Deception Thursday 16 April 2020 Update

Deception Thursday 16 April 2020 Update
Deception Thursday 16 April 2020 Update

Deception Thursday 16 April 2020 Update on Zee world: On Deception  16th April 2020 Update  The Episode starts with Rahul asking Dada ji to tell the secret and takes pen. Dada ji says Ashram’s secret is hidden in Ashram. Rahul says I am coming to the secret.

Pooja comes to the Ashram and enquires with the woman, telling that if she knows about the boy who was abandoned in the Ashram many years ago. Woman says she doesn’t know. Pooja says that boy is battling with his life today and needs his Parents’ help. The woman is shocked. Pooja sees her face. Woman says she doesn’t know and goes. Pooja cries.

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Naina tells Supriya that she wants to get her bone marrow test done. Harish says my son’s blood can’t match with you. Supriya says she will take up the test. Pooja comes to the hospital and stops Naina from touching Naren. Naren tells her that he don’t wat anyone in the room.

Naina opens the door and asks Pooja to leave. Pooja goes out. Naina tells Naren that his hatred is strong. Naren says whatever he do is from his heart. Pooja prays to God. The same woman comes there and collides with Pooja. Pooja says you are here? The woman asks if this hospital is of your father.

Nurse informs her that Chandrika came to test herself for bone marrow transplant. Pooja takes car keys from Mayank and follows her. She sees her going to Krishna puri and thinks if Naren is her son. She thinks she has to do something to bring the truth out. Pooja acts as if Naren died. Chandrika comes to her wearing dancer clothes and asks why she is mourning.

Deception Thursday 16 April 2020 Update

Pooja says what to do, if her husband don’t get the bone marrow match then he will die. Seeing woman concern for him, Pooja hugs her and says Naren will be fine with two mum’s support and blessings.

Doctor comes there and checks Naren’s reports. Supriya says I will not leave my son here and says nobody’s bone marrow matched with his. Naina comes. Supriya asks if her bone marrow matched with her. Naina nods no. Harish says your blood can’t matched with my son. Naina thinks one days he will cry blood tears. Chandrika tells that Naren is not her son. Pooja says then why you got affected when I broke my bangles. Chandrika says what to tell everyone that Vyas family son is a dancer’s son.

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She calls herself as Chand Bai and says she has no son. Pooja tries to convince her. Chandrika gets a call from hospital and is happy to know that her bone marrow matched with Naren’s. Pooja says your blood is calling you and asks her to agree. Chandrika agrees to give bone marrow on a condition that she will not come to her again or let anyone about it. She covers her with shawl. They come to the hospital.

Harish sees Chandrika, but don’t see her face. Pooja asks the doctor to keep the donor name secret. Chandrika says she has to reach her mehfil soon. Pooja sees Naina hearing and smirking and she gets shocked.

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