pinky and Jhanvi’s anticipatory bail got passed, you can’t arrest them. Commissioner says but we have to arrest Tej and Shakti. Shivaye says I promise I will get you out of the jail. Tej says I know. Shakti says I completely trust you. Tej and Shakti get arrested and are taken away by police. Shivaye consoles Pinky.

He asks Gauri and Bhavya to take care of Pinky and Jhanvi. Media comes and asks Tej and Shakti about the crime, did they set fire to claim insurance money, did they kill Mr. Kapoor.

The drama continued on Game Of Love Friday 7 August 2020 Update as Shivaye says stop it, the charges aren’t proved, if you want to lie, go out and report, my family is innocent, someone is trying to frame us. Reporter asks is this true, your wife has given proof to police. They get shocked. Reporter asks what drove Anika to take such a step against family. Shivaye shouts shut up, get out of my house. Omru hold Shivaye. Guards make media out. Om says we have to handle this matter calmly, so relax. Media says Oberois are arrested for Kalyani mills fire incident, police claims Tej and Shakti have set fire in mill and killed Mr. Kapoor. Shivaye, Omru leave in their car and follow police jeep. Roop looks on. She gets angry.

Anika and Sahil are on the way in a bus. He asks what happened, say something. She says you won’t understand. He says I understood its a big matter, else you would have not left everything behind, did SSO do any mistake again. She says big mistake. He says maybe he wanted to do something and ended up doing something else, I know he can never hurt you intentionally. She says I felt so, I could never understand, but you don’t worry, I m fine, I m feeling little bad, but I m happy, from now on, you will be with me, just like before, I shall take care of you, they hug. She thinks crying won’t help you, I need to take care of myself and Sahil, its not easy to forget this, but its possible if I try, if Shivaye can forget me easily, why should I hold his memories. She wipes her tears.

Pinky cries and asks what was he saying, did Anika give evidence. Gauri says yes, he said so. Pinky says Anika can’t do such a thing, media spreads rumors to increase TRPs, she can’t do this, never, I will talk to Shivaye, he will misunderstand Anika, his relation shouldn’t break, Roop did this, Anika can’t do this. She leaves. She sits in the car. Roop is in back seat. She points gun at Pinky’s head. Pinky says I will call Shivaye. Roop says yes, call him, I have to kill him. Pinky scolds her. Roop says my son is dead, Shivaye killed him, I will kill Shivaye. Pinky says Shivaye can never do this. Roop says drive the car else I will shoot you. They argue on the way. Pinky says I will kill you before you reach my Shivaye. Roop says I made Shivaye away from Anika so that he falls weak, Anika was his strength and weakness too, he feels Anika gave proof to police, but I did that, poor Shivaye, his heart broke after Anika’s cheat, he has shattered, it will be easy to kill him, he killed my Veer. Pinky says I knew you did this, Anika can’t do this. Roop says I will kill Shivaye. Pinky says I won’t let this happen.

She races the car and says you want to kill me right, you will also die along with me. Roop asks her to slow down the car she tries to control. Pinky hits the car somewhere. Roop gets conscious. She gets down the car and checks Pinky. She angrily cries and says Shivaye….Gauri says don’t know where is Anika, she thinks less in anger. Pooja asks what shall I do now. Gauri says you can’t stay here. Bhavya says try to understand, your marriage was fake, how can you stay here. Pooja says try to understand my situation, my family isn’t much educated, how can I make them understand that my marriage was fake, you both are girls and can understand, if I leave, Roop will kill me and my family, give me some place in this house. She cries. Gauri says don’t cry, we will think of something.

Anika and Sahil get down the bus. He asks where are we going in Pune. She says Chanda’s house. Shivaye tells commissioner that evidence is fake, pics can be manipulated. He gets a call and gets shocked.

This is the end of Game Of Love Friday 7 August 2020 Update on starlife.

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