Family Secrets Monday 28th June 2021 Update

Family Secrets Monday 28th June 2021 Update
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Family Secrets Monday 28th June 2021 Update: On Family Secrets Monday 28 June 2021, Satrupa praising the laddoos. She says even if you don’t regard me, mum, I m your mum, and mum never takes the wrong step for her child. She goes. Anami takes the box. Sudha says Satrupa played a strong move. Narottam says you are getting scared of a little boy. Sudha says sometimes even a small needle hurts a lot, Satrupa has one motive to get Laddoo, she wants to make Anami away from us, she is making him a shield and weapon too.

He says Satrupa was not such. She says even I was not such, the situation forces a person to change, I changed yesterday and now Satrupa changed, now this fight is not just of words, even life can be at stake now. He says I feel bad for Anami, she loves Laddoo a lot. Sudha slaps him. She says if you care for enemy’s slave in chess, how will we play our move, we have to kill everyone in our way, we have to decide which one should be knocked down fast, so that enemy gets weak, Satrupa gave a new direction to this fight, it’s my turn now.

Anami recalls Satrupa’s words. She gets Madhu’s call and cries. Madhu worries for Laddoo. Anami says he is fine, he is with me. Madhu cries. Anami says he will be with you soon. Madhu says I m scared of that woman/Satrupa. Anami says I know her well, if she does anything wrong, I will shake the foundation of their palace. Madhu says I got alone, even Murari is not here. Anami says I won’t let anything happen to Laddoo. Madhu says I trust you, always support truth, if you are wrong, don’t fight, if you are right, don’t get scared, I know everything, my blessings are always with you. Anami cries and ends the call. She hugs Laddoo.

Ila gives info to Adhiraj. Adhiraj asks the man about any movement at the check-post. Munna comes and says I got imp info, Bhima is going to cross the border. Adhiraj says all borders should be sealed, Bhima can’t get saved now. He recalls Bhima shooting at him. It’s the morning, Laddoo likes the big palace. Anami says the people’s hearts are too small here.  He asks Anami that a crow came home and has stolen the precious pearl, the crow came again as a fairy and got me to you, shall I call her a crow or a fairy.

She says she is not a fairy, she is a magician, her work is to fool people, we should stay away from such people, our fairy is just one, that’s Madhu, none can take her place. He smiles. Sudha comes. He greets her. Sudha says your values are the same. She blesses him and says I made laddoo for Laddoo. He eats. Anami says she is a lotus in this dirt. Inspector informs Adhiraj. Adhiraj asks him to keep an eye on Bhima. Ila says this man is dangerous. Adhiraj says till where will he go. Pujan comes to Laddoo and scares him. He asks his name. Laddoo says Laddoo. Pujan says your name has sweetness, shall I eat this laddoo or put it as chadava, how did you like this palace, it’s a Bhoot bungalow, be careful, any ghost can kidnap and eat you, thinking you are laddoo. He laughs. Laddoo jokes on him. Anami smiles.

Family Secrets Monday 28th June 2021 Update: Laddoo says I m Laddoo from Banaras, I m sweet till I m sweet, once I get stuck in my throat, you will die of coughing, you won’t get time to drink water, did you understand or shall I explain. Anami taunts Pujan. They go while making fun of Pujan. Pujan gets angry and says such a long tongue of this little frog, I will make you dance, else my name is not Pujan. He eats laddoo.

Avdhoot meets Tania at a cafe. She gets shy. The waiter does Shayari and tells them about different types of teas for lovers. Avdhoot says Gulab tea. She says no, Devdas tea. He says why my love is one-sided, I did a lot for you, I didn’t get scared of Adhiraj and got you on the date. She says we will have Genda Phool tea. He says leave the tea, if you are with me, it’s fine we will have Devdas tea. Tania says make tea well, it’s our first tea together. Avdhoot says it’s not the last one. He flirts.

Adhiraj and Ila are on the way. She tells Adhiraj about Munna’s info. They see a white car and follow. Bhima tries to escape. He runs into the jungle. Police look for him. Bhima sees Adhiraj away. He turns back and sees Adhiraj pointing the gun at him. He gets shocked.

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