Eternal Love Thursday 7 January 2021 Update Starlife

Eternal Love Thursday 7 January 2021 Update
Eternal Love Thursday 7 January 2021 Update

Eternal Love Thursday 7th January 2021 Update: On Eternal Love Thursday 7 January 2021 Update on starlife, The Episode starts with Sonakshi saying we read and then we forget, that we shouldn’t judge anyone by the first meet, we are like an onion, I felt you can make a person cry, then I felt you are really good, a good brother, cool dude of college, best heart surgeon, I mean wow, you are very interesting. He says thanks. She says my dad liked poems, he used to write poems, will you hear it out. She reads out a poem. Rohit smiles. She says you know Lord would see you and think you are good. She leaves. Kahaan hum….plays…. He smiles.

Rohit says recovery is slow, check the reports, ask her husband to meet me. Nurse gets Pallavi’s file. Suraj sees Rohit and recalls meeting Rohit at his telecom office. He says he is that man. He goes to Rohit and asks is Pallavi fine. Rohit says Pallavi had a massive heart attack, she is critical, we are doing anything possible, I don’t lose, until she gets conscious, my team and I are here, stay strong. Suraj thanks her. Nishi says I kept the file here. Yash says you couldn’t keep it safe. Nishi says I kept it here, I forgot to keep it in safe. He asks how did you forget, if Pooja gets the file, she will know that we aren’t her real parents, if anyone gets the letter, they will know that we know her parents. Nishi gets shocked.

Rohit says good she is stable. He goes to Suraj and says Pallavi is out of danger now. Suraj thanks him for saving her. Nurse says Veena called you many times, talk to her. Rohit says we will keep Pallavi in ICU for some days, she is out of tension, you can smile. He goes to talk to Veena. He sees Sonakshi’s gift. He is on the way and checks the gift. He asks what’s this. Ravi says it’s hair removing sticker. Rohit reads about waxing strips. He thinks of Sonakshi’s words. Sonakshi gets ready. She asks the maid to take her bag. She gets Rohit’s call. She asks is everything fine, how is Pallavi. He says she is out of danger, I saw your gift and called you. She asks did you like this, I saw you and thought you need it. He asks what does your tv serial people use it. She says yes, it’s latest, you use it, then you will like it, it’s not too costly. He asks what did you think and gift this. She says I thought so much and got this. She says I m so happy. Maid puts phone in the packet. Sonakshi asks him to use it now. He asks now, I m in the car. She says so what, use it and show everyone, don’t hide it in cupboard, I want proof that you are using it, make a video and send me. He asks what. She says yes, it’s not a big thing, I should know that you really liked it.

He says it will be too much. She says I know you are shy, I will wait for video, I m going for shoot. She ends call and says he liked the video. He asks shall I make it’s video. Sonakshi gets the script. Sunita says some ad shoot is going on there, I have seen Pooja. Pooja says sorry, I can’t do this ad. Kavuta asks what happened. Pooja says my dad will compensate for the loss, sorry. Sonakshi comes to her. Pooja says I was just leaving. Sonakshi says you aren’t able to forget that. Pooja says I m afraid that my dress will fall off again, I can’t do this. Sonakshi says no, relax, you have to move on. Pooja says I m trying to be strong and confident, everyone pities me, if that fashion show pics come out, then what, I m tired, is this new life now. She cries. Sonakshi hugs her and asks her to calm down.

Rohit comes home. Veena asks him to go and take bath. She says Simmi said a patient was critical, is everything fine. Ajit and Rohit look on. Rohit says she is stable now. Vimmi collides. The box falls. Rohit picks it and goes. Rohan signs Ajit. Yash says where did the file go. Nishi says none should know that we know Pooja’s real parents, we may ask Vimmi, come. Akash comes with the file. He asks who are Pooja’s real parents, I have this file and I read all documents. Nishi says it’s none of your concern, it’s between us. Akash says we thought Pooja is our family girl, I m sure the matter is too big, I will know this truth. He goes. Yash says Akash… Nishi says none can know Pooja’s real parents.

Rohit asks what can this strange gift mean. Rohan and Ajit come. Rohit hides the gift. Rohan gets the box and says you are hiding it, why are you doing this. Rohit says you know I don’t do this, I didn’t buy it, Sonakshi gave this gift. Rohan asks why will she gift this. Rohit says she said it’s best quality, we can use it anywhere, she asked me to use it in the car and send video. Rohan says there would be some reason, think Ajit. Ajit says Rohit has much hair on his body. Rohit says no, it’s normal. Ajit says maybe she is challenging you. Rohit asks what. Rohan says she wants to show that women are more strong than men. Ajit asks did you do waxing, if you do this, she will know you are real hero. Rohit says I don’t want to. Rohan says we are Sippy boys, we will send her many videos, accept the challenge. Rohit agrees.

Sonakshi reads the script. He asks what did Pulkit send. She sees the phone and says this is a phone, I mean it’s phone meant for Rohit, what did I gift Rohit. Ajit takes a video. Rohit asks him to hurry up. Sonakshi says I don’t know what did I give Rohit, about what were we talking in the morning. Rohit says I m sure, I m Sippy, I will show Sonakshi that I can tolerate any pain, record and send the video to Sonakshi. Rohan takes the strip and applies on Rohit’s chest. Rohit nods. Rohan pulls it. Rohit screams.

