Deception Saturday 23 May 2020 Update

Deception Saturday 23 May 2020 Update
Deception Saturday 23 May 2020 Update

This is the written episode of Deception Saturday 23 May 2020 Update on zee world.

Naren calling Doctor and telling about his problem. Doctor says this is a phase and will soon pass, and tells about the old heart transplant effects. Bela comes to her house and sees her father’s house locked. She hears the voice and opens the window with hammer. She finds her father on the bed. She breaks the door.

Deception Saturday 23rd May 2020 Update

Supriya asks Pooja about her injury. Naren tells that she got hurt while closing the window. Supriya turns to inhouse temple. Naren holds Pooja’s hand. Supriya turns to them and tells that for the next seven days, all ladies will stay together. Naren says ok. Supriya asks him to call Bela and says she will give her some responsibility.

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Bela asks her father what happened? She helps him get up and asks him to drink tea. A woman calls him and says she brought food for him. Bela finds him not seeing anything. Woman tells her that her father tried to committed suicide, but they rescued him, but he got blind.

Dada ji asks Pooja why did Bela leave? Rahul asks if she left or thrown out of house. Pooja asks him to concentrate on Surbhi. Naren sees cardamom and eats it.

Deception Saturday 23 May 2020 Update: Harsha tells Pooja that she should have checked Bela before she went and says she must have went to stolen something. Naren breaks the cup and asks them to respect Bela atleast now when she is gone. Naren comes to room and searches for the pan. Pooja comes there and asks if he wants to have pan. She feeds him pan with kishmish, mishri etc.

She also eats with his hand and asks him to tell whenever he wants. She tells him about the Paath at home in the evening. Bela tells Praveen ji, now you are accused to make my father blind, and blames him for her mother’s death. She recalls Praveen’s mum asking her parents to give bike on Praveen’s birthday. They agree. Bela sees Praveen laughing while his parents ask for the bike. She demands diamond necklace etc.

Later during Bela and Praveen’s marriage, they ask Bela’s parents to give gold coins to all guests. They plead infront of them, but they don’t listen. Praveen asks bela not to interfere in elders’ talk and think about their wedding night. Someone else does her kanyadaan. After marriage, Bela’s mum dies. Fb ends. Bela tells that she will hurt Praveen’s heart.

Dada ji asks Pooja and Naren to begin the puja. They do the aarti. Naren imagines bela and gets shocked. Pooja goes. He imagines bela again shockingly. Pandit ji starts Bhagawat Gita’s paath. Everyone sit to listen. Naren sees Pooja coming and sits towards her side, holds her hand. Pooja thinks how to make him understand not to hold hands when puja is going on.
Later Pooja comes to room to take her stuff. Naren holds her and ties her hand. Pooja says they shall follow the rules. Naren says he will tell everyone she can’t stay without him. Pooja tickles him. He asks her to go. He thinks to sleep and hopes he don’t see bela again.

Bela comes to Naren’s room. Naren says I know that you can’t stay far from me and says when you are with me, I will not think of bela. He turns and sees Bela next to him on bed.. He gets shocked.

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