Curse of the Sands Wednesday 8th September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Wednesday 8th September 2021 Update Zee World

Curse of the Sands Wednesday 8th September 2021 Update Zee World: On Curse of the Sands Wednesday 8 September 2021 Update, Ind and the bushes. She screams as Shiv pulls her with her hair. She pleads with Shiv to leave her but he drags her by her hair. Shiv clutches her neck, pulling her high above the floor. Amar reaches Shiv and beats him from behind. He was startled to see Shiv’s black eyes. Shiv kicks Amar who falls a distance apart. He now watches Ananya who had fallen unconscious. Shiv pulls her down and bends to bite her neck. Once again, Amar hits Shiv from behind. Shiv drops Ananya and pushes Amar back with full force. Amar and Ananya hide behind a tree.

Amma Ji, Rekha, Kamal, and Ketki sat together around the fire. They all waited for tea. Sunanda was there on the roof, laughs devilishly, and enjoys her powers to fly two pots in the air and crush them. Everyone from the family hears the strange noise. Amma Ji goes to teach a good lesson to neighborhood boys assuming it was them. Sunanda uses her eye flash to light a street bulb. She says when the time was theirs she suffered, but now she will suffer. She multiplies herself, flying in the air. She wished to show each one from the family who the real witch is.

Curse of the Sands Wednesday 8th September 2021 Update Zee World: Amar and Ananya were hidden behind the tree while Shiv came looking for her. Amar pulls a dagger and attacks Shiv from behind. Ananya stops Amar and says he is his brother. He can’t kill Shiv when he isn’t in his senses. Shiv pulls Ananya again. She looks for his Rudraksha, hits her forehead with Shiv’s, and runs away with Amar.

Amma Ji comes upstairs on the roof and was startled to see Sunanda. She scolds Sunanda for not bringing the tea. There, Rekha sends Ketki to look for Sunanda. Sunanda replies to Amma Ji if she is fond of enjoying tea, she will give her a good dose. Ketki reaches to see Sunanda twist Amma Ji’s hand.

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There, the second duplicate of Sunanda brings tea for Rekha. Rekha screams why Sunanda didn’t bring tea in time; she will burn in hell if her mother-in-law suffers. Sunanda asks Rekha if she is done. Kamal was aggressive in her behavior. Sunanda throws the warm tea over Rekha’s face, who now screams in pain. Kamal questions Sunanda what she means. He was about to raise a hand over her. Ketki comes running and tells them that Sunanda is twisting Amma Ji’s hand. Ketki turns around and was frightened.
The third Sunanda enjoyed a few moments with Mishra Ji. The family looks towards all the three copies together. They were terrified all at once. Sunanda says she will now show each of them her real face.

Ananya was unable to walk. Shiv came from behind. They spot a tree with a temple and walk towards it. Amar was pulled back by Shiv.

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