Deception Saturday 9 May 2020 Update

Deception Saturday 9 may 2020 update
Deception Saturday 9th may 2020 update

On Deception Saturday 9 May 2020 Update zee world, the Episode started with Anuj coming infront of Naren’s car wearing his face mask and shoots at his car.

Deception Saturday 9 may 2020 update
Deception Saturday 9th may 2020 update

Naren comes out of his car and pulls his mask. He is shocked to see Anuj.

Deception Saturday 9th May 2020 Update

Anuj says you shall die for misbehaving with my sister. Naren says I deserve death, but for now Pooja needs me, let me go. They begin fighting. Goons come inside and asks Surbhi who are here? Surbhi says there is nobody here. Goon aims gun at Surbhi. Pooja hits them and fights with them. Goon holds Pooja’s neck.

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Dada ji prays for Pooja. Pooja fights with them and takes Surbhi out. Goons follow them. Naina’s fake Chacha and Chachi ask them to get the marriage done. Naren sits in car and leaves. Anuj is upset. Naina and Rahul sit in mandap as ghatbandhan is tied.

Naina plans to kill him tonight itself. Rahul thinks her wealth will be his. Surbhi and Pooja come out. Surbhi asks Pooja to leave and save her life. Pooja says we will go together or die together. Surbhi gets touched and apologizes for her crimes. Pooja asks Surbhi to sit and goes to get help. Goons come in car and catch pooja.

Pooja shouts asking Surbhi to run, but she can’t run due to weakness. Anuj thinks where is Naren? Goons tie Surbhi and Pooja. They throw ball on Surbhi while Pooja catches it. Pooja gives strength to Surbhi and says nothing can happen to her or her baby. Rahul and Naina take rounds. After 4th round, Naina’s dupatta catches fire. They set off the fire. Supriya says it is a bad sign and these rounds will not be counted.

Naina’s fake chacha asks what to do now. Pandit ji says they have to take rounds again. Pooja continues to catch balls. Surbhi says you are doing wrong and says God will punish you. Goon asks to punish them. Pooja gets angry. Goon asks other goon to throw solid spin ball. Pooja tries to stop him, but in vain. Naren comes there and catches ball and saves Surbhi’s baby. Pooja looks at him. Anuj comes there and sees naren fighting with goons.

Goon hits on Pooja’s head. Naren shouts Pooja and runs to hold her. Goon attacks Naren. Naren beats him. Other Goon keeps knife on Pooja’s neck. Naren asks goon to let them leave and says I will go just as you say. Anuj witnesses everything from far. Rahul and Naina start taking rounds again. Naren picks a bat and beats the goons.

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Pooja frees Surbhi’s hands. Naren asks goons how dare he to touch his wife. Pooja tells Naren that they have to go and stop Rahul and Naina’s marriage. Ve Saiyya plays…

This is the end of Deception Saturday 9 May 2020 Update on Zee world.

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