Decisions Full story Telemundo

Decisions Full story Telemundo

Decisions, also known as Decis!ones, is a crime anthology series consisting of new stories for each episode. It’s been running on Telemundo for over 15 years – not as an ongoing series but with different seasons.

Decisions Full story Telemundo

Decisions Full story Telemundo; A new series, Decisions, will be premiering on Telemundo on Monday, April 27. It is a new season of series that’s different from the usual shows as it is similar to the Christmas Miracle series.

Decisions Full story Telemundo

Decisions Full story Telemundo


Decisions Full story Telemundo; This one is subtitled “Some Win, Others Lose” and it first premiered on Telemundo in America on December 19, 2019.


As far as we know, none of the previous seasons have aired in South Africa before. Besides the anthology aspect, the other difference between the show and the majority of Telemundo’s other series is that each story is based on a real-life tale. Each episode focuses on a different intense decision and the impact it has on the main characters.


The series stars some Telemundo favourites including Jorge Luis Pila (Behind Closed Doors, The Fan, Part of Me), Laura Flores (Woman of Steel, Queen of Hearts), and Litzy (Maid in Manhattan, Chritsmas Miracles).

It starts at 20h00 replacing Almost Yours which ended on Friday, April 24. And there are 27 episodes in the season.


Decisions Full story; At the end of each episode, current statistics related to the central plot will be included, which were prepared by Telemundo News to create awareness and give more insights on the issues raised.


Decisions Telemundo Casts:




This Mexican actor and singer starred in the Spanish version of Maid in Manhattan in 2012 before breaking out of her “good girl” routine by playing a sex worker in Señora Acero in 2014. Now, she marries her “good girl” persona with her “not-so-good” one to play a pregnant woman in hiding, who is found by a war veteran who has lost his way.Decisions telemundo plot summary, Full story, casts, teasers

Jorge Luis Pila

A Cuban model, dancer and actor, Jorge has been lying low in recent years, following a successful Telemundo run in early to mid 2000s. He returns to the world of Telemundo in the second episode of Decisiones: Some Win and Others Lose as a married teacher embroiled in a scandalous affair with one of his students.


Laura Flores

Decisions Full story Telemundo; Laura has had an illustrious career as a singer and actor since the early 80s. She has sung in both English and Spanish, hosted game shows such as the Mexican version of The Wheel of Fortune, and performed in everything from musicals to telenovelas. Now, she plays Helena, the mother of Emilio, a student accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend.


Javier Jattin

This Colombian actor and model recently announced his retirement from telenovelas, so this may be one of the last times viewers will be able to see him on Telemundo. He has starred in a number of Colombian and Mexican telenovelas since the early 2000s and now takes on the role of a man who is a wealthy executive by day and a dangerous sexual predator by night.

Luciano D’Alessandro

A new addition to the Telemundo family, this actor and model is well known for his works in Venezuelan and Colombian telenovelas. In Decisiones, he plays a young pilot who flees from the scene of an accident and his plagued by his conscience for doing so.


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