Deception Monday 23 March 2020 Update zee world

Deception Monday 23 March 2020 Update zee world
Deception Monday 23 March 2020 Update zee world

Deception Monday 23 March 2020 Update zee world: Naren telling Pooja that there is a gift from his side too. He says I can return your family’s life if I get answer from you and tells that bomb is hidden in the coconut. He asks why she returned in his life, what to snatch from him. He says you will not be freed until you tells me. Pooja says hold me like this, I didn’t ask you to leave me. Naren says it is not a joke.

Harish comes to attend the wedding. Anuj and Rachel stand for the rounds and exchange garlands. Pandit ji asks them to take the rounds. Pooja says sorry, your questions have to wait some what longer. Naren says a sister will give a best gift to her brother and taunts her. Pooja says she is going to the mandap and hopes that this will be not their last meeting. Anuj and Rachel gets married. Pandit ji declares that the marriage is completed. Naren is holding the remote of the bomb. Pooja thinks you can’t give pain to me or my family. She hears the noise and panics. She sees crackers and smiles. Naren couldn’t explode the bomb and gets upset.

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Pooja does Rachel’s aarti and asks her to put her hand impressions on the wall. Rachel leaves her hand impression on the wall. Satish blesses her. Naren comes there. Pooja says you are here? Naren says he brought gift for the newly weds. He gives car keys for them. Pooja goes out. Naren says he will not give her explanation for his doings. Pooja smiles as he leaves.

Pooja comes to Vyas Mansion. Naren says I don’t want your sympathy. Pooja asks since when he is talking like this. Naren says since the time his love ruined him. He lit the fire. Pooja asks if he will burn himself. Naren says you have won, why to upset your mood. He asks can I celebrate with you and says drinks will be of your choice. Surbhi comes there, smirks and keeps the drinks. She thinks Pooja will tell everything today. Pooja is about to take a glass, but Naren gives her other glass. Pooja asks what is his intention.

Naren says he wants her support once again. Pooja drinks it. Surbhi looks at the album and sees Naren’s pic. She thinks your true face will take me near him. Pooja keeps the glass back and says today even wind is different today. Hooton pe bas tere naam hai plays…They dance together. Surbhi imagines dancing with Naren, but Mayank is there.

Rahul tells neelima that she would have managed the gang. Neelima says she wants him back and wants to make him head of the company.. she says we shall take a back seat until we find her weakness. Rahul says don’t take tension of Pooja’s weakness.

Deception Monday 23 March 2020 Update zee world, Naren and Pooja talk romantically. Pooja says she has nobody to read it. Naren says if you permit me, can I read it. Pooja says she permits him. Naren asks why she tried to take his life and asks what do you wants? Pooja says someone is bothered about my wish. She goes and stands near the wall. Naren says open the secrets, may be I can help you. Pooja says this heart loved nobody except him. Naren gets angry.


Harsha asking Rakesh why did you call me. Rakesh asks why you are faking to be concerned for me. He asks her to do his work. Harsha asks why you are after my brother and bhabhi. Rakesh says if she gets her memory then your husband’s life will end. He asks her to light the special agarbatti in Supriya’s room which will change her life.

Deception Monday 23 March 2020 Update zee world, Harish and Hardik have kept fast for their wives. Mayank asks them to have something. Harish says if you asks Harsha or Supriya to eat, they will not eat. Pooja and Surbhi are lighting lamps. Pooja says you are lighting lamps instead of burning it. Surbhi says she will get him. Pooja says let see when moon comes, you might burn your finger. Surbhi burns her finger and looks on. Harsha asks Rakesh not to ask her to do this. Rakesh asks her to do as he said. Harsha cries. Pooja comes to naren and asks still you are drinking. Naren says he gave his 48 hours to her and not himself. Her bangles get stuck with his bracelet. Mora piya plays…Pooja says strings gets joined somehow. Naren goes.

Hardik rurns after Mayank. Rakesh asks Harish if he is upset with him.. Harish says it is his bad karma which returned to him, he says lets go out and see moon. Surbhi waits for moon to appear. Neelima says today you are waiting for it. Surbhi says you must be missing your moon as he is in jail since a year. Neelima says she is keeping eye on her. Surbhi says she will smartly go.

Deception Monday 23 March 2020 Update zee world, Pooja tells harish that someone will bring Supriya. Naren brings Supriya there. Everyone is surprised. Neelima compliments Supriya. Pooja says lets go out and see moon. Harish takes her out. Pooja looks at Naren. They wait for moon to appear. All ladies see their husband reflection in the water bowl along with moon. Harsha is tensed. Pooja imagines seeing naren in the water bowl. She takes a small bowl to him and sees his face in it. Surbhi is upset. Harsha goes to Supriya’s room and apologizing.

She lights the poisoned agarbatti and goes. Supriya coughs. Pooja asks Surbhi if she has not done dinner. Surbhi says I will serve your plate. Pooja says lets see Naren breaks whose fast. Harsha goes to Supriya’s room again and recalls Rakesh’s words and keeps the agarbatti back. Supriya coughs. Pooja sees Surbhi keeping the water glass on the table. Surbhi smiles.

She coughs so that Naren makes her drink water. Hardik asks what happened to you. Nurse tells something to Pooja. Pooja runs to room and asks nurse to open the door. She sees the smoke in the room and sets off the agarbatti and takes Supriya out. Naren follows her and asks from where did the smoke come in the room. They take her out of room. Pooja coughs. Naren brings water and makes her have it.

Deception Monday 23rd March 2020 Update zee world Pooja smiles. Payo ji Maine…song plays……Surbhi gets upset and angry. Pooja looks at him. She thanks him breaking the fast and giving her respect. Naren throws the water on her face and says he has no feelings, but it was just a favor. He breaks the glass angrily and walks off. Mora piya plays…..Pooja cries.

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