The episode continued on Eternal Love Thursday 7 January 2021 Update as Sonakshi gets the video. She sees Rohit screaming. Sunita asks what happened, who screamed. Sonakshi says it’s forward message, get a green tea for me. She plays video and says this… what did I do, poor Rohit. Rohit drinks water. Ajit says you completed the challenge. Rohit says Sonakshi, I have completed your challenge, Sippy boys aren’t afraid, next time ask me before gifting me anything, please. Sonakshi laughs and says he is mad, I can’t believe it, he got his chest waxed, the maid has swapped the gift, Rohit should have asked me, he is educated and sensible, he said he will send video and he sent, poor Rohit. She says he has worked hard, I should give him real gift, this time no mistake, I will pack and I will give it.

nurses staring at Rohit’s chest. He quickly buttons his shirt. He asks Simmi to get dental report of Mr. Shukla. He asks them to get Mr. Singh. Suraj comes. Rohit says Pallavi is fine. Suraj asks don’t you recognize me. Rohit says you are Pallavi’s husband, Suraj. Suraj says yes, but we met before. Rohit asks where. Sultan explains the scene to Sonakshi. Sonakshi cries and delivers the lines. She says I won’t let anything to my Rohit. Netra looks on and stops them. She smiles. Sonakshi says I will save my Rohit. Everyone laughs. Sultan says cut. Sonakshi asks what happened. Netra says Parvati’s husband is Kunal, not Rohit. Sonakshi says sorry, actually… Netra says we can hear you. Sonakshi asks can I take a 10mins break. She goes.



Suraj gives the papers to Rohit. He says kindly go through these papers, it was my birthday when you had come to my office to ask for call details, you can check numbers and get locations, thanks for saving my wife’s life. Rohit thanks him. He checks and says the call was answered in Pune, it means Raima is in Pune, you need to come back Raima.

Akash gets a call from Deepa. He says let me call you late, I m not in the mood to talk, sorry. He says I can’t understand why are Yash and Nishi lying to us, they know Pooja’s real parents. Netra laughs and says you were saying, I won’t let anything happen to my Rohit. Sonakshi says I was stupid to take his name, he sent me a video, I saw it before coming on sets. Netra says he is a nice guy, you should go ahead. Sonakshi says fine, I do like him but only as a friend, that’s it. Netra says mostly all friendships end in courtship. Sonakshi says no, Rohit has a past. Netra says everyone has a past, but life can’t move on holding the past. Sonakshi thinks of Rohit’s words. Netra says let time take its turn. Sonakshi asks what if time goes into the past if she comes back….

Sonakshi continues the scene. Mhatre comes there. Netra sees him. Sonakshi says I know I didn’t do any mistake now. Netra says Mhatre has come here. Sonakshi says make him sit in my room, he is here to meet me, I have some work. Netra asks are you hiding something, don’t trust this man. Sonakshi says I have to fulfil my promise, I will complete this shot.

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Sonakshi says it’s already 6 pm and you are telling me now that the function is tonight. Mhatre says so what, you came at night. She says I have a night shoot. He says you are a star, cancel the shooting. She says it’s not possible. He says we had a deal, it’s your turn now, it’s for my brother’s wedding, once your work is done, you can leave from Pune. She says but… He sees the guards. They shut the door and go. Mhatre says I got your work done in a few hours, then why are you arguing now, I still have those videos and pics, I just need to make one call. She asks are you threatening me. He says you don’t understand it, I m requesting you, I will wait for you at the function, tonight at 11. she says send me the address. He smiles and goes.

She says some times we deal with such people, it’s necessary to tolerate, I have to go to Pune. Veena asks Rohit how will find her. Rohit says Suraj’s colleague will help me, I will meet Raima and talk to her. Netra says I m afraid of all this. Sonakshi says if I don’t go, Pooja will be in risk. Netra says if anything happens, your career will be at stake, it will end, do you worry for this or not. Rohit asks why are you worried. Veena says I have seen your tears behind your smile. Rohit says I want to meet Raima, I feel my life has come back. She says fine, go to Pune. He hugs her and goes. She cries.

Sonakshi says I will be back in some hours, it’s a small event, I do feel guilty to leave shoot this way. Netra asks what will you tell Suman. Sonakshi says I can’t tell mum, I have to lie to her, this should be just between us, I trust you. Netra says you didn’t leave any option for me. Sonakshi says fine, I will meet you. Rohit reaches Pune. He asks Ravi to stop at some restaurant and have tea or coffee to get rid of sleep. Rohit waits. He sees Sonakshi with her fans, taking a selfie. She sees Rohit and turns away. She says I can see Rohit here too. She turns back and sees him gone. Rohit comes to her. She says it’s getting too much. He asks what have I done. She asks is it really you. He asks what do you mean, I saw you and came to say you hi. She says so sorry, sit down. She asks why are you here. He says I m going to Pune, there is a medical emergency, what about you. She says I have to go for a wedding appearance.

He says you are lying. She says you aren’t saying the truth, your gift… He says one more. She says not the one that reached by mistake, this is the real gift I bought for you. He says I still get that funny feeling. She says sorry, that was quite painful, it was for me. He says I had thrown it. She says don’t lie. He says I will send it. She says you can use it next time. He says thanks, but I can’t keep it. She says you can keep it and use it for Raima, so sorry. He says I will call her using this. Ravi comes to call him. Rohit wishes her all the best. They shake hands. She says good luck. He thanks her. He comes to Sonakshi again and says you once said you are Parvati, your prayers are answered, Mata rani never listens to me, I truly need blessings today, will you talk to her. She nods. He goes. She prays for Rohit, he always stays happy.

This is the end of Eternal Love Thursday 7 January 2021 Update on starlife.


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