Deception Thursday 26 March 2020 Update zee world


This is Deception Thursday 26 March 2020 Update zee world.

Supriya shouting. Pooja and Harsha see Rahul asking her to shout. He tells Pooja that he is doing as she said and taking out anger from her. Supriya laughs aloud. Rahul says there was so much time passed when Tai ji laughed like this and asks Pooja to trust him.

Pooja says thank god she is fine. She tells Harish that she will leave now. She comes there and thinks she is late again, if Naren went angrily. She calls him and sees him standing there. Naren smiles and comes to her. Music plaus.

He holds her umbrella and says your habit to get late haven’t gone. Pooja says I will not repeat this mistakes and asks him to let her clarify. Naren keeps finger on her hand and says you don’t need to clarify. Pooja says I haven’t told anything now. Naren holds her waist and says I have read.

He throws umbrella. It turns out to be Pooja’s imagination. She comes to the place and sees Mr. Kapoor standing. She is shocked and asks you are here in Hrishikesh.

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Deception Thursday 26 March 2020 Update zee world, Mr. Kapoor says I have expressed infront of Naren that I am your husband and you are my wife and nobody can come inbetween us, not even Naren. Naren is driving the car and going. He gets down the car and recalls her words. Pooja is shocked. Mr. Kapoor tells that you have sent me a mail asking him to come here and tell Naren that they are really married. He shows the mail. Pooja reads it and says I haven’t sent this. A fb is shown. Mr. Kapoor tells Naren that Pooja is his wife.

Naren says Pooja. Mr. Kapoor says she is Pooja kapoor. Naren says ofcourse, how could I forget and asks him to be careful. Mr. Kapoor says I was tired when I took rounds with her. Fb ends. Pooja asks what did he say? Mr. kapoor says he sounds to be normal. Pooja says storm came out of him.

Naren breaks his car’s windows and recalls Mr. Kapoor telling that they got marry in a hurry else they would have invited him. He tells Naren that Pooja overtook many companies and is NGO president. Pooja asks what else you told him. Naren asks Mr. Kapoor where they went for honeymoon.

Mr. Kapoor says they went on cruise. Naren invites him to Vyas Mansion and leaves. Pooja is shocked and cries.

Deception Thursday 26 March 2020 Update zee world, Mr. Kapoor says sorry to Pooja and says I have complicated the things. Pooja says I know who is guilty. Surbhi wears green bangles and says thank you Mr. Kapoor for reading my mail and coming here. Naren drinks wine and goes home. Mr. Kapoor asks Pooja to call Naren there. Pooja calls him, but he don’t attend her call. Surbhi thinks sorry Pooja Naren can’t be yours. Naren thinks about Mr. Kapoor’s words and burns his clothes.

Pooja runs and comes home. She gets worried about Naren. Surbhi asks what happened? If your face mask is removed. Pooja pushes her. Surbhi asks how she will convince Naren now and tells that you have returned my husband and now I have returned yours. Pooja says you wouldn’t have done this when you understand true love. She comes to his room and sees him sitting after burning his clothes.

Naren tells her that she made fun of the 36 hours and tells that she has broken her trust again. Pooja says she has no relation with Mr. Kapoor and her all breathe is for him. Naren asks her to stop lying.

Surbhi tells Rakesh that Pooja is talking to Naren in room and says if she gets successful then.. Neelima comes there and says someone have found out about Pooja’s truth. Naren tries to hit Pooja. Pooja says I came to live here with you and you want to kill me. She says she has lived one year without him in pain. Naren says he will kill her.

Pooja telling Naren that she has no complains if she gets death from her life partner hands. Naren says he will not listen to her and says he will leave from room. Pooja asks him to give some more time. Naren is about to go. Pooja says she will kill herself if he don’t believe her. Naren comes to her and asks why do you believe that I will believe you. Pooja says as you still loves me.

