Deception Thursday 28 May 2020 Update


On Deception Thursday 28 May 2020 Update on zee world: Naren threatening Praveen’s parents holding them on knife point. Pooja rings the door bell. Praveen’s mother asks him to leave her husband and gives promise of his mother and wife. Naren asks her to close the suitcase and leaves her husband. Pooja is in her car and sees Naren with turban, but thinks who is this man as she couldn’t see his face. Naren sees her coming towards him and drives off the car.

Deception Thursday 28th May 2020 Update

He calls Bela and asks her to make the pan ready. His car is stopped as some kids come infront of his car. Pooja gets down from her car and before she could reach Naren’s car. He drives off. Kusum asks Surbhi to take care. Pooja follows Naren’s car, but he hides his car. Supriya calls Pooja and asks her to come home. Pooja says ok.

Guru ji tells everyone that Naren has to stay away from Police and court case, and says there is a chances that he may get stuck. He tells that his wife Pooja is his suraksha chakra and he needs to be with her. Dada ji asks him to give solution. Guru ji asks all ladies to do puja and light diya on Ganga ghat. Guru ji says ok. Bela feeds pan in Naren’s mouth and asks if he enjoyed it.

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Naren falls on bed. Bela’s baba happens to touch the bangle and asks what is it? Bela tells them that her sasural people have returned all the jewellery and is regarding her as their daughter. Her father asks her to regard them as her parents. Bela says their place is high up. Her father asks her to give nek to the person who brought it. Bela says today it is the happiest day and says she will give nek to her ghulam. She looks at Naren. Naren rests after drugged pan.

Bela asks him if she shall apply chameli oil on his hairs. Naren talks in Bhojpuri and asks her to massage his hand. Pooja reaches Naren’s car and thinks if the blue costume guy is Naren. Naren asks Bela why she is massaging his head. Bela says you have done my work. Bela thinks Pooja’s husband has accepted Praveen’s hair oil also.

Deception Thursday 28 May 2020 Update

Pooja is about to knock door, but just then she gets Supriya’s call who asks her to return home fast. Pooja goes home and tells Supriya that she will talk to Naren. She says she wants to tie taweez to Naren. Supriya tells that Guru ji asked them to light diya in Ganga. Pooja asks her not to worry. She thinks why Naren is doing strange things.

Naren comes home singing song. Pooja stops him and asks what you were doing in the car near badi masjid. Naren asks if she followed him. Pooja says whatever you say I will believe you. Naren says you wouldn’t have asked if believed me. Pooja says if you are right then you wouldn’t have turned your face. She tries to tie taweez to his hand. Naren says I don’t need it and goes.

Harish is tensed and thinks about Naren’s changed behavior. Supriya comes and says bhagat ji came here. Harish asks him to sit and asks Supriya to bring tea. Bhagat ji says he wants to have kadi chawal with papad made with her hand. Supriya smiles and says on. Harish asks Bhagat ji why he is eating simple food when he couldn’t eat anything without non veg. Bhagat ji tells him that since he got blood transfusion, his habits changed. He says may be that man whose blood I got was vegetarian. Harish thinks if Harish’s changed behavior is due to the heart transplant.

the drama continued on Deception Thursday 28th May 2020 Update as Supriya thanks Neelima for coming to ghat. Naren calls Bela and says I have reached there. Bela reminds him what she said and asks him to kidnap her saas sasur who came to ghat. Pooja sees Naren, but couldn’t see his face. She recalls seeing same clothes and thinks he is the same man who was in Naren’s car last day. Praveen’s parents are doing puja on the ghat, when Naren goes near them, shows his face and throws color on them. Praveen’s father asks what you need now, you have taken our everything.

Naren takes out knife. Pandit runs seeing him with knife. Pooja lights diya and push it in water. She sees Naren taking Praveen’s parents and gives plate to Supriya. Naren forces Praveen’s parents to sit in his car decky. He sees Pooja and that’s why throws someone’s colors in air so that she don’t see his face. He drives off. Suddenly his car stops on the way. He checks the car tyre and is angry.

Anuj and Rachel are going from there and stop their car. They get down and come to him. Anuj asks where are you going in a hurry. Naren says meeting. Rachel says in this clothes. Naren says my wish. Anuj says I will change the tyre. Naren stops him and says did I ask for help. He sits in car and starts the car and goes with punctured car.

Anuj and Rachel are shocked. Naren thinks just one last pan and then he will not agree to Bela’s sayings. Pooja comes there and asks Anuj. Anuj tells her that Naren just left in punctured car. Pooja goes.

This is the end of Deception Thursday 28 May 2020 Update on zee world.


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