Deception Saturday 28 March 2020 Update zee world


Deception Saturday 28 March 2020 Update zee world: On Deception  28th March 2020 Update zee world, uddecto pooja and naren. And take naren with herself.

Mr. Kapoor think about pooja and rahul words and say that I know pooja love naren deeply but i can’t let naren hurt you. He wishes, he can help her. (Like jab krni chiye thi tab to or jayda galtfamiya bada di???).

Pooja get ready and see herself in mirror and she hear sound, she goes and check but see nothing. She is about to go but surbhi hold her neck using either duptta or saree. On the other side naren feel something and goes to save pooja.

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Rahul take surbhi along and scold her for trying to ruin his plan. She says that they are getting engeged again and she trust herself only. He say they are about not engeged.

Harish and satish talk about pooja and naren becoming one again and give all credit to supriya. {But either harish or satish think about mind game naren is playing}(sorry forgot who was thinking).

Pooja see her scar on neck and naren come and they have romantic conversation even naren lift pooja to bed (stupid pooja, did not realise its trap set up by naren, Now a days i hate naren character, he was better as jogiya????). Mayank fear about something bad going to happen in party.

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Naren and pooja get ready, he kisses her hand and ore piya song play in background.

Party start and harish looks worried, just than some painting type thing arrive covered with black cloth, and he is about to open but mayak stop him saying its should be opened later. Pooja and naren arrives and pooja’s whole family too gathered. Naren waits for someone and rahul show entering Mr. Kapoor.


Deception Saturday 28 March 2020 Update zee world, Naren telling Pooja that Mr. Kapoor will come to the party. Mr. Kapoor comes and gives bouquet and compliments Pooja on her beauty. Naren taunts her, but Pooja don’t understand his taunt. Pooja tells Supriya that today her dream is going to be fulfilled. Supriya suggests that they shall take pic. Pooja says yes. Naren tells Surbhi that there is a surprise and asks her to wait. Naren, Pooja,

Mr. Kapoor and Surbhi say poetry lines on love. Surbhi throws the cracker near her dress. Pooja dress catches fire. She realizes and shouts, throws her dupatta. Naren and Mr. Kapoor come to her rescue. Naren sets off the fire with his hand. Pooja is shocked and concern. She takes Naren and makes him sit, calls Servant and asks to bring ice and ointment. Naren says I am ok. Mr. Kapoor looks at his hands which is burnt too. Rahul shouts and says Mr.Kapoor is hurt much.

Deception Saturday 28 March 2020 Update zee world, Pooja ignores him and attends Naren’s wounds. She applies ointment on his hand. Rahul tells Mr.Kapoor that he is doing right. Naren cries. Pooja asks what happened? Naren says he cried after a year and tells today it will be memorable day. Pooja says they will get the family pic clicked. Harish says lets take pic. Naren and Pooja dance while a song plays.

Mr.Kapoor also dances with her. Harish says lets start engagement. Naren holds her hand and asks Mr.Kapoor to come on stage as engagement can’t happen without best man. Mr.Kapoor goes there. Pooja forwards her hand to wear engagement ring. Naren goes near Surbhi and propose her for marriage shocking Pooja and others. Surbhi is happy. Pooja is shocked. She is about to go to Naren, but Mr.Kapoor holds her hand and makes her wear the ring. Pooja is shocked again. Mr. Kapoor makes Pooja wear ring forcibly. Satish asks what is this bad joke?Naren says Mrs.Kapoor planned all year to trap me and I fooled you. Pooja cries.

Deception Saturday 28 March 2020 Update zee world, Naren holds her face. Mr. Kapoor asks him to be careful. Naren says you couldn’t figure out about my plan. Harish says enough, did we teach you this. Naren says I made Surbhi wear the ring when her divorce was final. He asks Pooja if she is not satisfied with one. Pooja asks why you are talking like this again. Naren says congratulations for your defeat.


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