Deception Thursday 26 March 2020 Update zee world, Naren gives her 5 mins. Pooja says after our marriage, Mama comes to know about my Kundali Dosh and tells the incidents. She tells about the Tap which is stopped by Supriya. Guru ji telling that after one year, Pooja can return in his life. Pooja tells Naren that Mr. Kapoor is her patient and nothing else. Naren hears her. Pooja says her heart loved him only and will always loves him.

Jogiya song plays….Naren turns to her and laughs. He says one more lie and asks can’t you get tired of so many lies. He says whom to believe, you or Mr. Kapoor who spent a month with you on cruise for honeymoon.

Pooja asks him to trust his heart and asks until when we will fight hatred war. She hugs him while he pushes her. She hugs him again forcibly and says it seems you don’t trust my statement, may be you will trust someone else. Naren pushes Pooja on floor. Mr. Kapoor thinks to call Pooja and apologize to her. Pooja calls him and asks him to come to Vyas Mansion and tell the truth to Naren. Mr. Kapoor says I will reach there.

Rahul’s man calls him and says work is done, he can’t reach Vyas Mansion. Pooja says he will reach here and will tell truth.

Naren asks if you will make him reach here. Pooja asks why you are thinking wrong. Naren blows the ashes and laughs. Mr. Kapoor’s car brakes fails and he meets with an accident and gets injured as he is head hit on the stone. Pooja calls Mr. Kapoor. Naren says may be you have stopped him or time is running more fast than before and stops the watch, says he will wait for her truth.

Pooja calls on his number. Inspector picks the call and tells her that Mr. Kapoor met with an accident. Naren asks what happened, if curtain is pulled down on the drama. Pooja is shocked and comes to the hospital. She asks Receptionist to tell where is Ashish Kapoor’s treatment going on. She informs her about the way. Doctor says he is critical. Naren comes there and tells Pooja that her heart is stone hearted to have tried to kill Mr. Kapoor.

Neelima tells Rakesh and Surbhi that because of Rahul, Pooja and Naren’s misunderstandings couldn’t be cleared. Rahul comes and says Mr. Kapoor is in the hospital, so lets celebrate. He say Cheers and holds Surbhi’s hand and asks her to give some attention to him. He says you are still upset with me and says he will give her divorce and asks her to shake hand with him. She gives her hand in his hand.

After the operation, Pooja asks Doctor how is Mr. Kapoor. Doctor says congratulations, he is out of danger, but need to be in under observation. Naren tells that Mr. Kapoor will be still be in danger. He says he has found many ways to break Naren and came to know about Pooja’s truth. He says now she can’t prove to Naren.

Pooja looks at Mr. Kapoor when he is shifted to ward. Naren asks her to stop crying and says you kills someone alive or kills someone to death, it seems it is your hobby to take life. Pooja goes to temple in the hospital and lights the diya. Naren sets it off. Pooja asks what is this joke. Naren says I am saving Mr. Kapoor’s life and says he don’t want him to die and that’s why he will take up his treatment responsibility.

Deception Thursday 26th March 2020 Update zee world, Pooja says her sindoor is witness to her truth. Naren says it should be wiped. Pooja slaps him and says nobody has the right to wipe it, not even to the person who has filled it.

Naren breaks empty bottles in the room and searches for wine. Harish comes there and asks if he is searching something.

Satish asks until when he will drown himself in wine. Harish says he has removed all wine bottles from the house. Naren asks him not to rule his life. Harish asks what else I could do then, shall I let my son getting ruined for a misunderstanding and says Pooja has done so much for him and have taken name on loan. He says my son can’t read my daughter in law’s truth, this is not possible. Satish says since she left a year back, she is staying in the hope that you will accept her without any conditions. Naren asks him to tell her to burn her hopes. Harish asks what proof shall I bring to prove her innocence. Naren says no proofs can cover her betrayal. Harish asks not even me. Naren looks on.


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