Game Of Love Friday 28 August 2020 Update

Game Of Love Friday 28 August 2020 Update
Game Of Love Friday 28th August 2020 Update

Game Of Love Friday 28th August 2020 Update: On Game Of Love Friday 28 August 2020 Update, Rudra comes to everyone. Anika asks will someone tell me what happened to him. Rudra says I won’t shake hands, I want to compare our biceps, shall we, come on. Abhimanyu smiles and goes with Roshni. Shivaye says you will never change. Rudra says he got scared. Om asks did you go crazy. Rudra says I will remove my shirt, he will go crazy seeing my body, I should show it to him. Gauri says Abhimanyu has come to our house. Bhavya says you both have lost it. Om and Bhavya go. Rudra says to tell him if you want a selfie with him. Gauri says how can I say, you can’t understand. Shivaye says I have a surprise for you. He takes Gauri to Abhimanyu and says she is your big fan, she wants a pic with you. Abhimanyu says I m lucky to have a fan like her, it will be an honour. Shivaye goes. Gauri drops her phone. Abhimanyu says you seem nervous.

Gauri says you are a big star, I m nervous. He says even stars at humans, gorgeous fans like you make us stars. He holds her hand while taking the phone. He says lighting isn’t good here, lets go there, this is the perfect place, I mean perfect lighting. He holds her waist while taking a selfie. She gets shocked and gets away. She asks what are you doing. He says clicking a pic. She says I don’t like this. He says every girl wants such pics, it’s quite normal for me, lets click a normal pic, happy now, but I m not…. She asks what do you mean. He says you will know. He goes. She says I didn’t understand. Anika asks what happened. Gauri thinks maybe he was saying right, it’s a normal thing for him. She says I got a pic with Abhimanyu.

Anika checks and says good, how is he, didn’t you like talking to him. Gauri says fine, maybe stars are usually weird. Shivaye says yes, stars are indeed weird, they should know how to be down to earth, sorry. She goes to Shivaye. He says I was talking to a guest. She says you have time for a guest, you forgot I m angry on you. He asks why. She says I m annoyed and you don’t even know it. He says you are happy and upset sometimes, and today you are annoyed. She says you are making me furious instead of repenting. He says you are stupid. She says you called me stupid. He says this is happening as I didn’t give you a compliment, let me compliment you. She says leave it, I have seen my value in your life, I m going. She goes. He calls her Nautanki.

Roshni says art is an expression, but most of the artists explain their art instead of expressing it, your creativity and thinking are imp, but don’t expect others to think the same. Om agrees with her. She asks where is your painting, I would love to see them. Om says I would love to show them, come. Abhimanyu asks where are you taking my wife. Om says to show my art collection. Abhimanyu says even I would like to see them. Om says, of course, I would love to, please, this way. Abhimanyu asks where is your wife, it would be nice if she joined us. Om calls Gauri and says I wanted to show my collection to them, will you come alone. Gauri says why not. They go.

The drama continued on Game Of Love Friday 28 August 2020 Update as Abhimanyu asks how did you like Om’s paintings. Roshni says interesting….. Gauri holds Om’s face. Abhimanyu says I have heard every artist has an inspiration, who is your inspiration. Om says my beautiful wife Gauri. Abhimanyu says no wonder why your paintings are so beautiful, as your inspiration is so beautiful. Gauri thinks maybe he talks this way, he is saying such in front of his wife. Om takes Roshni ahead. Gauri picks her earring. Abhimanyu holds her hand. He says you have beautiful hands, I truly love beautiful things.

She says how dare you. He says this is what my fans like. She says I don’t like this. He says I m giving you all my attention, that is why you are acting pricey. She says let me go, else… He asks will you call your husband, he is busy with my wife over there, he is trying to impress my wife to sell art, it’s tough to please her, it’s easy to make me happy if you please me, I will ask my wife to make your husband a renowned artist. He holds Gauri. She cries. A servant drops a drink. Abhimanyu turns. She runs. Shivaye asks Rudra where is Anika. Rudra says don’t know. Shivaye asks where is your jacket. Rudra says I don’t know even that. Shivaye asks have you lost your mind. He asks Bhavya about her.

Bhavya says I didn’t see her in the party. Shivaye says where did Anika go, I must find her. Gauri runs to room and shuts the door. She cries. She says everything is fine here, if it wasn’t for Om’s sake, I would have thrashed that bad guy, I m a fan of such a disgusting man, I m angry at myself. Abhimanyu says you look more beautiful in anger. She gets shocked seeing him at the door. Shivaye looks for Anika. She asks how dare you to come here. He says wherever you go, I will follow you. He shuts the door. Shivaye goes to his room. He says, Anika…. where did she go? He reads her note….. you don’t seem bothered, you don’t care whether I m here or not, why should I be with you, so I m leaving the house……. Anika smiles hiding under the bed and says I will see how he will be indifferent now. Shivaye keeps the note.

She says I knew he would be baffled and call me. He calls Khanna and says Anika is gone, I have much time, fix my pending meetings, I m free and relaxed too, okay. He goes. Anika gets angry. Gauri throws things at Abhimanyu. She tries to run. He catches her. Shivaye hears the sound and goes to the door. He thinks this noise is coming from Om’s door. He is about to open the door. Gauri struggles to get free. Shivaye opens the door. Khanna says Sir, Mr and Mrs Puri have come, they are asking about you. Shivaye goes. Abhimanyu goes close to Gauri. She kicks him and runs. He catches her again. Anika says wife has left the house, he doesn’t care, he is happy that I left, now I will really leave the house, I will scold him first. Gauri sees Anika outside and tries to sign. Abhimanyu shuts the door. Anika says where did this noise come from, where is Shivaye. She goes. Shivaye attends the guests.

Anika comes to talk. He goes with her. He asks are you still here. She says you want me to get out of his life, I m leaving, I came to say bye, I didn’t understand how can a person so much in one day. He says you never change, so I thought to change, variety is the spice of life. She says I see, spice, if you eat too much of spice, this is what you end up doing. Anika says my husbands wants to fly like a free bird, I understood how much you care for me, I had thought, you will get restless after reading my note, you called your first love, Khanna. He asks are you talking about this note, check it. She says don’t say that you didn’t understand my handwriting. She reads…. you should have hidden your legs before hiding under the bed, idiot…. she says so you know it. He says I saw you. He recalls writing the note on seeing her. He says you think I would believe that you left because I didn’t compliment you, I know that my wife wouldn’t leave for such a small thing. He holds her close.

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