Deception Monday 2 March 2020 Update

Deception Monday 2 March 2020 Update
Deception Monday 2 March 2020 Update

This is Deception Monday 2 March 2020 Update on zee world

Deception Monday 2nd March 2020 Update

Naren thinking to decorate the room till Pooja returns from kitchen. Rahul fumes and tells Rakesh that it may be naukrani’s idea and she would have asked him to get the money back. Rakesh says let her fly now and says cheers. Naren decorates the room. Surbhi sees the decoration and gets jealous and upset.

Naren hopes Pooja likes it. Pooja says you have done it, there is no question of not liking it. He holds her hand and kisses it. Jogiya song plays…It turns out to be Naren’s imagination.

 He imagines Pooja there. Pooja is in the kitchen and hopes he would have slept by now, thinks she don’t have the strength to break his heart. She comes to room, sees the decoration and is about to go.

Naren calls her. Pooja says she forgot to switch off gas knob and goes. She cries and feels apologetic. She thinks about Satish’s words. Supriya tells Harish that she wants Naren and Pooja to spend sometime together.

Neelima calls Supriya and tells her that Naren returned home and Pooja is making him wait and wasting time downstairs. Supriya is shocked. Surbhi thinks how you can trap me with good for nothing husband and start life with Naren. Rahul catches the pillow thrown by her and asks what is the matter.

Surbhi asks him not to touch her and says you don’t deserve the chair or me. Pooja is in the kitchen. Naren comes and switches off lights. She asks him to go and says she will come after work. Naren lifts her and takes her to room. Surbhi sees Naren taking Pooja in his arms and gets upset.

Rachel is leaving and tells Anuj that she got job in Vyas group. Anuj says when you have decided, I can’t tell. Rachel says I will say bye to aunty. Kusum blesses her and asks her to keep visiting them.

Naren takes Pooja to room. Pooja says Mama ji called me, I will talk to him. Naren makes her sit. Naren says I couldn’t stop you from giving your jewellery and says this is a small try.

He makes her wear flower garland and jewellery. A song plays….Satish calls pooja, but her phone is on silent mode. He thinks why she is not picking call. Naren and Pooja are about to get closer. Satish prays to God and asks him to give him solution to get rid of dosh. Rachel hears him. Pooja thinks about Satish telling her about Vivah dosh and pushes Naren. Naren is shocked.

Deception Monday 2 March 2020 Update

Pooja asks him if he don’t understand, if this is the only way to express love and removes her dupatta and throws on bed, then express your love. Naren is shocked. He picks the dupatta from the bed and covers her. He goes out upset. Pooja cries. Kahan Jaye Re Tu Malanga plays……

Surbhi telling Naren that she saw Pooja spending time in kitchen when he made all arrangements to stay with her. She says may be Pooja couldn’t forget Dr. Anand’s charm, personality and style and don’t like your simplicity etc. Naren is teary eyes. Supriya and Harish come and are shocked to hear that. Pooja thinks to apologize to Naren and is going, when Supriya and Harish returns. Harish asks Supriya not to take him like this again.

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Pooja tells Supriya that she will check where is Naren. Supriya stops her and slaps her hard. Supriya asks Pooja why she is making Naren go far from her. She asks what happened suddenly. Pooja says Maa..and is about to tell about her kundli yogya. Just then Naren comes and tells Supriya that he went to bring samosas. Supriya says she don’t want to have and goes. Naren asks Pooja to have it.

Deception Monday 2 March 2020 Update

Pooja gets sad and sees Naren moving the flower petals of from bed. Naren asks her to come and says if she trusts him. Pooja says she trusts him more than herself. Surbhi tells Supriya that Pooja told Naren that she came in the house to become owner and not to become servant. She tells wrong things about Pooja.

Pooja apologizes to Naren. He asks if she loves him. She says her love is beyond all limits. Naren tells her that her love is enough for him. Pooja gets teary eyes. Naren tries to cheer her up.

Pooja thinks what she will do tomorrow. Surbhi tells Supriya that Pooja was making fun of Naren and told that he is still a mamma’s boy tied to his mother’s pallu. He tells her that he will read her palm. Pooja takes her hand and tells that you need to sleep now. He asks why you find chances to go far from me, etc. He then laughs and says he don’t want to do job as he can now bring samosa atleast. She hugs him.

In the morning, Supriya brings tiffin and shirt for Naren. He wears shirt and asks if she is happy. Supriya says yes and asks him to call her after reaching office. Naren asks Pooja to give the tiffin made by her and says he will eat both tiffins.

Deception Monday 2 March 2020 Update

Rahul tells employees that whoever troubles Naren a lot will get bonus and will earn lakhs. Rachel comes and tells that she is his new secretary. Rahul says so what to do, and asks her to sit outside. Pooja tells Satish that she don’t want to stay away from Naren and tells that he is very nice man, like a dream man of a girl.

She asks if there is any solution for this. Satish says no. Kusum comes there. Satish asks her to make Pooja have something. Kusum says if she is not fasting and tells about Teej fast. She asks if Supriya didn’t tell her to keep fast. Pooja nods no and tells that she will keep this fast. Satish asks did you have something since morning. She says no and hopes they get united.

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