Deception Thursday 21st May 2020 Update


Deception Thursday 21st May 2020 Update on zee world: Deception 21 May 2020 Update, the Episode started with Naren smelling Pan chuna. He gets Pooja’s call and she asks him to come home soon in the evening, and then she will forgive him. Naren says he will come and puts his finger in the glass. Bela comes to Naren and tells that she needs to go home, tells that she will make pan for him and tempts him talking about Pan. Naren goes. Bela thinks he will return to her.

Deception Thursday 21 May 2020 Update

Pooja gets ready and applies make up. Bela also gets ready and colors her hand with red color. Naren comes home and thinks Pooja must be waiting for me. Bela thinks until when you will stop yourself, pan’s smell will drag you towards me. She eyes the knife and looks at the coffin which she got made for Naren. She takes out box from inside and gets a pan box, says Praveen will get tempted for pan today. Naren sees guard chewing pan and feels tempted. He comes inside the house.

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Bela thinks once Naren gets tempted, she will stab him with knife. Naren knocks on the door and then goes to Bela’s room to get pan. Bela dances in her room holding Pan. Naren checks pan in the pan box, but he couldn’t find it. Bela sings song and dances. She offers him pan, but makes him yearn for it. Naren gets more tempted. She asks shall I make pan for you also. Naren asks her not to be over smart. Bela says you have crossed this room for pan and there is no way to return. She asks him to romance with her and calls him Praveen.

Pooja comes out of room and sees Rahul. He asks who is singing song piya tore…and tells that bela is singing song to woo Naren. He says wife is in mood and husband is enjoying with Bela, and I am getting blamed. Pooja gets tensed and goes. Bela dances on the song Piya tore and don’t give him pan. Pooja runs to come there. Bela tries to feed pan to Naren with knife. Pooja comes there and is shocked to see them closer. She makes Bela get up and throws knife with pan, and slaps her hard. Naren gets up and gives a tight slap to Pooja. Bela looks on angry. He then realizes and goes behind Pooja. Pooja says she don’t want any clarification.

Naren says I don’t know how did I come here and why? Pooja pushes him and says she didn’t understand him or his dreams. She goes to room. Naren tries to stop her from closing the door, but Pooja tells him that her heart is pained, and she can’t give him any more chance. She says your heart is drawing towards Bela and tells that her love is less for him.

Deception Thursday 21st May 2020 Update

Bela fumes and says now she has to make Pooja as her enemy. Naren tells Pooja that he loved her only and swears on her. Pooja asks her not to swear on her falsely. Naren asks her to hear him once and then close the door. He says I can feel that you are here, as she hides. He says if you don’t understand me then who will understand, and knocks on the glass door, and hurts his hand. Rahul enjoys their fight. Naren cries and tells her after operation, his heart is getting drawn towards Bela, although he is trying hard. He says he will take out this heart and accepts to die rather than hurting her. Pooja cries.

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