Deception Tuesday 21 April 2020 Update

Deception Tuesday 21 April 2020 Update
Deception Tuesday 21 April 2020 Update

This is the written episode of Deception Tuesday 21 April 2020 Update on Zee-world: On Deception  21st April 2020, The Episode starts with people waiting to see glimpse of Pooja outside the brothel. Someone says you will not get Chand. Man says time will come. Pooja looks out and says it seems someone will bid big. song plays…She comes out.

Gulabo song plays….She takes Pan from Kaka and says you are my favorite. Man asks what is your rate? Pooja says you would have valued yourself before trying. Other man asks if she likes big cars. She says yes and the people also.

Deception Tuesday 21 April 2020 Update

Naren says someone can never catch him and they are in his life like a bad memory. He drinks something. Mayank and others come there wearing politician’s clothes. Naren asks what is the time for Majlis.

Pooja gives Prasad to the kids. The dancers girls tell her that she will bunk the class. Pooja asks them to go. Naren’s assistants tells him that he has achieved so much in these months. Naren says he wants Krishnapuri to be his.

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Chandrika talks to someone in English. Pooja gets happy and hugs her. Chandrika asks when you will fulfill your wish, I will get the keys in 3 days. Pooja asks what she will eat today. Chandrika says I can’t see you in Krishnapuri and says she can’t bear when someone troubles you. Pooja says she makes them quiet like a dabangg girl. Chandrika asks him to return to Naren.

Naren says lover boy is coming. Pooja asks don’t you want him to stand in elections and win. Chandrika says she wants her son to accept her. Naren comes out of his house and sees people standing and cheering for him. He sits in car and waves his hand.

The band in his hand is shown. He comes to Krishnapuri and waits outside the brothel. He calls Pooja and says I have come. Pooja calls him Jaan and says even I have come. Naren says I have roamed everywhere, but didn’t see anyone like you. Jag Ghoomeya plays….Pooja smiles.

Naren says he can’t live without seeing her. A woman seeing them blesses them. A man says you are separated from her since 6 months. Naren says she don’t listen to me and tells that Pooja wants to prove that every human shall be treated equally. The people cheers for him and says our politician should be Naren. He gets emotional. Pooja looks at him.

Naren says I will leave. Pooja asks him to have food made by Chandrika and asks her to make her Jamai have food. Reporter asks Naren to have food. Pooja asks Chandrika to bring food and says my husband is waiting. Chandrika tries to feed him. He holds her hand to stop her.

Deception Tuesday 21 April 2020 Update on Zee world.

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